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The Invading Army Crossing Our Border Is An Act Of Treason

The regime does not seem concerned about the border. It is estimated the 3.5 million illegals have entered our country this year and when the regime is asked about the border crisis, it is all because of those pesky MAGA Republicans.  That is the answer given by the regime press secretary and the regime leader. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre gave that answer to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, and Regime Leader Biden said that at an event last night.  The regime also said that they took historic actions to protect the borders, while other Demoncrats say there is no border crisis.  The citizens of border towns like Eagle Pass, Texas and even New York City would disagree.  Mike Church gives his analysis of the border crisis and how the actions of the regime and the Demoncrats should be considered treason, and what steps we should take to resolve the border crisis.  Mikes response is available on this episode of the New Christendom Daily. 



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