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Is a Restoration of the American Nation is Somehow Possible?

What_Lincoln_Killed_Ep_I_promo_PosterMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript “A gentleman called last hour and wanted to know why there’s more marauding today and why it seems that government, as we view it anyways, is becoming more menacing and does not take no for an answer.  That’s because government is no longer government.  Government is now religion.  Government is what people believe in.  It has all the tenets of a faith.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  A gentleman called last hour and wanted to know why there’s more marauding today and why it seems that government, as we view it anyways, is becoming more menacing and does not take no for an answer.  That’s because government is no longer government.  Government is now religion.  Government is what people believe in.  It has all the tenets of a faith.  I’ve already explained this 100,000 times, hopefully adequately.  Let me try another take on this.  Jack Trotter wrote this piece at last week.  I talked about it very briefly when David Simpson was here for last Wisdom Wednesday.  I promised to revisit this and delve into it and I did not.  The title of his piece is “Mongrels All! or, Slaves With New Masters.”


Of late, our demographic soothsayers have been assuring us that by 2040 or thereabouts America will no longer be a Caucasian-majority country, and that with the eclipse of the white majority there will be, to belabor the obvious, no majority culture.  For many this is cause for celebration.  Among minorities, or at least those who are routinely paraded before the cyclopean eye of the television camera, the fading of the white majority seems to promise a number of benefits, including more diverse political representation at every level of government, as well as the dissolution of the assumption of racial superiority and privilege that, as we are ceaselessly informed, is so deeply embedded in the “social construction” of white identity.  Moreover, in what is perhaps an historically unprecedented display of racial self-effacement, whites themselves—or, at least, most middle- and upper-middle-class whites—willingly embrace this New Advent of a postracial America.  Having been persuaded that we are, after all, a “nation of immigrants,” they blithely assume that the disappearance of a majority culture will result in some miraculous new cultural unity, one in which whites will no longer have to carry an onus of guilt over their “genocidal” supremacist heritage.  Oppositional voices are rare enough, and even more rarely do they break into mainstream discourse.  [Mike: Then he goes into some of the books that he’s read about this, for example, Patrick J. Buchanan’s Death of the West.]

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With all due respect to these writers, one must wonder whether our majority culture, already in tatters, is worth saving.  Granted, Buchanan and many of his sort recognize that the erosion of traditional moral, religious, and cultural standards is dangerously advanced.  Nevertheless, such conservatives continue to assume that a restoration of the American nation is somehow possible.  This is dubious, to say the least.  This is not the place to patrick_buchanan_death_of_the_westrehash the old debate over whether America was ever a unitary nation (which many Southerners have reason to doubt).  But let us ignore, for the sake of argument, that little bloodletting we call the Civil War and assume that America really was, once upon a time, an extended family (philosopher Johann Herder’s definition of a true nation).  There is a scene in Owen Wister’s novel Lady Baltimore that expresses this sentiment memorably when Wister’s narrator, Augustus, a Philadelphia aristocrat, insists, as he converses with the novel’s hero, Charlestonian John Mayrant, that

“[W]e were a family once, and a fine one, too!  We knew each other, we visited each other, we wrote letters, sent presents, kept up relations; we . . . coherently joined hands from one generation to another; the fibers of the sons tingled with the current from their fathers, back and back to the old beginnings, to Plymouth and Roanoke and Rip Van Winkle!”

Putting aside the nostalgic tone of this declaration, one might object that Augustus is merely voicing a sense of solidarity that belonged only to the ruling elite, yet perhaps there is some truth in the notion that a wider bond of kinship prevailed, as he states, “in every place that has been colonial”—that is, a kinship forged in part upon the common experience of building a nation in the New World, and upon the shared sacrifice of the Revolutionary era.  [Mike: Then he delves some more into this subject and in some of the things that have gone wrong or have gone whacko. I’ll fast forward to the conclusion.]

And what of people themselves? We have, for some time now, begun to exhibit the characteristics of an enslaved population.  Over 35 percent of Americans are dependent on federal largesse in the form of “means tested” welfare benefits.  Such payouts do not include Social Security, Medicare, or unemployment insurance.

[end reading]

Mike:  Jack, you also forgot to add the significant federal workforce, of which I asked the question last hour: Has said workforce ever questioned the constitutionality of their own employment and then proceeded to whine, carp, and complain about their member of Congress being a real conservative because he or she does not take their oath of office seriously?  I might ask: Do you have any mirrors?


