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The New Slavery: Why Should The Rest of us Pay For CA’s “High Speed Train” Fantasy?

todayJuly 9, 2012

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Operation Insolvency reversed: CA Governor Brown secures $78 BILLION train system bill with the Feds (that means you and me) paying HALF, while CA is $18 BILLION in debt this year – Obama has pledged to fund MORE than half of the scam, $41 BILLION

Brion McClanahan: ObamaCare Fallout was predictable, John Roberts meets John Roberts

The beatification of John Roberts reaches new heights of ridiculousness

Ernest Borgnine has passed away, one of Hollywood’s great character actors, watch him here in “Marty” and here (no video available) in my favorite Borgnine role in “The Poseidon Adventure”

Today’s Guest: Prof Anthony Sanders on the June jobs report and why Obama/Krugmanomics is a failed theory that will only produce more misery

Using the “God particle” to put the final nail in our mortal belief in God

Maine Governor says the IRS is the “new Gestapo”, Democrats demand an apology, taxpayers probably – silently – agree

NY’s Rockefeller helped create the Prison Industrial Complex by making “drugs” illegal, how’s that working’ out for  ya!?

Pictures from Mars rock! The Unconstitutional spending required to fund the mission not so much. Does anyone really think this NASA project is for “defense”?!

Larison: Obama’s Syrian policy is in line with CURRENT public opinion on the matter while the saber rattling Romney crew is not

Syria’s Assad doesn’t think the USA should be meddling in his affairs either

The June UE report has to be a cruel joke or an intentional hoax perpetrated by the Obama machine-8.2% + ONLY 80k jobs!

If the Germans do not want to bail out Europe why do American Central Bankers think their government all?

The coronation of VP Paul Ryan has begun at NRO

Where have all the Episcopalians gone to?

Paul Gottfried has seen what college has become and compared it to what it once was as the great “higher education” scam continues

How one writer at AmConMag can get used to the idea of ObamaCare -Left out of the discussion is the pre-accepted paradigm that “public services” are good, endearing and enduring things

Steyn: We sit by and watch Liberty’s Lamps being dimmed across the country and wades into my comfortable territory of the size and scale of our monstrous governments and economy

At least 7 States are actively rejecting the SCOTUS ObamaCare ruling and 6 more are on track to do so– What is needed are statements/acts of outright Nullification

There are fewer and fewer people being counted as “looking for work” yet the population keeps growing, how is THAT possible?

Un-celebrating the Fourth of July

The strange and sudden demise of Congressman Thaddeus McCotter

The “Economy” has been centrally planned by eggheads from Harvard and the best CNN can put on air to discuss is an egghead from CNN! 

Maybe its time to listen to Austrian School economist Wilhelm Roepke instead of Harvard pointy heads, Roepke thought [r]epublicanism was essential

The Politico writes of 5 ways for Romney to beat or repeal ObamaCare and nullification is NOT one of them!?

If the GOP has a “Gary Johnson problem” why doesn’t Obama? The same independent minded voter who voted for the President in 2008 could go to Johnson

Should Wayne Brady “slap the sh*t” out of Bill Maher?

Thomas Sowell’s all-star baseball team for all-time


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