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Order David Simpson’s Financial Sanity book, autographed by the author!


Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“We want to welcome you to the little press conference we’re doing here.  I hope everyone can hear the audio we’re sending out and the video over YouTube.  As you can see behind me, we’re revealing the name of the new network now.  It’s the Veritas – which in Latin means truth – Radio Network.  This is the official logo.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  We want to welcome you to the little press conference we’re doing here.  I hope everyone can hear the audio we’re sending out and the video over YouTube.  As you can see behind me, we’re revealing the name of the new network now.  It’s the Veritas – which in Latin means truth – Radio Network.  This is the official logo.  If you go to right now, you’ll see the makings of the website.  This feature right here should be streaming live on the stream as we speak.  We also have some guests.  I see Jordan Bloom and two others are in the GoToMeeting chatroom here.

We have the beginnings of a press conference here.  What we wanted to do today was just go over a little bit about what’s happened and what’s going to happen.  Of course, I see to my right here my friend David Simpson, who will be managing many of the business affairs.  He found out today he’ll be managing the business affairs of the Veritas Radio Network.  What this is – you may be wondering what these props are.  I’ll tell you about that in just a moment here.  What this is is the end result of the events that – many people probably think that these events just began in the last two months with what’s going on at Sirius XM or what happened at Sirius XM.  That’s not entirely the case.  For the last three years, and David can verify this, I have wanted to take the Mike Church Show to the public.  I wanted to get it terrestrially syndicated and place it out in front of more people than just the satellite radio audience.  I didn’t think that the time was right or the technology existed to actually do that.

One year led to another and just kept saying: It didn’t come together this year.  God apparently wills me here.  I just kept signing agreements.  All the while I was signing agreements, I always had my mind set on something like this ultimately happening.  David, you’ve been with me and counseling me long enough to know.  This year, the management of Sirius XM forced the issue.  They forced our hand.  I knew this was coming six months ago.  There are just certain signs you look for when you’re in broadcasting so that you would know these things – if you don’t know what these signs are, then Heaven help you because you should.  I saw the signs and the writing on the wall six months ago.  I began preparing for this, knowing that ultimately Sirius XM would not renew my agreement.  However, I still held out hope that they would find someplace for the show on satellite radio.  At the end of the day, when we were negotiating my termination or the end of the show, I actually asked if it was possible – I even offered the show up as a barter.  I wouldn’t even accept any salary.  I would just do it in exchange for the advertising time.  There was apparently no room at the inn.

I just wanted people to know this.  I did everything that I could to keep this show – I still wanted to be on satellite radio, still should be.  There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be picking this feed up every morning at 8 a.m. when it begins and placing it on the satellite system as it currently exists.  It won’t cost them anything.  It’ll be a pure barter arrangement, the same deal anyone else could get, any other radio station out there that wishes to carry it, any website that wishes to carry it.  That’s the prologue to this story.

Now let’s get to the good part.  Veritas Radio Network.  Why veritas?  You may have noticed in the last year and a half anyway, this slogan has cropped up on the radio show and the slogan has been: What is truth?  Conformity of the mind to reality, that’s what truth is.  I have this man right here to thank for pushing me and beginning me on this journey.  The last phase of this was – I’d like to send a thank you out to my brothers at St. Augustine Institute in New Hampshire.  They certainly have helped myself, David, and many others that were listeners to the show get into this discovery of what is truth.

The fact of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen, the broadcasting that you’ve come to expect today – it doesn’t matter what system it’s on.  It doesn’t matter if it’s Westwood One or Clear Channel or Sirius XM or CBS, ABC, NBC, the fact of the matter is that truth is not on the table.  The neocons in Congress always love to tell us that the military option is on the table.  [mocking] “We’re going into negotiations.  The military option is on the table.”  In broadcasting today, the truth is not on the table.  I give you just a couple examples.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

When Dr. Laura Schlessinger mildly pursued the truth at the end of the last millennia, she was ushered to the door and has not yet returned to her former greatness.  Dr. Laura is a phenomenal talent and an asset to all of us who pursue the truth.  I’d love someday to actually work with Dr. Laura.  This began 15 years ago.  You can see that when Dr. Laura accidentally stepped into the truth about homosexuality, that was the end.  It was no more TV show.  Dr. Laura is actually ironically on Sirius XM.  This began a long time ago.  Look at the Benham brothers, the two brothers that do the home remodeling that were going to have a show on the Discovery Channel.  When it was discovered that they were not supporters of or proponents of homosexual unions or sodomitical marriages, they were summarily executed.  They were shown the door.

