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The Nativity of Mary-A New, Christmas Feature From Mike Church

Mandeville, LAThe Nativity of Mary. World Broadcast Premiere, Christmas Eve, 2016 on the CRUSADE Channel (the stream is available here).

It is the last year Before Christ and a 13 year year old Jewish girl, the daughter of Anna and Joachim, has just completed her religious training in the temple. She has pleaded with her parents to forego marriage and instead serve God. Little does she know that God intends to use her for a service unlike any before or since and that all in all ages would call her Blessed. This is her, her spouse, Saint Joseph and Jesus Christ’s story.

Christmas feature, that debuted Christmas Eve on the True Features Channel and aired all day, Christmas Day, LIVE on the Crusade Channel with show times at midnight, 06:00 a.m.; 09:00 a.m.; 12:00 p.m.; 03:00 p.m.; 06:00 p.m. and 09:00 p.m. Click here to listen.

Starring Jessica Mosher and Mike Church.

Listen to this brief but beautiful sample from the production in  progress.

Produced by Mike Church and Jimm Mosher. Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jimm Mosher. Recording and Editing Engineer Christopher Warshauer.

The Nativity of Mary is a dramatized version of the events surrounding the conception of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit – The Annunciation – followed by the visitation of St Elizabeth, the temptation of St Joseph, the Holy Family’s clandestine trip to Bethlehem, their frustration in being turned away, the miracle at finding the Cave of The Nativity, the Blessed birth of Our Savior, the visitation of the shepherds and wise men and finally, the historical evidence that the Blessed Virgin has existed since the Light came into the world.

The story is taken chiefly from the Gospel of Luke and then the details are filled in by the visions of Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich. Blessed Catherine adds so much breathtaking detail to the story including the struggles the Holy Family endured and how with patience, humility and prayer, each was overcome as God’s Divine plan unfolded.

Starring the voice talents of acclaimed singer songwriter Jessica Drake (The Road to Independence soundtrack) and internationally recognized radio host and filmmaker Mike Church, The Nativity of Mary will transport you to the Holy Land for the first chapters of the Greatest Story Ever Told. With bold, life like sound effects and a music score populated with contemporary reverence and classical beauty. Produced mixed and mastered by the team that brought you The Spirit of 76 and the Road To Independence, The Nativity of Mary is an instant, Christmas classic for the entire family to enjoy and be inspired by.

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