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The NeoCons Strike Back And Bag Their Enemy Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump Indictment

  • 93% conviction rate in the United States for District Attorney’s
  • We know why that is, b/c most people don’t fight them they just plead out.
  • It is not an accident very shortly after McDonald is removed from the Governorship and then was subsequently acquitted.
  • When the Clinton gang comes after you, they take you out.
  • Whether it is by a physical assassination or the court assassination.
  • Do you really believe the people in the Democrat party are really controlled by demons?
  • In 2008 I was challenged on my world view by several people.
  • There was one figure in particular that challenged my actual thought on American politics.
  • That was Congressman Ron Paul – he was talking about all these unfunded and undeclared wars.
  • He used a term I hadn’t really thought about…BLOWBACK.
  • When the US maims, kills, murders someone in the Muslim world and it is an act of injustice, it causes people in that country to despise us and exact revenge.
  • What did Trump say in February 2016 that sealed his fate?
  • He was in a tussle w/ Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush and the subject was the war in Iraq.
  • He said THEY LIED, they lied about Iraq, there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • We are still sending our men and women into undeclared wars to die.
  • For what?
  • What is all of this for?
  • The only person that ever called them out was Ron Paul and Walter Jones.
  • Congressman Paul said what Trump said.
  • Myrtle Beach SC – it was Ron Paul, Romney and another 2 folks – remember Paul quoted the Golden Rule when talking about Iraq and they BOO’D him!!!!
  • It is in that debate when he gets boo’d Brian Williams asks him – about Conservatism and what the definition is.
  • Smaller government and more liberty –
  • What should the role of government be?
  • Not to run a welfare state and police the world.
  • So what is the point in all of this exactly?
  • That debate when he got in Jeb Bush’s face that the Iraq war should have NEVER have happened and they ALL KNEW it was based on a lie and they did it anyway.
  • He crossed the line right there.
  • He then became the enemies of ALL neo-cons.
  • They are on BOTH left and right.
  • They are doing this to Trump to tell us average Americans thinking about coming in and changing their GIG, there is NO PLACE for you here in our world.
  • You are to be ruled and that is your role.



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