When those are added in the percentage rises to around 50 percent, including a large chunk of middle-class America.  While our masters bail out corporations and banks that are “too big to fail,” we shake our heads and change the channel.  While millions in France occupy the streets of Paris to protest the legalization of gay marriage, we shrug and watch with timid acquiescence as one by one each state, cowed by the courts, relinquishes control over the very cornerstone of family and community.

chronicles_babies[end reading]

Mike:  By the way, I want to mention again the effort that is going on in the great State of Oklahoma.  They will begin legislating on this if they haven’t already picked it up.  Oklahoma is going to lead the charge against the inexorable, it seems, march of homosexual marriage being crammed down our throats via judicial fiat.  Oklahoma is going to remove civic requirements and licensing for marriages, meaning if you want to get hitched in Oklahoma, you better go find yourself a priest or a reverend.  You can see where they’re going with this.  I look forward to the day when — when it comes close to passage, you wait and see the bloodletting and screaming and gnashing of teeth that we’re going to witness.


Our brains addled by countless hours of television, internet surfing, and celebrity worship, we face the future with little or no understanding of our own history, only dimly aware (in our most lucid moments) of the degree of our debasement.

To return to our point of departure, even if the borders were sealed tomorrow and Caucasian women began to reproduce above replacement levels, thus ensuring a numerical majority for the foreseeable future, there is really no “dominant” national culture left, and very little prospect of its re-emergence in a form that would be compatible with the vision of the Founding Fathers.  Moreover, it is questionable whether the size and diversity of present-day America, without massive authoritarian intervention, would allow the formation of such a culture, and especially any attempt to restore a Christian moral order.  This is not to say that our situation is hopeless.  However, those who call themselves conservatives, if they genuinely value our patrimony, must be prepared to take far more decisive steps than they have heretofore contemplated.  A complete break, root and branch, with the Republican Party, or, for that matter, with the national party system, is essential.  Formation of state-level, independent parties, especially secessionist parties, is a laudable aim, but the secessionist program must be far more than political.  It must be involved in the formation of culture at every level—in the churches, in the nurturing of private schools and homeschooling networks, in the formation of community economic initiatives free of corporate sponsorship, in the revitalization of rural and small-town America, in promotion of local agriculture and cooperatives, in the care of the poor and jobless (eschewing all federal assistance), and in the formation of organizations that will provide the young with alternatives to the soul-destroying, pseudocounterculture propagated by the media.  To be sure, much of this work is already under way, but our efforts must be redoubled.  We no longer owe any allegiance to this imitation nation we call America.  The vision of the founders was a noble one, but the betrayal of that vision is now complete.

[end reading]


Mike:  That was actually from early January.  Food for thought, methinks.  A couple notes on that, I’ll add some parenthetical remarks.  What is culture?  Here’s a good way to illustrate this.  When we say our culture is a cesspool, what is a culture anyways?  What are the root words?  Earlier I explained to you the two Latin words that make up the one English word omnipotent, omni for all and potent for power, all powerful.  That’s what omnipotent means.  Perhaps we should delve into the root Latin word of the word cult, from cultus.  Have you ever planted a garden?  If you’ve ever planted a garden, what did you do when you were planting the crop, to the soil?  You cultivated it.  The word cultus has two meanings you can use.  One is the cultivation or the growth of something.  If you’re a fan of eating yogurt, what are you eating?  Cultured yeast.  You’ve cultivated the yeast.  You grew it.

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Cult also is a religious term.  Denomination as it’s called today is a cult.  When we think of cult, we think of Jim Jones at Jonestown forcing his followers to drink the Kool-Aid, as it’s called, laced with cyanide and they all die.  That’s a perversion of the term cult, although, applied to our current pickle, we do see some similarities there.  We’re forced to drink cultural or political Kool-Aid every day.  We’re sold a bill of goods that we all know is a lie.  We’re told to our face by members of the ruling elite class, we’re lied to every single day.  We’re served political Kool-Aid, if you will.

But if you’re going to reform or revitalize a culture, then you’re going to have to have a cult.  There needs to be something that unifies the cult.  The most unifying force that I can think of is the cult of the one true faith and its deity is God, Jesus of Nazareth that walked this Earth.  He is and can be a unifying, something to cultivate, things around.  Here’s a question for you.  Do you think that most of what passes for television, movies, entertainment, etc., do you think if we were a people that cultivated and developed our current way of life around the cult of Christ, do you think that we would turn out the way we have?  I believe that the undeniable answer to the question is no.  We would not have turned out this way because we’re not very Christ-like, none of us.  If you’re going to cultivate and get back to cultivating, then you’re going to have to find something that you’re going to have a cult around.  As I suggested, there is an answer.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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