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The Morality of Federally Subsidized Sweet Tea

todayOctober 5, 2012 2 1

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The Morality of Federally Subsidized Sweet Tea
©2012 Mike Church

If there is any truth to the adage that “misery loves company” then a majority of the New Orleans Saints fans must be connecting with President Obama today as both the Saints & the President are winless in their respective seasons. The Saints losses have been mainly self inflicted while the Presidents loss in last night’s debate is inspired by what he has helped most of us lose: our wealth, civil liberties and virtue. I may be the only conservative on the planet willing to admit that there is something disingenuous about constantly whining over the $6 trillion increase in our debt under Obama while accepting none of the blame for immorally helping the Feds to spend the loot.

How have you assisted in spending the loot you ask!? Here are 5  examples. Have you purchased: Solar Panels for your roof? Signed with your kid for a student loan? Been screened by the TSA? Eaten any refined sugar or pumped any ethanol laced gas?

All those seemingly harmless activities come with hefty federal subsidies and since the federal gubbmint doesn’t have any money other than what it A. Steals from us B. Borrows from China or C. Loots from tomorrow’s paychecks with inflation by printing more money, most of us are “on the dole” as they say in England.

I thought Mitt Romney’s best line from the debate was about the debt & deficit when he said “I think it’s not just an economic issue. I think it’s a moral issue. I think it’s, frankly, not moral for my generation to keep spending massively more than we take in, knowing those burdens are going to be passed on to the next generation.”  Isn’t it time for moral people to give up the immoral acts of: subsidized solar panels & gasoline and sweet tea?

Say what you will of the Saints awful losing streak, but, at least Saints losses don’t add to the national debt.

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Written by: ClintStroman

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Your post, The Morality of Federally Subsidized Sweet Tea | Mike Church, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards!

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