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The Laptop Class Thinks Things Build Themselves

todayJuly 28, 2023 9

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HEADLINE: The ‘Laptop Class’ Fetish For Manual Labor Is An Attempt To Justify Privilege by Hannah Spier 

  • I told them how the women I treated for depression and insomnia after years of working double shifts or sometimes two jobs in service industries or retail saw an immediate improvement with sick leave because what they really longed for was serving their families, not customers. The chasing of property prices in the cities, the high cost of living, and their husbands’ low salaries had robbed these women of that choice. Policies like universal childcare would not necessarily resolve the depression and insomnia.
  • TKD explains their replies – 
  • It is such a condescending thing to say, I’m left wondering if this indeed has become the Capitol in The Hunger Games.
  • Go try and find someone that knows how to weld something!
  • So who is going to ‘build’ these things?
  • There are people running around that know how to blast people w/ phasers in these shows but they don’t know how to use a hammer.
  • Is anyone thinking about how we have lost an entire generation, t hat will probably never hear music being generated on analog instruments and transmitted directly to their ears?
  • While welders endure extremely uncomfortable physical positions and lift heavy metal objects, construction laborers receive the most injuries, and fishermen suffer the most fatalities, the laptop class will focus on the rough life of corporate women. How can they still believe these men all whistle while they work?
  • It’s as if this whole class of people are wearing 3D virtual reality goggles broadcasting a completely different show than the one the rest of us are watching. And they maintain the barricade mentally separating them from those responsible for the actual infrastructure of our world.
  • Who’s gonna get the water to run if everyone starts YouTube channels?
  • Who is gonna’ fix all the pipes in people’s homes if we all signup for laptop jobs?
  • The actual doing of things is not the same as the talking about.
  • Go out and do something today.
  • Grocery store – plastic bags
  • How did we get here?
  • Birth is also important to the laptop class because it’s at birth that you are assigned various layers of oppression, or assigned parents who pass those oppressive identities down to you. Namely, sex, identity, ethnicity, and non-Judeo-Christian religions. Those characteristics are outside of your control; if you were born without the features that the prevailing narrative teaches are disadvantages, life should be just fine. When longshore fishermen are dying, it’s due to their passion for their chosen career path.
  • Acknowledging the reality that manual labor is often a necessity rather than a choice would force the laptop class to confront their own privilege. This realization conflicts with their victimhood narrative and challenges the notion that their preferred policies benefit the underprivileged. Since you psychologically can’t be both entitled and victim simultaneously, the guilt arising must be repressed by denial of the fact. “They love those jobs! They do them out of interest — who are we to deny them?” They even pass it on to their kids as a special family tradition. It eases the divorce between discrimination and actual suffering.
  • The TV Dirty Jobs – 
  • The memorial to all the men that have lost their lives at sea. 


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