The Pledge of Allegiance? Just Say No

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Mandeville, LA – On Friday’s radio show on Sirius/XM a caller asked me about reciting the Pledge of allegiance at the start of his day with his sons. I informed him that the “Pledge of Allegiance” was written by a Socialist by the name of Francis Bellamy. The Pledge was concocted as a way to strip individuality from the States and the people with warm-fuzzy-fake patriotism. There has been no “republic” to speak of in any meaningful sense of the word since the 1820’s. The “indivisible” part directly contradicts the true interpretation of the Constitution as a compact among States. The States acceded to the Constitution meaning they can secede from it as well.

My friend and scholar Stephen Klugewicz explains the fraud that is the pledge very well.

“Ah, the Pledge of Allegiance: written in 1892 by socialist Baptist minister Francis Bellamy to encourage unquestioning devotion to the Almighty American State preserved at gunpoint by Abraham Lincoln on the corpses of 620,000 Americans (“indivisible”– take that, you unrepentant, disloyal, un-American secessionists!). Bellamy worked with the National Education Association (!) to have the pledge said in all public schools, partly in an effort to undermine the authority of Catholic parochial schools, which dangerously taught devotion to God above State.

If the Pledge’s origins do not trouble you, take a look at the salute that American school children originally rendered to the flag—that is, until World War II, when the similarity to the Nazi “Sieg Heil!” salute made Franklin Roosevelt a tad bit uncomfortable. Of course, the similarity between the salutes is not coincidental, the intent of both rituals being to elevate the State above the individual.”

Then there is this from the Cato Institute

“From its inception, in 1892, the Pledge has been a slavish ritual of devotion to the state, wholly inappropriate for a free people. It was written by Francis Bellamy, a Christian Socialist pushed out of his post as a Baptist minister for delivering pulpit-pounding sermons on such topics as ‘Jesus the Socialist.’ ‘

So when you are confronted with the suggestion to rise and say the “Pledge of Allegiance” consider the source and the purpose of this salute to nationalism that has absolutely nothing in common with The Spirit of ’76, the U.S. Constitution or the conservative tradition.

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Host of the Mike Church Show on The Veritas Radio Network's CRUSADE Channel & Founder of the Veritas Radio Network. Formerly, of Sirius/XM's Patriot channel 125. The show began in March of 2003 exclusively on Sirius and remains "the longest running radio talk show in satellite radio history".

Written by: TheKingDude

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I have never felt comfortable reciting the pledge and didn’t know why. Sometimes I questioned if I really was a patriot after all for feeling that way. For me it was more pledging my faith to an object rather than the Lord, but none the less, the whole thing bothered me for some reason. Thanks Mike, for reassuring my feelings are of a true patriot.


I don’t recite the pledge for the same reason I will not sing or stand for the ‘national anthem’ (although I will stand for Dixie or the Bonnie Blue Flag.) nor will I sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

I fly a confederate battle flag,
cause a rebel is what I am.
I know it’s politically incorrect,
but I don’t give a damn.

it flys to send a message,
let me be as clear as a bell.
I’m tired of despotism
uncle sam can go straight to H____

It stands for the love of my homeland
and the patriotic cause
known as government by consent of the governed
our states, constitution and laws

It stands for Southron courage,
for sacrifice, blood and sweat
13 states against a tyrant,
a true patriot shouldn’t forget

that the Minutemen were also called rebels,
when they bravely made a stand,
against King George at Lexington
and that’s what created this land.

Most of the men who fought under this flag
never had a single slave
and they carried their faith in God with that flag
all the way to an unmarked grave

They fought to repel an invasion
brave men white, red and some black
to defend their young republic
and keep it from being taken back.

When folks say to me that our side lost
I say that they lost too
Cause it’s the same central govt. we have today
now taking rights away from you.

we don’t hate northern folk in general
it was the Federal Government we were fightin
now its half-pasttime for us to ‘man up’
and fix the wrongs that need rightin

we’ve got the finest military in the world
and our freedom is under attack
let’s have the troops drive the terrorists from Washington
so we can have our country back.

until then I’ll fly my ‘flag of rebellion’
i’m not a racist or a bigot
but I’m proud of my confederate roots
and they can kiss my A__ if they don’t dig it.

Wil Shrader Jr.

People have nearly resorted to violence simply because I would not remove a hat for the Star Spangled Banner.


I’ve recently befun to abstain from the reciting the pledge myself. I work in a public school where they say it every morning. Waiting on someone to ask me why I don’t participate


Yeah! The roots of the pledge are all messed up, so we probably shouldn’t observe it for what it has become. Rather let’s remember that it’s only there to enslave us and teach our children that they must not question mother America. And while we’re at it, let’s remember the roots of most Christian holidays (paganism) and realize that when we go to church on Easter, we’re actually paying homage to the gods of fertility (because regardless of our current intentions, the original intention of the practice can’t be changed).
My point is that the pledge, as used by America today, is used for patriotic proposes; not as some socialist neo-nazi blood oath to the Man.
I know writing [edited] like this makes you feel like you’re liberating people from the chains of ignorance, but really you’re just creating feelings of distain towards a nation united by principals of democracy and freedom.

rronald lindsey

thanks Mike


You may be right about the origin, but that’s not what it means to me! I say the pledge each morning & it helps me reaffirm my dedication to help guide this country to greatness once again. It reminds me that our nation was founded under God! It reminds me that no matter what the differences we have between us, we will always unite to defend freedom! I do not have a blind sense of Allegiance to the Federal government, but rather an allegiance to the people of America as a whole. Part of that allegiance to me means that I must support our founding principles, the constitution, states rights, and individual liberty. To me thats what patriotism is. Although I agree with much of your philosophy & would rather secede than bow down to a tyrant, I would much rather take my country back to the basics. Back to constitutional principles, back to limited government, back to lower taxes, back to self reliance, back to Christianity, back freedom! Although this is a daunting task, I have not & will not give up because I believe in America!

Tom Woods

Mike, it is sad but not surprising that this would be happening to you. It was a leftist who drafted the un-American Pledge, but the conservatives’ rule is this: once a leftist innovation has lasted at least 30 years, it becomes time for the conservatives to conserve it.

And then they wonder why they’ve lost their country.




Mike is precisely correct. If we don’t even have the clarity of thinking and courage to stand up to a symbol, how will we ever stand up against the threat it represents. I realize what the Betsy Ross and Ft McHenry versions of the US flag were representing, but todays flag is more of a corporate logo. The crime-syndicate posing as a government that it represents stands for corruption, avarice, endless war to benefit the military-industrial complex, taxation, fiat currency, debt, abortion, usurpation, etc. In other words, it stands for NOTHING that anyone I know supports. Woe to those who call good evil and evil good.


You evidently were intending to site Romans 8.28 which you did not do very well.
‘and we know that God causes all things to work together for the good of those who love God, who are the ‘called out ones’ (elect) according to His purpose.’

Scott Statham



Certainly the same could be said for the “national” anthem. The great poem that Francis Scott Key wrote, that was since married to the tune of a drinking song, was never intended to be a symbol of the federal government. Had the framers wanted a national anthem at the creation of the federal government they surely would have taken the time to create or adopt one. It wasn’t until after the war to dissolve state borders and the progressive president Wilson that we adopted the song about the war of 1812 in 1931.


I always thought there was something fishy about the Pledge. However, in my youth, I had a different, not sure if “gripe” would be the appropriate phrase, but I had a different gripe about the pledge. I found it odd that we were pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth every morning. Glad I have you and your scholary friends to count on for the true history behind many things that go on here, keep up the good work, Mr. Church.

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