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The Great, Aristocratic, Gentlemanly, Southern Tradition Goes Bye Bye With Boo Boo

todaySeptember 24, 2012 3

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Honey Boo Boo make the biggest boo boo of all: normalizing white trash and continuing the assault of the Southern Tradition

Machiavelli Lives: Obama jokingly castigates himself for not paying enough in taxes so he can viciously castigate Romney

According to the amount of FedEx Shipments, the recession began this summer

New Orleans, the City That Knowledge Forgot: N.O. tour guides claim the first Amendment protects their right to botch NEW ORLEANS history given on tours through the city

Rand Paul finally get vote on cutting all foreign aid to LIbya, it goes down in flames 81-10 as 30+ REPUBLICANS vote for the theft

Libertarians conclude that Mitt Romney is not one of them but plea for people to vote for a Statist just ONE last time

Lindsey Graham thinks Rand Paul is a nice fellow but he doesn’t know what is good for the sheople when it come sto bombing Middle Easterners into the stone-ages then installing our own governments with hundreds of BILLIONS in aid we don’t have

Leviathan seems to be prepping for the secession movements BIG move by holding training exercises IN the States, this one in Galveston

Waffle Fries, mmmmmm, Chick Fil-A hears roar of the Tea Partiers it MIGHT have duped as the gay-marriage chicken sandwich controversy rolls on in Chicago

VIDEO: Rand Paul speech on stopping Libya, Egypt & Pakistan’s “foreign aid” money

Reason # 1.3 Trillion why Congress & the Senate should be at the forefront of foreign policy: The MEDIA knows more top secret intel than Senators not of the President’s Party


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Written by: TheKingDude

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