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The Obama Implosion Myth-It’s June And Libs Are on Vacation-War Begins in August

todayJune 14, 2012

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Poll claims Obama is losing the black vote-FAST, Hi falootin’ Dumbocarts want the “Change” message TO change

Flashback: Bruce Willis “Everybody wants to be Barack Obama and what did he change?”

Tell the seas, the sick and the unemployed that Obama’s Major Speech Pt 2, is scheduled for tomorrow if they’re up for an encore of not rising, finding jobs and getting health insurance

TIC: M.E. Bradford pens a biography of that fieriest of all fiery patriots Sam Adams

Slick Hilly tells the Russians to stop acting all Russian-ie and sending those weapons to their Syrian buddies or.. well, or else!

The Russians tell Slick Hilly to go sweep the cafeteria at Wellseley and stay out of Real men’s business dealings in the Middle East

Obama’s InJustice Dept. knows that Barry has but 1 chance to win FL and that is by importing 100,000 illegals to vote and they are suing to get their way-which of course the State of FL has the right to deny them the privilege of voting (see my take on Madison’s “Report of 1800”)

First Maureen Dowd questioned Obama’s commitment to The Plan now even the Germans are turning on Obama

Tim Carney: New Mexico Court rules that private photographer MUST take photos a gay couple’s wedding as government ramps up the imposition of ITS morality on us. Bad things will happen if this isn’t stopped folks

Obama’s Economy: New Orleans newspaper Times Picayune, lays off its food critic in the city of food!? That’s change we can taste

Rand Paul a traitor? Hardly, as I have said, just that much more respectable now as he introduces the “Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act” just in time for Summer of The Drone

DeceptiCONNED: “Conservatives” in the Senate team up with SuperFriends (the Dems) to make certain that sugar subsidies continue long past the discovery of Splenda v 5.0

Why Joe Scarborough voted for Ron Paul and why it matters (I will explain that on-air, TUNE IN!)

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Written by: TheKingDude

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