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The Kavanaugh Hearings –

  • Senator Grassley was actually at Justice Thomas hearing in 1991.
  • The man is 84 years old!
  • AUDIO: Anita Hill

HEADLINE: The Economist stands by decision to include Steve Bannon in event

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HEADLINE: CHAOS: Kavanaugh Hearings Kick Off With Belligerent, Shrieking Democratic Hecklers, Calls To Adjourn

AUDIO: from the story of actual hearing and interruptions

  • 42,000 pages of documents

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Caller Tom from Arkansas –

  • Coverage from England
  • Promoting the VRN at the upcoming conference. (Catholic Medical Association)
  • Rod Dreher will be there and I would love to pass things out for the station.

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Special Guest Gregory Carpenter –

  • These people in session here, they can’t even follow their own rules.


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Back to Special Guest Gregory Carpenter host of Reverse Deception –

  • Hackers, nanoparticles and DNA
  • 15 minutes after inhaling the nanoparticles, I can make the humans hand twitch.
  • The Kavanaugh Hearings – when was the last time a US Senator was expelled for behavior? 1862
  • William Blunt from TN was expelled
  • The discussion in front of the children shouldn’t have happened. The whole thing just shouldn’t have happened.
  • They think they are above the law.
  • Proactive genocide against down syndrome children.
  • The Germans aren’t far behind on this baby killing stuff.
  • Carpenter was in France for 13 days
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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest –

  • The parable of the Kingdom of Heaven
  • There is wheat in the Church and chaff in the Church.
  • Jerusalem Post
  • There has always been scandal in the Church.
  • There always will be scandal in the Church as men are sinners.

HEADLINE: The Catholic Church Is Losing Its War On Human Nature by Robert Tracinski

  • Cultivate a habit of mental obedience.
  • So God didn’t bless us with the ability to discern?
  • Of course we use our reason to make decisions every minute of everyday.
  • This man is just ignoring history.
  • Mental habit of obedience? What does that even mean?
  • Anybody who is a scientist, he has to have a mental habit of obedience to Science does he not?
  • That statement is just crazy.

HEADLINE: Praying To Saints by Brother Andre Marie

  • Time for a Catholic Truth Bomb
  • The devotion to the Saints is so historical, not only in the Catholic church but the orthodox as well.
  • St. Stephen getting stoned to death, and he prays for mercy for his persecutors.
  • Most protestants believe in Guardian Angels.
  • If you have an angel that can intercede for you, why not use them?
  • If the angels can do this, why can’t the humans that died a holy death intercede for you as well?

Tonight’s Episode of ReConquest Episode 144: Diagnosing the Failed Mental Health System. Guest: Dr. G.C. Dilsaver   

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Tropical Storm Gordon Update


AUDIO from Fox News on Kavanaugh Hearing

  • As a judge what do you believe when it comes to a woman right to choose?
  • So he is towing the line of there are two confessionals.
  • We have to get the 1st commandment correct.
  • What you just heard Kavanaugh do is wrong.
  • The separation of Church and State.
  • Kavanaugh is a practicing Catholic as his resume states.



HEADLINE: Chuck Todd: Limbaugh, Drudge, Fox hosts ‘exploiting the fears of older white people’ by Joe Concha

  • So what do you think?
  • After all that we know that is in the media, has the left shrunk?
  • Has the Trump administration been able to shrink the government?
  • Has the media powers been able to shrink government?
  • Make America Great Again – have we done that? When was she great?
  • They say the former statement but they also want the government bigger and the military.


HEADLINE: Netflix Teen Dramedy Mocks Christianity With Girls Singing Sexual Hymn ‘Sweet Jesus Inside Me’ by Dawn Slusher

  • So this has fat shaming and blasphemy.
  • This is just a continuation of Loud Mouth.


 HEADLINE: The Economist stands by decision to include Steve Bannon in event

  • Zanny Minton Beddoes – editor-in-chief of The Economist

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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