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The Middle Class: Damaged Goods Funding Damaged Goods

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Official Mordor on the Potomac River is all abuzz with the damaging news of S&Ps downgrade of the United States credit rating from AAA to AA+. Some members of the Tyracracy are also hilariously suggesting that the downgrade will hurt middle class Americans. This statement has the attraction of being believable so long as the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy visit your home for dinner on a regular basis. Why?

Well for starters just who do you think is most responsible for repaying all those trillions borrowed to lavish supposed benefits on the same middle class? If you answered The rich, congratulations! You just graduated from the Obama College of Wealth Redistribution. When The Rich finish forking over whats left over after fueling up their private jets there simply isnt enough to cover the debt spending and so the bill is passed off to the midddle class.

But wait, its even worse than that. The Middle Class must assume that the benefits they receive are worth far more than the taxes collected to fund them. Oh wait! If the Middle Class actually thought of things like that then the Ponzi scheme that is the Federal Entitlement Corporation would have been burned to the ground by the same torch wielding, pitchfork brandishing peasantry. You see the Feds act as the middle man for their corporate buddies who accept the middle classs vouchers for the benefits – see Universities-Doctors-Hospitals-Car dealers- Airlines and Cell Phone providers.

We dont even have time to get into the damage in both quality and advancing technology this scheme brings to bear on nearly every facet of modern life and the most amoral feature of this entire scam: the Middle Classs children-born and unborn-get stuck with the bill without any say so in the matter.

If the elites of this Tyrocracy want the Middle Class to focus on villains in the debt & deficit scam and who it is bthat suffers the damage from the curtailed ability to use the ObamaCharge card, it wont be long before the bad guys are wearing tar and feathers on the set of Meet the Half Court Press or Faux News Sunday.

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