These were accidental steppings on of the truth.  These weren’t intentional steppings on of the truth.  There are other instances.  Brendan Eich, the CEO of Mozilla, was basically told: The company you started, we’re going to take it away from you because you’re not with radical homosexual crowd.  Not to dwell on the radical homosexual crowd because the same is true when it comes to abortion.  The same is true when it comes to contraception and all these other issues, when it comes to the moral lifestyles that people live today.  Broadcasting channels, broadcasting networks, and broadcasters by proxy – and this is unfortunate – do not pursue the truth.  When they do, they meet the fate of Dr. Laura, the Benham brothers, Brendan Eich, and they meet the fate of me.  This is what happens when you pursue the truth.

That’s why this is called the truth network.  It’s not some corny, sleazy, “the truth lives here” slogan.  This is a way of doing business and of finding talent out there that is going to come on this network and is going to do that.  They are going to pursue the truth, conformity of the mind to reality.  We’re going to cover economics.  We’re going to cover culture.  We’re going to cover politics.  We’re going to cover religion.  We’re going to cover people’s stories.  I’d like to tell you just a little bit about some of the shows we have planned and a little bit about what you can expect.  If you’re an investor and you’re out there watching this, you have an opportunity here.  David, how many times does an opportunity like this cross your life?  Show them how you showed me?

David Simpson:  You put your hand up and roll back four fingers.  You get one chance.

Mike:  Folks, you only get one shot at this.  No one else is going to do this.  We’re going to do it.  I hope, God willing, we are successful in doing it.  I want to tell you a little bit now about what it is we’re going to do.  First of all, the Mike Church Show is going to go back on the air exactly as fans and friends and family and new listeners now – we’re going to broadcast this stream.  It will have several channels.  The first one will be called Crusade.  Crusade has already started to stick in people’s minds because I’ve heard people say: I can’t wait to hear you on Crusade.  I think we chose a pretty good name.  I think a little while into our life as the Crusade Channel you’ll figure out why it’s called Crusade.  We might do some imaging campaign that says: What’s your Crusade?  There’s a lot of things we can do with Crusade.  That’s going to be our flagship.

I will be the – I don’t say this to brag; I say this to assure people that want to buy memberships, want to get involved, want to donate.  We still need lots of donations.  We want to help build this infrastructure up.  I will be your go-to guy.  I will start the morning at 8 a.m. Central.  Mike Church Show will revert back to the format that we were once blessed to have at Sirius XM, 90-minute segments.  There will be one break in those segments.  I will take it when I feel like taking it or when the audience tells me or we’ve run out of calls or we’ve exhausted the topic or get a guest via Skype on the line.  There will be a 90-minute wheel.  The 90-minute break will be hard.  You’ll be able to go to the bathroom, set your clocks around it.  Every morning at 8:00 we’ll start.  Every morning at 9:30 Central there’ll be that break, you can count on that.

Here’s what you won’t be able to count on.  There won’t be any top of the hour news, nothing to interrupt us.  When we get to the end of the program at 11 a.m., if we’re not done with the program, if we’re still doing Wisdom Wednesday, we’re not done.  In other words, the finish time is not 11 a.m.  The finish time is whenever we finish the show that day.  As soon as the show is concluded, we’ll begin playing the recording from the first hour of the previous day’s broadcast.  That will round out that hour until noon.  Then we’ll have some fresh, original programming that I’ll tell you about that’s going to occupy a couple hours of the day every day when we start this.

