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The Media Making Matters Seem Worse Then They Are In Japan

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Mike:  Just lets recap this real quick here.  Your host has always been, since he was a little chirruns going to school, has always been amazed, fascinated by science.  Perhaps because, when I was seven years old, one of the first scientific events I witnessed was Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon.  Man, wow, they can do that?  Always been amazed by it.  As a matter of fact, in my eighth- or ninth-grade introductory physical science class, I actually did my report on the safety of nuclear reactors.  My instructors name was Mr. Traub (sp).  He was a great teacher.  Thats when we had men still teaching in schools [laughing](Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – It’s hard to even fathom whatkind of shape the people of Japan are in right now. Every image, everyinterview, every story they dive into is coated in horror, devastation,sadness and tragedy.

Being part of the media, or rather being a mediaoutlet it’s near impossible to look over something of this stature whentrying to report anything else in the news, especially when every timethe media tends to fade off a bit something else drastic takes place,like a nuclear explosion.

However folks, what we have witnessed over the past few days is nothing short of comedy, just high comedy. It’s not based in fact, it’s based in hyperbole. We have people running around mis-informed believing that we are in mortal danger of a nuclear meltdown.

Hear the KingDude explain to those out there that have found themselves a bit more obsessive compulsive since the Japan disaster that every day we are exposed to plenty of things we most definitely should not be hanging out around – that’s the price of living on Earth tho, where else are you gonna go?

.  Remember the good old days?  And Traub gave me an A on this because I actually so my experience with nuclear power goes way back, before they started banning the damn things.  And before The China Syndrome, stupid movies and hysterical hyperbolic actors on television pretending like theyre journalists and news anchors.

What we have witnessed over the last four days is nothing short of comedy.  This is just high comedy here.  This cannot be its not factual.  Its not based in fact.  Its based in science fiction.  Its based in hyperbole.  And now you have a bunch of people running around misinformed and believing this, I mean, this is urban legend here, believing that, why, there are men conspiring right now to blow up nuclear facilities just by flipping the switch on.  Were all in mortal danger.  Look, youre in mortal danger when you wake up and take a breath.  Youre in mortal danger, as weve demonstrated today, if you live anywhere near a hydro power electric plant that requires a dam.  Youre in mortal danger if you live anywhere near anything thats generating electricity because it could go.  Youre in mortal danger every time you accept the risk of getting on an airplane.  Youre bombarded by UV, UVA, UVB.  Youre bombarded by radioisotopes that make it through our ionosphere, that do not bounce off into space.  They do get through. We are bombarded every single, solitary day of our lives by radioactivity.

You may not know it, but every element some of you may remember this from science class.  Every element in the periodic table has a half-life to it.  It may not be glowing radioactive, but it does have a half-life.  So we are bombarded on a daily basis by radioactivity.  Somehow we survive.  And yet were told by our irresponsible, if it leads, it bleeds, or if it glows, or if it smokes, then it must be getting ready to destroy humanity, broadcast news media that whats happening in Japan right now is the end of humanity as we know it.  They are irresponsible.  They are reckless.  And every once in a while, they are just plain comedic.  Theres an actual human toll, tragedy going on in Japan.  It has nothing to do with this sideshow, this circus, where everyone has sent their best anchors and reporters over there.  Go over there, go wait for the mushroom cloud.  Talk it up.  Yeah.  Get lots of viewers, ratings.  Well sell ads.  This is why many people have turned television off.  This is why even Fox Newss ratings are down.  What are they down, AG, 15 percent year over year?  Is that the latest I saw?

AG:  Yeah, theyre not looking too good.

Mike:  Yeah, 15 percent year over year.  CNN down, MSNBC, theyre all down.  Weve reached a point in our existence here, you cannot rely on the broadcast news media because theyre not broadcasters anymore, and theyre certainly not journalists.  They dont take pride in their work.  They dont take pride in the facts in the information they put out there.  Everything is presented as if were a bunch of mind-numbed children.  We dont know the difference between A and B.  We dont know that two plus two does not equal three.  None of us, hey, I mean, this whole, this entire endeavor here that we call daily living is ridiculous.  Were ridiculous.  All of us.  Maybe thats why people are turning the news off.  Maybe they realize that they are becoming more ignorant, stupid, dumb, misinformed than theyve ever been.  Were even being told, hey, ignore those scientist guys.  They dont know what the hell theyre talking about.  Some of the simplest things that are just common sense, you cant even rely on that anymore.  Oh, no, thats of course that buildings going to fall over.  What its been there for a little ah, its gonna fall.

In this never-ending, instantly satisfied world that we live in, we dont have time to wait.  Nobody knows what happened inside that nuclear power nobody knows except the men that are in there.  I should say no one knows.  No one knows except the men that are in there, the women that are in there, the men and the women that were closest to it.  They know.  The company that owns that thing, they know what happened.  But oh, no, weve got, well, lets get some experts on.  Let me just say to you, the 24-hour news channel, 24-hour news cycle is a destructive thing.  Its making us more stupid.  It is making us more susceptible to believe hyperbole, susceptible to reject common sense, susceptible, hell, amenable to doing things that are not in our best interest.  We have 24-hour business networks that tell us, hey, if youre not out there investing in eTrade, oh, buddy, if youre not out there investing in the stock market, boy, are you going to get clobbered.  I was invested in the stock market.  I got clobbered three times since 1990, thank you very much.

We have 24-hour sports networks that have contests and pay anchors hundreds of thousands of dollars to become experts on who can best slam dunk a basketball.  And then we have politicians that want to go on television and try to convince us that we have a problem with poverty.  We cant feed children.  Hell, I got an idea.  How about we produce more food and stop paying farmers to not grow it.  How about we have more farmers, more agriculturalists, more agro, or ager, as the Romans may have called them, farming what was known as aro, or plowing the land, doing that, and less experts on who can slam dunk the basketball best.  Our obsession with the absolutely irrelevant is embarrassing.  It is shocking.  And viewed with a sane, rational eye, it is no wonder that we produce the political class that we produce.

We deserve the political class that we have produced.  We deserve them.  You try and talk about great men, great men of state, founding fathers and what have you, ah, theyre all fuddy-duddy.  Nobody wants to talk about that.  Oh, but, yeah, lets send everyone to go get to the bottom of whats going on in Japan.  Tens of thousands, if not a hundred thousand people mortally affected, diaspora, like it was unimagined after Hurricane Katrina.  Oh, but theres a gray cloud of smoke over there.  And we have one of those reactors in the United States.  Its going to blow up.  Yes, because they blow up every day.  Totally in the best interests of the company to blow these things up, to design them to blow up and kill people.  Nuclear power plants are not designed to provide electricity at a profit so someone can sell it.  No, no, no, theyre designed to murder people.  And people are out there today repeating, regurgitating the misinformation that they have gotten.

Again, what separates us from the Incans or the Mayans, whoever the hell it was that was lopping peoples heads off in Mel Gibsons movie, Apocalypto, hmm?  At least when they were done lopping heads off, they took a six-month break.  Regenerate some new virgins to throw in the volcano.  What separates us from those idiots?  Hmm?  What separates us from the people that believe they had to have dances to keep the gods at bay, eh?  Running around in all manner of clothing made from feathers and animal skins and what have you, and burning all sorts of incenses?  But oh, those people were superstitious idiots.  Really?  Theyre looking pretty smart right now.

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