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The Republic of Sedgwick, Maine.

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(Audio) Mandeville, LA – You may have noticed that on this show wespend a considerable amount of time discussing, commenting and beingdisgusted with the atrocities of the Federal Gubbmint. The reason whywe can dedicate so much time to these said atrocities is because theyare as abundant, if not more so, than there’s water in an Ocean.

Betweenall the safety-net agencies, the spending, the deficit, the lack ofleadership and the general lack of Governing coming from Mordor on thePotomac it makes topics and talking points for the show almostdeceptively easy.

As we sit here day after day, show after show fromour peaceful hamburg here in Southeast Louisiana we constantly ask ofand tell you how bad things have gotten, how out of control thespending is, how the Constitution is dead and how until we do somethingthis will unfortunately continue.

Enter Sedgwick, Maine. Or asthe KingDude has deemed themon this morning’s radio show: "The Republicof Sedgwick, Maine". It’s about time folks, let this be an example weall should follow.

Sedgwick, Maine has gathered the testicularfortitude from God knows where and has told the FDA and USDA to take ahike to the nearest ditch and make a bed out of it! Hear the KingDudegive his praise to the new Republic of Sedgwick, Maine.

Related Material: This is a great story folks, and possibly a great start to something that could change the face of this country much like the Constitution did back in the day. For this and more news on States and sovereignty check out the archived clips of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel:

When The States Start Defending Their Citizens From Big Gubbmint, The Revolution Begins 

2011 Mike Church Show 




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