Mike Church Show will then be available for download in full stereo, no commercials, fully edited so that all you get is show.  You’ll have to be a Founders Pass Member.  Very soon the Founders Pass Members will merge with Veritas Radio Network members.  If you’re a Founders Pass Member, the biggest question we’ve got is: Is my Founders Pass going to work?  Yes.  Anyone that’s a member of any current site that we own or manage,, your membership will work on this service.  This will be ported to as we make this transition.

The Crusade Channel stream will be live 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We won’t miss a day.  Well, we’ll miss Sundays.  We will have rebroadcasts.  I will rebroadcast the show at 3 p.m. Central and at midnight.  Those are the three broadcasts.  The stream will be accessible to anyone that has a smartphone.  We’re developing an app.  We have a top-notch, professional development team that has developed apps for big Fortune 500 companies.  They volunteered to work on the app.  They actually volunteered their time.  They are building us a world-class streaming app to compete with anyone’s.  Wait till you see it.  I feel like Donald Trump: We’re going to have an app.  It’s going to be a great app.  Wait till you see it.  It’s going to be the best app.  It’s going to have the best radio ‘cause it’s going to be the best app.  It’s going to be fantastic.

So Mike Church Show three times a day, 8 a.m. Central, 3 p.m., and midnight for the rebroadcast.  We’ll have new original programming that will go on in between.  Then we’ll have recordings of programming that we have begun to do in the last year here in the studio that we’re currently in.  One of those is our series Modern Wrong World Made Right.  We have “Galileo Was Wrong,” “Darwin Was Wrong,” “Luther Was Wrong,” “Calvin Was Wrong.”  David is going to do “Modernists Were Wrong.”  We’ll continue to have that series.  That’s going to air in primetime every night.  It’s educational stuff, so those of you that are looking for something for your kids to listen to in the evening that is faith-based and pursues the truth, and does so with an eye on the truth – not because it’s a moneymaking venture, although we hope that it ultimately is to cover our expenses, but to actually pursue the truth and to broadcast it, which we should be doing anyway.

CRUSADE-logoSome of the talents that we will bring over to Crusade Channel, I’d like to go down a short list.  My friend from The Daily Caller, Jordan Bloom, will join us every other Wednesday.  He’ll alternate with David.  One Wednesday we’ll do Wisdom Wednesday.  Wisdom Wednesday will now be expanded.  It will be a 90-minute Wisdom Wednesday.  Jordan’s “Our Man In Mordor,” will be the same, except he’ll be live in The Daily Caller offices in Mordor.  This will actually afford us the opportunity as well – Jordan works with a lot of very talented, very well-versed and well-read media people at The Daily Caller.  He may be able to, from time to time, drag some of them into the office and actually appear on every other Wednesday.  Expect to see Jordan every other Wednesday.  Expect to see David and I doing Wisdom Wednesday every other Wednesday.

Every Tuesday night you can expect to see myself, David, and Brother Andre Marie from the St. Augustine Institute.  We’ll be doing a one-hour live presentation of what this week’s philosophy discussion is.  This will be at 6 p.m. Central every Tuesday night.  As I go through these things, all these things will go into the download section of the website, beginning at on the Founders Pass Media Player.  Ultimately it will be here.  You’ll get all your content you hear on the network at this site, on each individual channel’s page.  I did say channels.  The first channel we’re launching is Crusade.

Also I’d like to tell you about some other shows.  Many of you know and love Professor Dr. Kevin Gutzman.  Kevin is going to be with us and doing a one-hour show with me, once per week.  It’s going to be called “The Constitution Hour.”  This will be your chance to write in, Facebook in, tweet in, email in or phone in your questions having to do with current events as they apply to the now-thoroughly-kicked-and-dead Constitution.  Kevin will bring his experience, his wit, and all the things he brings to the broadcast.  He’ll still be a guest, but he’ll have his own weekly feature called “The Constitution Hour.”

