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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Do we all have to start vetting all of our friends?  We might need the NSA to start spying on our friends.  Hey, NSA, I want to know, am I affiliated with anyone right now that has ever uttered a racist word?  Do I know someone who’s ever said the N-word?  Do I know anyone that’s ever said a cross thing about old, honest Abraham Lincoln or anyone else?  Hey, do I know anyone that has ever dared to criticize Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Glenn in Arizona, how you doing?

Caller Glenn:  I’m doing great.  We were talking this weekend about the coming presidential election and stuff like that.  What we talked about was if just one guy, just one guy would stand up and have a backbone and stand for what he believes in with all the crap coming at him, that would be our guy.  I called up a couple of my buddies and said I heard about this.  One contacted me and then I listened to it.  We both were nodding our heads in different parts of the country going: Yeah.  We were never big for Rand Paul, but I’ll tell you what, after that NPR deal, we’re in the camp.  We’re hoping that he runs because that’s what we needed.  That’s what we wanted the last time.  We just want somebody who’s honest, that will stand up and say: Yeah, so what the guy said?  He’s got me.  Let’s talk about me.  That’s what we wanted, somebody with a backbone that has a steel rod in it and let’s get it done.


Mike:  I think there’s a lot to what you just said that has an awful lot of merit.

AG:  But Glenn, do you not care who Obama was associated with?

Caller Glenn:  Well, look where that went.

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtAG:  If you don’t care who Rand was associated with, not where it went, but you don’t care who Obama was associated with?

Caller Glenn:  No, because if you do an intelligent investigation of the stuff on both sides, you’ll find that this guy wasn’t a big wackjob like they’re trying to say.  They’re pulling out little bits and pieces of this and making a big deal over nothing.  That’s usually what it is.

AG:  Glenn, is celebrating Lincoln’s assassinator’s birthday, that’s not a big deal?

Caller Glenn:  I laughed my hind end off.  It was satire.  I thought it was brilliant.

Mike:  You’re not allowed to have satire and apparently you’re not allowed to — well, you are allowed to, but just be prepared if you were ever an entertainer in a past life and decide to run for political office.  Then all these things you did as an entertainer are going to come up in your political career, which I find kind of humorous.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually a socialist, yet was elected twice as Governor of California.  Well, that’s not surprising being that it is California.  A little known fact about the history of the “Austrian Oak,” he was an Austrian.  He was raised in a little town called Graz, Austria.  His father was a former member of the SDP or whatever the equivalent of it is in Austria, the Socialist Democratic Party.  And Schwarzenegger, when he stumped for President Bush’s reelection in 2004, he said he had left Austria and came over here.  He heard Hubert Humphries speaking.  Then he said [mocking Schwarzenegger] “And then I heard Nixon speak and he vas saying things like ve vant to get the free markets and ve vant to let the people keep more of their own money.  That is what sounded like what Hubert Humphries was saying but sounded like the socialists I had left in Austria.”  Talk about affiliations, Schwarzenegger was related to one.  There are still people that want him to run for President.

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Caller Glenn:  One thing, Mike, before I jump out of here, we’re looking at Rand Paul going — Mr. Flake that we elected was supposed to be like that and we all saw what happened to him.  Now he’s just another McCain-ite.  Flake was supposed to be that.  Flake was supposed to be a Rand Paul or the other gentleman down in Texas that never came out, which is just disgusting.  It’s like they go there and forget who they are.  Look at what comes of everything.  There are no statesmen.  They say what they need to do to get on the rolls and that’s it.  The only one I’ve seen so far out there, if you do a little bit of looking at Mr. Paul, he’s never changed.  He’s the same guy.

Mike:  Let’s stick with you like the fact he didn’t back down from the NPR or New York Times interviewer and stood his ground.  Andrew’s point is you don’t care about his affiliations.

Caller Glenn:  It’s not that I don’t care about his affiliations.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Tea Party Exodus, GOP Divided And Political Posers

Mike:  Who among us is going to be so cleansed or free from an affiliation that could be damning?  If you’ve lived a life, there’s a very good chance — if you’ve lived enough of a life to experience things that would qualify you to make judgments or decisions on other people’s behalf, I wager you that you have encountered and have fraternized with people who have done things in their past that if you’re to pursue this Jack Hunter course of action or to attach them to people and marry them and wed them to them, [mocking] “Well, that guy did it so you must agree with it.” — “No, I don’t agree with it.” — “You should have vetted him.”  Do we all have to start vetting all of our friends?  We might need the NSA to start spying on our friends.  Hey, NSA, I want to know, am I affiliated with anyone right now that has ever uttered a racist word?  Do I know someone who’s ever said the N-word?  Do I know anyone that’s ever said a cross thing about old, honest Abraham Lincoln or anyone else?  Hey, do I know anyone that has ever dared to criticize Martin Luther King, Jr.?  If I do, I’m going to send them a letter right now and say: Don’t you ever call me.  I hate you.  I despise you.  I puke every night when I think I actually had dinner with you.  You and I are done.  Don’t ever contact me again.  Don’t ever contact my wife, my children.  Don’t ever contact anyone in my family.  Don’t ever come into my neighborhood.  I will have you arrested if you come in.  Where does this end?  This is madness.  This is absolute freaking madness.  There’s no end to this.

article-v-pamphlet-adCaller Glenn:  Do you understand, Mike, that —

Mike:  There’s no end.  Why don’t we just go ahead and hire the gestapo and let them cleanse all of our past?  Why don’t we just do that?  Just go ahead and let the NSA learn — I want the NSA to investigate.  I want you to tell me who I — here’s a better one.  You people that are affiliated and fraternizing with me, I guarantee you, if you dig deep enough in this closet, you will find things that will — if you are attached to me, you’re going down.  I have to ask the question: When does this pursuit of every last stitch of relationship you have ever had in your life and our desire and demand to know [mocking] “What did you do and when did you do it and who did you do it with!?”  Folks, we are becoming those people that we love so to demonize and criminalize, those evil, despicable people in movies that want to spy on everyone.  They want to bring in all the bare and use the power of government — even if they’re using the media they’re still, to me, using the power of government — to make it so that you are economically or communally damaged and distressed.  That’s what we do.  That’s what we’re doing.

When does that end?  How does that end?  Does it end happily?  I guess if we all just stop living.  [mocking] “Give me a book.” — “What do you want me to say?” — “You can read that right there.” — “(robotically) I love all people of all races, colors, creeds.  I love and respect everyone’s sexual preferences.  I do not care if you are ever or have ever wanted to be yourself.  What you need to be is what is politically approved.  If you are not, then I must break away from you and I must never see or hear from you again.  No, I am not remorseful about this. You are a racist, a bigot, and a homophobe, and I despise your small intestines.  No, I do not treasure any of the time we spent married together for 34 years.  I was never your best friend in life or soul mate and you were never mine.  I hate you.  Be gone.  May you burn in MSNBC/Fox News hell.  Goodbye.”  How about that, Glenn?  Is that a good way to end a relationship?  Is that where we’re going with this?  [mocking] “You’re exaggerating.”  Oh, really?  Am I?  I think I’m being timid.  That was meek.  That was milk toast and I think fairly accurate as well.

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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