The Parrot Press Squawking Nuclear Holocaust in Japan

todayMarch 16, 2011

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(Audio & Transcript) Mandeville, LA – Folks, please allow theKingDude to explain exactly what’s going on here with the Parrot Pressand the members of the Fringe Media taking up all of your televisionnews time and frankly reporting scare tactics that are doing nothingshort of scaring the daylights out of uninformed Americans.

What youhave to bring to the table when you’re discussing the Parrot Press andFringe Media is that they are not the descendants of the great reportersand journalist of the 20th Ceentury, in particular the earlier part ofthe 20th century.

These are just individuals who for their ownpurposes went to college indoctrination camps without knowing what itwas they truly wanted to do, so they just took up studies others toldthem to. They more than likely have degrees in the most dumbed downfields of study, like political science, from god-awful institutions.

So basically what the KingDude is trying to say is that there are rareinstances where the people on broadcast media can actually be informed,care about their craft, do their own research, back it up, and be ableto excel on an IQ test.

This is why the politicians can get awaywith some of the things they get away with, they have like-minded soulsthat cover them which in turn gives them a like-minded populationequally dumbed down and equally not educated in critical thought andthinking that will digest this regurgitiate it and then repeat it. It’snothing more than a cycle.

It’s hard to tell whether these things wespeak on for days at a time are actually sinking in anywhere, so thebest explanation from where we stand today in this insolvency we havecreated for ourselves would be to listen to David Stockman’s ‘The Forgotten Cause of Sound Money’ and then get a replacement bulb for the light on top of your head that just got blown out of the water!

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The Media Making Matters Seem Worse Then They Are In Japan 

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let me just explain, if I can, David, what is going on here and why things are the way they are.  What you have to bring to the table whenever youre discussing the Parrot Press Corps and the members of the fringe media is these people are not their they are not descendents of the great reporters and journalists of the 20th Century or the earlier part of the 20th Century.

David:  Youre right, theyre not.

Mike:  These are people that mindlessly, in their own or for their own purposes, went to college without any idea of what it was that they wanted to do.  Somebody said you should do this.  Somebody said you should do that.  They probably most of them have degrees in the most dumbed-down, guaranteed-to-produce-a-moron fields of study, like political science and what have you here.

David:  Oh, I have no doubt.  I have friends…

Mike:  Wait a minute.  And then the rest of them that actually did go to study went to godawful training institutions like the Columbia School of Journalism and what have you, where they taught them to be good little propagandists and whatnot.  In other words, what Im telling you is that there are rare instances where the people that you see on broadcast media are actually informed, actually care about their craft, actually do the research and can back it up, and might actually be able to excel on an IQ test.  The rest of them come from Don Henleys song that the bubble-headed bleach blonde comes on at five.

These people are idiots.  These people arent educated.  They certainly havent studied what it is.  Theyre reading from a damn teleprompter for the most part.  Theyre reading what a producer has written for them.  So what little opinion they have is what time they have in between the makeup chair.  Oh, Ive got to go to Ive got to go number two, or I go to the makeup chair.  Well, can we do both at the same time?  And my point is that this is not journalism.  What this is is a regurgitation and a repetition of factoids that are not supported by actual critical thought.  And this is why your politicians can get away with all the things they get away with, because they have likeminded souls that cover them.  And then they have a likeminded population, equally dumbed down and equally…


Mike:  …not educated in critical thought and critical thinking, that will digest this, regurgitate it, and repeat it.  And then you have this cycle.  And you can see this cycle, by the way, if a few of you we have this thing called a fan page at Facebook.  I dont know why its up there, but its there.  And on this thing we have called a fan page at Facebook, Mike Church Show Fan Page, I believe you can view my profile there.  On my profile on Sunday night I posted you have that audio of the MIT scientist that recorded his son learning to say water.  There is a video there that is quite an amazing thing to watch, although at the end of it it gets really monotonous and boring.  However, the scientists at MIT have actually figured out how to trace the evolution of a news cycle and how an item becomes news and how it gets spread about and what have you here.  And its interesting, with the same discussion in mind here, to go watch that video and to listen to that and to watch it because he goes through the steps required to make a big story a big story.

Now, I have what I would call one of the bigger, more momentous stories of the year here in my hands.  Im going to do it later on in the program, in the next segment.  I dont think anyone else is going to cover it.  Theyre certainly not going to cover it as a great thing.  Theyre certainly not going to cover it as an example of the way a republic is supposed to function, because it is.  Theyre going to cover it as a bunch of knuckle-dragging Neanderthals wandering about the main countryside with nothing better to do than to try to conspire their way to get back to organically grown chicken and eggs.  And Im speaking about the town of Sedgwick, Maine.  And well get into it next segment here.

But the evolution of the news cycle is quite a thing to witness here.  Theres not an awful lot of thought that goes into this because you dont h
ave to put thought into it.  Remember Ezra Klein?  Can you look up and see if you can get Ezra Klein?  Remember the Constitution is, what, a hundred years old?  I mean, this is what passes for intellect.  You go back into reading and researching any subject in history, and you will find some of the best and brightest passed themselves off or fancied themselves as commentators, fancied themselves as essayists. Who amongst us today, AG, is an essayist?  Can you name one?  Who amongst us today, now that Robert Novak is gone, now that David Broder is gone, who amongst us today is a journalist?  An actual Edward Murrow journalist?

AG:  We still have Pat Buchanan writing a couple pieces.

Mike:  We do have Pat, well, Pat Buchanan is an essayist.  There you go. Theres a guy that actually knows stuff.  Hes a critical thinker in most of the things that he covers, and is an essayist.  Okay, so you named one.  You might be able to throw George Will in there, although I think on some days thats questionable.  But the man does have a great command of the language.  But if you go back 50 years ago, there were, when you didnt have this 24-hour news cycle, again, its the Frank Sinatra syndrome.  Mike, what are you talking about, Frank Sinatra syndrome?  Why was Sinatra so popular?  What made Old Blue Eyes, Old Blue Eyes?  What made him so much in demand?  What made him so famous?  What gave him such control and such power in an industry today that is run by Snoop Dog, it is run by a guy named Dr. Dre or whatever talentless excuse for a performing artist that we have today.

It is because, in the day, when a dollar was a dollar, and when leisure was actual leisure, that you looked forward to and you coveted, you only had a finite amount of time and a finite amount of resource actual resource, not borrowed resource, big difference that you could apply to this.  And so only the best, the best of the bestest bestest, ever became Sinatras, ever became Judy Garlands.  Anyone ever wonder why Judy Garland was still so popular amongst your grandmas and grandpas and what have you, even after it was discovered she was an alky and a druggie and whatever other personal foibles she had?  Because no one can sing Over the Rainbow like Judy Garland.  No one could ever go, You mean if I tap my heels three times, I could go home?  Theres no place…  No one could ever do that.  No female at that time could have done that.  There were a few that aspired to it.

Today, everyone aspires, everyones a star, everyones a singer, everyones a rapper, everyones an actor, everyones involved in it.  And when you have that, everyones a reporter now, everyones on television, when you have that, youre going to have a diminution.  Youre going to, by definition, youre flooding the market.  You cannot poss- now, you will have those that are better than the average.  But youre not going to have stellar, stalwart standouts that are going to be remembered.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

2011 Mike Church Show 


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