Two other shows I’d like to tell you about.  “My Story of America,” my dear friend Dr. Michael George, who is a theologian by education but a computer IT guy by trade, and a public speaker by trade, one of the best ones in the entire mid-Ohio Valley region – he’s from West Virginia.  I’ll invite Michael to tell his West Virginia jokes when he starts his show.  Michael has written a book called My Story of America.  Michael has a gift for never meeting a stranger.  Michael is going to bring you a radio show where he travels a lot.  He’ll be My story of americarecording his travels with people.  Just think of it as American Pickers for Christians.  Michael is going to pick through the wheat and the chaff of America.  He’ll bring you great stories of people that have fantastic stories to tell.  He’ll also bring some of the people he’s already told stories about, who have also been guests on the radio show.  That’ll be once a week, My Story of America.  Michael will also enclose in each one of his shows one of the speeches he gives, motivational speeches, where he recites a speech from a member of the founding father generation.  He does this off the top of his head.  He’s quiet brilliant at it.  We’ll have edited versions of that.

Then, for all you gear and geekheads out there, we have “Reverse Deception.”  This is a book that has been published by a major publisher, McGraw-Hill.  My friend Greg Carpenter wrote the book.  Greg is former military, former intelligence.  We say former; he may still be.  Our friend at the NSA, as we call him, Greg is going to update listeners once per week on what is going on with the surveillance state, what it is that the government is up to, what it is that big, private corporations aided and abetted by the government are up to as they continue to steal and snoop into our private lives without legal permission, continue to trample upon the Fourth Amendment in all the things they do.  He’s an expert in his field.  He’s going to bring you some fantastic guests.  Marquee guests whose names you’ll recognize are going to talk about this stuff and how it applies to you.  How does all this surveillance apply to you?  Look for that on the Crusade Channel.

Once David feels his oats and condenses some of the things that I’ve already asked him to do – David used to, before we were basically told: Hey, you’ve got to get that guy Simpson off Sirius XM air.  We have advertisers that are SEC bigwigs and they don’t like it.  He can’t be talking about being your own banker.  Our advertisers are their bankers.  David can now go back to doing the show that he used to do once per week once he has the time, which is managing your own money and managing it in a really, truly conservative fashion by being your own banker.  Whatever you want to say about that, the way you used to do this, we used to just talk about how people had invested in different things.  It’s okay to invest in those things, but there’s other ways to think about investing and to think about the future.

Simpson:  I won’t get so much into that.  I’ll actually produce a podcast or show for you that will put good content.  People can go download to learn more about the process.  I wanted to maybe ask you a question and offer this as a remark.  Most of you probably listen to opinion radio all the time, shock jocks.  The purpose of the endeavors become to get people riled up, to get them talking, to get them listening, to get them buying something, and not much else.  I was going to talk to you a little bit about what Mike’s transition has done.  He’s got this incredible letter – this will be the segue for Mike to describe what these props are all about.  He got this incredible letter, one of hundreds.  I want to mention one thing the fellow said in the letter.  This is what I think this radio network is going to be about and what I think Mike Church has been about for the last several years, and why he’s not on the public media now and had to create his own outlet.  It’s that serious.  This guy writes to Mike, “I know that you pursue truth in all things, and I will continue to follow the same path thanks to your efforts.”  Does that kind of encapsulate what you’re trying to accomplish with this radio network?

Mike:  It does.  He’s in our philosophia perennis group and he sent me this nice little note yesterday.  Two bottles of vintage, St. Francis of Assisi wine, a box of beautiful cigars, and this wonderful little note.  The reason I brought this up and brought it to the table is just as an example of hundreds upon hundreds – it’s difficult to read them all, but I’ve read every single one of them.  I’ve tried to respond to all of them.  The outpouring of love, outpouring of well wishes, outpouring of prayers – so many people: I am praying for you and for the success of your new endeavor.  Folks, we represent you.  This network represents you.  When they told me that I was no longer wanted or there was no space, no bandwidth, whatever the case was, for me on Sirius XM, they basically told you, the listeners, that you didn’t count.  You can look at this any way you wish.  At the end of the day – I’m not going to get into this because I’m praying for their success.  The way the replacement show was launched, many of you have expressed to me that it was insulting.  It was insulting to the audience that may have been present from the 13 years I was there.  I would just say to you, you have a choice.  You have a choice.

