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The Mike Church Show – Memorial Day Is For Commemorating The Dead Soldiers, Not Promising To Make New Ones

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Big news over this weekend but you wouldn’t know from the Mainstream Media.

HEADLINE: Pence Assures West Point Grads: ‘You Will Fight On A Battlefield’ by Daniel L. Davis

“It is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life,” he said. “It will happen.” – Mike Pence

  • These Senior leaders don’t care about your kids.
  • They only care about the Military Industrial complex.
  • “Despite what so many alleged experts will breathlessly tell you, there are no threats to American security that requires U.S. combat troops to daily fight in our current combat zones: Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Niger, Somalia, Yemen, and many other locations in Africa.  We daily risk—and all too often lose—American lives to missions that don’t even keep our country safe. That is a tragedy that should be rectified without delay.”

SIDE BAR: Apollo 11 Documentary

HEADLINE: Vice President Pence Tells West Point Grads They Should Expect to See Combat by Associated Press

AUDIO: Mike Pence speech to West Point Graduates –

  • Arsenal of Democracy
  • Nothing is going to change until America is bankrupt.
  • When we run out of money to bomb 3rd world countries, that is when it will stop.
  • “You want to honor the memory of those who have sacrificed so much for this nation on Memorial Day? The best way to honor those who have fallen is to make sure their sacrifices prevent future generations from having to fight.” – Daniel L. Davis



The Media Arm of the SSPX –

WAR – CD series sold by Angelus Press

  • Just War Theory
  • ABOUT the CD set: “This incredible 12 lecture symposium was hosted this spring at Notre Dame de La Salette Academy. It outlines, in detail, what constitutes a Just War while offering an in-depth Catholic analysis on the topic of war itself – including supernatural warfare. Covering the Crusades, the Machabees, and extending to numerous battles of the modern era, discover what Church has to say, and what it means to be a true Catholic Soldier.”
















 Cathedral Catholic High School –

  • Tweet about the girls protesting the skirt ban.
  • I was being chastised for even mentioning this story, as if only the students have access to the story.
  • Troll Offensive

HEADLINE: Should There Really Be Dress Codes for Parents? by Edwin Benson

  • Modest Skirts – skirts that are above the knee are by definition are mini-skirts.
  • Legalized use of contraception – 71% of Catholics said YES.
  • These are the type of Catholics that attend Cathedral Catholic High.

The List Includes:

  • Satin cap, shower caps, or bonnets
  • Hair rollers
  • Pajamas
  • “Leggings that are showing your bottom and where your body is not covered from the front or the back”
  • Sagging pants
  • Men wearing undershirts
  • Very short shorts, often called “Daisy Dukes”
  • When you dress with dignity, you are treated differently.
  • When I wear a bowtie and suit while traveling, I get called SIR by everyone. Male and Female alike.
  • QUESTION: Do you know why that happens?
  • ANSWER: Because people aren’t used to seeing someone dressed nicely!

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 HEADLINE: 10 tons of trash collected from Virginia Beach after Memorial Day event by Morgan Gstalter



 BACK TO HEADLINE: Should There Really Be Dress Codes for Parents?

  • Parents are claiming this drsesscode teaches “sexism, elitism and racism”.
  • Back in the day they took care of their clothes.
  • They cared about what they wore and how they presented themselves.
  • Coach Mike Nolan tried to bring dignified dress back to coaching. He started wearing a suit and tie on the sidelines, but got fired b/c they didn’t have a winning season.
  • Oxford shirts, ties and sports coats.


HEADLINE: Young people blame climate change for their small 401(k) balances by Kari Paul

  • Solar Activity is the principal drive of temperature and weather.
  • We are currently in a Solar Minimum.
  • Of course there is climate change.



 Rivers are Contaminated – 

HEADLINE: World’s rivers are contaminated with dangerous levels of antibiotics, study finds by Phoebe Weston

  • They don’t even mention the hormones from birth control that is making animals sterile and changing their sex.
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 BACK to HEADLINE: World’s rivers are contaminated with dangerous levels of antibiotics, study finds by Phoebe Weston

  • Why aren’t we encouraging doctors to not prescribe so many antibiotics?
  • That would be my first recommendation.








 World Health Organization – 

HEADLINE: World Health Organisation recognises ‘burn-out’ as medical condition by the Straits Times

HEADLINE: World Health Organization removes transgender from list of mental disorders by Shannon Power

  • The Transgender movement has become so powerful, so quick this has to be the work of the devil.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer: Killer Cannibal on Reelz
  • As a father, would you really want to hear that your son is homosexual?
  • This isn’t something to be celebrated.
  • This act of homosexuality must be discussed. People need to be repulsed by it.
  • We call them ‘gay’ and that gives the happy-feely connotation to something that is repulsive.


Caller John Anderson (Rosary Pamphlet)

  • The rosary is the cure for this homosexual behavior.
  • The #TradPack
  • 20 pages in both Latin and English
  • Mary is the Mother of the Redeemer.
  • We don’t ‘worship’ her.
  • James chapter 2
2h24m  HEADLINE: The Dire Emergency of Small-Town America by Casey Chalk

HEADLINE: Madisonville adopts chicken ordinance by Bill McHugh

  • You have to have vibrant civic people to have such a place.
  • Read/Listen to the speech by J.D. Vance here.

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