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The Industrial News Complex Blows Aurora Coverage

todayJuly 24, 2012 1

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Twice now in 4 days ABC News has gone public with news that it could have corroborated and failed to do so, the reaction has been ho-hum which shows the line of demarcation between what news organizations claim is news and an uncaring public that must EXPECT IT (ABC) to be inferior – SAD

While most obsess over the Second Amendment and TRTKBA and minutia of gun control someone needs to ask WHAT & WHY some men are driven to these horrifically violent acts – Russell Kirk asked back in the 1990’s and his conclusions are of no solace to today’s video game culture

Meet the 2012 Class of ObamaCONS, who are described by Andrew Bacevich as “authentic conservatives are without home in American politics”

Andy McCArthy wants to know why “conservatives” should remain in the GOP if the GOP isn’t “conservative” anymore as 2012 shapes up to be an awful lot like 1856

Obama’s now infamous “You didn’t build that” video as he channels his inner Elizabeth Warren

Andy McCarthy wants to tell you the story of how Obama’s favorite entity-the Federal Gubbmint: actually tried to STOP the building of the Golden Gate Bridge

Flashback: Tom Woods demolishes the Warren/Obama argument that we OWE our success to Big Gubbmint

Flashback II: Robert Murphy was having none of Warren’s childish rant on the benefits of public works either

DeceptiCONNED – The GOP didn’t win anything in last year’s debt ceiling fiasco other than some Monopoly “Chance” cards that ordered players i.e taxpayers to pay $1.3 BILLION in “borrowing costs” 

Now the fake “amateur athletic” mob & crime syndicate known as the NCAA purports to conduct their sports for the benefit of “abused children“. Will Indiana have to give back Titles for Bobby Knight’s temper tantrums? What about Ohio State and Woody Hayes’ famous antics “abusing players”?

Dumba*ses at the NY Slimes cannot figure out that the decline in “middle class wages” tracks nicely with the rise in government debt and expenditure

What what WHAT!? Ron Paul is working WITH the national GOP to help plan the RNC in August – Sure enough as Paulites figure out that access to power comes with some nice perks

Rapper Ice-T loves his guns and understands what they are REALLY intended to bear against (that would be government tyranny)

Will Sally Ride be remembered because she was an amazing physicist who could pass the Shuttle’s physical flight test or because she “was the first woman in space” as our never-ending quest for “equality continues…

Larison: “Expanding NATO” has to be one of the dumbest of the dumb ideas Romney has floated as an excuse for a foreign policy

Does “Christianity” have to be paired with “conservatism” and does “conservatism” have to be paired with “Republicans”?

Our train arrives at Brokesville Station with new lows for employment, middle class wealth and now Treasury Securities

VIDEO: Why gold & silver coins are “god, sound, American money”! (from 1947)

Nuts: CNBC hacks still predict 20,000 DOW and believe in the long term viability of stocks

Obama’s global warming-anti industrialist czar-Lisa Jackson-ADMITS that the 1930’s were the hottest heatwave years on record!

Greenpeace co-founder says that we humans need to make MORE Co2-otherwise all plant life will die out and so will we

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Written by: TheKingDude

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