I’d also like to reiterate to people something that Chris Ferrara said the last day we were on air and the last day that we were blessed to be able to broadcast to you via the Sirius XM airwaves.  That is, people that have been cheerleading this effort – of course, there are many of you that have not been cheerleading this effort.  [mocking] “I told you this was going to happen.  You need to go back to bashing Obama.  You need to get back to politics all the time.  That’s all anyone wants to hear.”  Chris Ferrara said on the last day: That’s not what people want to hear.  That’s what they’ve been told they should hear.  There’s a difference.  That’s what they’ve been told they should listen to.  That’s what they’ve been told broadcasters ought to deliver.  That’s a far cry different from what they need to hear.  What they need to hear is the truth, which is conforming your mind to reality, which is what we do on the show every day.

Chris Ferrara said: Look, for all of your wonderful audience out there that listens to this and has enjoyed it and says you’re going to move on and we’d like to follow you, you have a duty to follow us.  If you’re pursuing the truth and you really want it, you have a duty to follow us here.  Come on over.  Even if you don’t purchase a subscription, you don’t have to.  We’re making the stream available live, free.  Anyone that has a smartphone or an internet connection, you can go to – this broadcast is streaming on it right now.  We’ll be switching servers later on today to really expand this.  This is being offered now free to you.  There’s no more excuse: I wish my uncle could listen to your radio show and get a little dose of that truth.  He can hear it now but it’s up to you.

Folks, we need your help.  If you’re not going to help promote this, it’s going to fail.  The truth will get clobbered again and it’ll go crawling back into the closet from which it came.  Guess who wins?  Let me tell you, he’s got a funny looking tail and horns as he’s portrayed.  We’re asking for your help.  We’re asking for you to become a member.  Go to and become a Founders Pass member.  Meanwhile, bookmark  The site is up and running.  It has information on it.  We’re still building it.  It’s not finished.  There’s no need for people to send all kind of letters of complaint in.  It’s being constructed.  Thank you very much for your concern.

There will be a Mike Church Show app that’s coming out for iOS, Android, and Windows phones.  Windows is in the phone market and tablet market.  The app will work on all three platforms.  It will service all three.  I wasn’t kidding when I was doing my Donald Trump impersonation.  It’s going to be a great app.  It will have everything you need.  It will have listen live and the download links if you’re logged in as a member.  You’ll be able to do it all from your phone.

We hope to expand this out from here.  There’s obviously 24 hours of broadcast day to cover.  I’ve only touched on maybe half of that.  There are some other shows that we’re planning to have that I can’t announce to you today because they have not committed just yet.  If you’re out there listening to this right now and you say you want to be a part of this, send an email and tell us you want to be part of this,  Better than that, sign up for the Daily Republican email newsletter.  If you sign up for the Daily Republican, which we’re going to convert into something more in line with what we’re doing now, you will be updated once per day on what it is that we recently posted at the site and what we may be doing next.

Simpson:  Mike, the broadcasting times and start date, what are those?

Jordan_Bloom_daily_callerMike:  November 11th, that’s next Wednesday morning, bright and early at 8 a.m.  We’ll be right here in this studio and broadcasting live.  Since it’ll be a Wisdom Wednesday, it won’t be a three-hour-long show.  We may do five hours on the first day.  I will announce the phone number.  The phone number will be available to you for call-ins.  If you’re a new listener, you don’t know this, but this studio that I’m sitting in here was built ten years ago.  We built this.  Concrete was all that was here.  We ran this show out of here from 2006 until 2011.  We ran the phones, produced it, everything.  Sirius XM insisted that we move the telephones and the other production services to DC when we went on with XM.  I resisted it.  I never wanted it to leave here.  All we did was just plug in all the phones and everything we used to use to produce the show right here.  This is a fully functioning, professional broadcast studio.  This show will come out of here.  David’s will come out of here.  I have one more thing to tell you about.  Jay Thomas produces and broadcasts his show on Sirius XM from this studio.  This is, dare I say, a world-class facility.

