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The Power Is On The Wrong Side Of The Ledger

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – Getting right into the phones early in theweek today on the show. Man of the minute is Gene out of Missouri whohas a few comments of his own on extending the tax cuts, in particularextending the wealthy tax cuts when Congress are essentially thewealthy. Gene says they have 400 dollar haircuts, capped perfect teeth,2000 dollar suits, they ride around in limos and they have big houses -we’re not disagreeing, just simply quoting.

But Gene has apoint, they are the ruling class, they don’t live out here amongst usconsidering they can retire on a full pension after one or two terms.The underlying problem is that this is now the system, the limits theConstitution would place on a Government are dead and void. And it’snot just Big Gubbmint, the State’s are getting their hands just asdirty and it’s because the power has been concentrated on thegovernment side of the ledger. We have no more bargaining power againstthe gravy train that is Mordor on the Potomac. This is the issue, itneeds to change and we need to oppose this.

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Congress Is Not Stupid: They Know How To Steal Power

2010 Mike Church Show

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