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The Kingship of Saint King Louis IX Lives in Louisiana

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by Mike Church

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The saint was born at Poïssy, in the diocese of Chartres, on the 25th of April 1215. His mother was named Blanche, she was a pious and holy woman who famously wrote to Saint King Louis IX

“I love you my dear son, with all the tenderness a mother is capable of; but I would infinitely rather see you fall down dead at my feet, than that you should ever commit a mortal sin.”  

Saint Louis IX’s coronation, was performed at Rheims, on the first Sunday of Advent as nearly everything Louis did as king had Catholic virtue attached to. Saint Louis fought in two crusades, the last two. In the first Crusade, he redeemed the Crown of Thorns of Our Lord from the Venetians and built a beautiful chapel for it in Paris, called Sainte Chapelle.. Saint Louis is the king who started the custom of genuflecting during the Mass when the priest said of the Son of God in the Creed: Et Homo factus est (And [He] was made Man).

King Louis ordered that all usury in France be made illegal and that blasphemy be a crime punishable by the blasphemer being marked on the face with a red hot iron. All of Saint Louis’ relics were destroyed by the Masons and the Jews during the French Revolution. ON his deathbed he sent for his son and told him the following. He died fighting in one of the crusades to regain the Holy Land for Christians when he was only fifty-five years old.

“I give you my blessing with the most tender affection that any father can give to a son; and I pray our Lord Jesus Christ to protect and strengthen you in his service, and always to increase his grace in you that you never do anything against his holy will, and that he may be ever faithfully honoured and served by you.”

He died fighting in one of the crusades to regain the Holy Land for Christians when he was only fifty-five years old. The saint’s bones and heart were carried into France by his son Philip, and deposited in the church of St. Denis.

Many miracles wrought by the intercession of St. Louis, especially at both these sepulchral monuments, were juridically proved; and he was canonized by Boniface VIII. in 1297. But his memory will never die in France, nor in the whole Catholic Church. The city of Saint Louis, Missouri, was named for him by early American Catholics who came from France.

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