Two things left to tell you before we wrap this up.  One, on Sundays, we’re going to do what a truth-seeking network should do.  At midnight on Sunday, my good friend Steve Cunningham will take over.  Steve is putting together an eight-hour loop of Catholic / Christian programming.  We’ll have a lot of sermons, a lot of educational stuff in it.  It’ll run on an eight-hour loop.  Steve will be your host.  Steve will introduce each individual piece.  He’ll tell you what’s about to be played.  It will be timed for the liturgical time of the year, as close as he can get it.  It’ll run commercial-free all day.  Nobody here is working on Sunday.  We’re like Chick-Fil-A.  No one will be here working.  Steve won’t be here working.  You will get an eight-hour loop of pure Christian pursuit of the truth broadcasting that will run from midnight to 8:00, 8:00 to 4:00, and then 4:00 to midnight.  Monday morning at 12:01 a.m., a rebroadcast of my Friday show will kick off the broadcasting week.

There’s just one more thing.  This studio that we’re currently sitting in, I can confirm to you, we’ve had many listeners and promoters and boosters of our efforts over the years.  I’m very happy to announce that we’re going to do a little retrofit of all this.  You’ll be able to watch this show through the exact medium that you’re watching it on YouTube right now.  There will be two cameras, the one I’m currently pointing at and another one.  Behind me you will see very soon that this will become the studio named for our first title sponsor.  I’m very happy and delighted and pleased and so thankful to my good friends in Athens, Georgia to tell you that this will be the Bulldog Kia Studio.  We’re coming to you live from the Bulldog Kia Studio.  Folks, if you’re in the market for a car, any make, any model, my friends, the Kernall Family, David and his wife and family run a car dealership the old fashioned way.  It’s a family business.  They have procured Mrs. Church’s and my cars for the last four years.  They’re great people.  I couldn’t be more happy with them being our title sponsor.  We’ll be coming to you live from, our first sponsor will be Bulldog Kia in Athens, Georgia.  Thanks to David and Tracy and the entire Kernall Family for that.  I’ll let you wrap this up.

Simpson:  I was going to make one more pitch.  Mike does an enormous amount of research.  He does an enormous amount of production components.  He didn’t just get on the air and start blathering from the microphone.  He’s actually done some work behind the scenes to find out the truth.  If you’re going to conform your mind to reality, you have to go find out what that reality is.  I think the best example is right there, not working on Sunday.  He believes that’s a commandment of God.  It either is or it isn’t, right?  Once you determine it is, you have to stop doing things on Sunday.  People don’t do that anymore.  It used to be nationwide but now we don’t.  I think that’s a great start.  He’s trying to create, in the population, a love for the truth that he has and he follows.

I’m going to make one more appeal.  Help him found this network.  He has this current thing called Founders Pass, which is an ongoing monthly obligation.  People take a financial obligation to support his efforts.  I think we could keep it Founders Pass.  You’re just helping found the network now.  You’re helping found Veritas Radio Network, so that the truth will have an outlet it doesn’t have currently.  Trust me when I tell you, it does not have an outlet currently.  I’ve been on other media sources.  To be kind, they’re dimwitted.  They are simply trying to push commercial relations upon you and nothing else.  Mike is not about that.  He’s asking for voluntary monthly contributions to help found the network so that he can continue to do the research and production and all the technical things required to bring the truth to a larger and larger and growing audience.  I hope you’ll do that with him.  I know he won’t let you down.  If you give him the ability, he will give you his best efforts.  Please join him in the effort.

