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The Laptop From Hell Earns Hunter The Wrist Slap From Paradise

todayJune 21, 2023 43

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HEADLINE: The ‘Get Trump’ Games Continue by Julie Kelly

  • Unfortunately, the country has no choice but to sit as idle spectators in the Justice Department’s reckless game to put the 45th president in prison.
  • But rather than carefully check his work before tattling to authorities on the former president of the United States, Bosanko facilitated a criminal referral to the Department of Justice just a few days later—a request Attorney General Merrick Garland was only too happy to consider.
  • According to court filings, Trump delayed his plans to settle in New Jersey for the summer to greet Bratt and his group. “Whatever you need, just let us know,” Trump told them. His legal team then turned over an additional 38 records with classified markings to Bratt.
  • That level of cooperation—unimaginable from any other former president who undoubtedly would have filed one legal challenge after another rather than invite the sworn enemy into his own home—wasn’t enough for the Justice Department. An agent with the compromised Washington FBI Field Office sought and received a search warrant to raid Mar-a-Lago last August. The overly broad warrant, similar to the overly broad subpoena, authorized agents to abscond with anything in the vicinity of a file with classified markings, which resulted in a haul of 13,000 pieces of “evidence” from the raid.
  • Why was this Ukrainian recording Hunter and Joe Biden?
  • Did he know criminal activity was being discussed?
  • Was this a ‘just in case’ move?


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