Mike:  I wanted to say, we have a couple people listening.  I know that Jordan and some of the other guys are out there.  Jordan, did you have any questions?  If you can’t hear Jordan, what he said was we’ll be dragging in Daily Caller reporters when we can with breaking news and exciting stories.  I wanted to mention that but I hadn’t gotten the confirmation from Jordan about that.  We have a little working relationship with our friends at  This just adds more credibility to what it is that we’re doing, that our man Bloom in Mordor is going to assist us and we’re going to assist them.  The way we ultimately envision this happening is, anytime during the actual workday, if there is a news story that needs some coverage, you’ll get it on Crusade.  If we have someone at the Daily Caller that’s available to do it, Jordan and I will break in and do the best we can to get it to you.


I think that about concludes our pitch.  Of course, we broadcast this on YouTube.  YouTube will record it and we’ll rebroadcast it.  Plus we have the audio stream that will become part of the radio network rollout.  I’d like to thank all of you for attending.  Again,  We need you to join our mailing list.  We need you to tell Uncle Bobo and Aunt Claire to join our mailing list.  We need you in attendance Wednesday morning, November 11 at 8 a.m.  We’ll go ahead and launch – there will be content that will be playing at midnight.  We will go live with programming on Wednesday morning, November 11th at 8 a.m. Central, 9 a.m. Eastern.  Even though the app won’t be ready, the stream will still work on your smartphone.  We’re working on that so when you go to or, first thing you’re going to see on your phone is the Listen Live button.  It’s not there today.  Don’t panic.  It’s coming.

I hope you‘ll support our effort.  The truth shall set you free, as they say.  This is our pursuit of the truth.  It’ll be entertaining.  It’ll be educational.  As always, if you’re looking at the website, it’ll be in pursuance of the truth.  This is something that no broadcasting road-to-independence-BH-RTI-CD-detailcompany can offer to you.  I’m delighted to have this man here.  There are other men working behind the scenes.  I do want to mention our friends that are working in marketing and in finance, people that volunteer, the guys working on the app, the guys working on websites.  There are people that are dedicating significant amounts of their own time and resources to bringing this to reality.  There’s something here, but without you the listener, it’ll all be for naught.  I think that wraps it up?

Simpson:  Good luck.  I wish you the best.

Mike:  Thank you.  See us on the web,  Tell a friend.  We can’t wait to see you.  By the way, if you’re listening to the stream between now and then, we’re throwing the new imaging in that you’ll hear on the station.  You’ll get an idea – that’s what I forgot to talk about, some of the other people that are assisting.  Michael Ziants is our voice guy.  Mike Ziants is the best voice guy in the business.  There is no one that’s better than Mike.  As soon as you hear Mike’s voice, you’ll know why there’s no one better than Mike.  Mike is just thrilled to have this opportunity and will provide the voice of Veritas and of Crusade.  It’ll sound like a radio station is supposed to sound, the big difference being it’ll have the proper content on it.

Also, my old friend Jimm Mosher will be providing production services for what Mike can’t provide.  Jimm is one of the most sought-after music producers in all the business.  If you’re an independent recording artist, you’ve probably been to Hit Music Studios in North Carolina.  Jimm has mixed, produced, and engineered all seven of our documentaries, from Road to Independence all the way through to Times That Try Men’s Souls and Pages of Independence.  He’s one of the best in the business.  He’s a brilliant mind.  He writes music.  He’s actually writing a theme song, a jingle for the channel.  We’re proud and delighted to announce that Jimm is also involved in this.

All the usual suspects that you expect as guests are all here.  They’re all going to be on the show.  Nothing will change other than we’ve just changed the venue.  Having said all that, keep it tuned right here, if you’re looking for the media player today. is going to be the online home for the Crusade Channel.  We shall see you bright and early Wednesday morning, if not sooner, on the Crusade Channel at 8 a.m.  Thanks for watching.  David, thanks for coming by.

Simpson:  You’re welcome.  Everybody, please, pray for Mike.

Mike:  I shall pray for all of you, too.  Thank you and God bless.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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