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RTI-CD&-DVD-ComboMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Let’s go back to yesterday’s program.  I want to play this video for you of this kid, this white kid being kicked and beaten and tarried about by a gang of black thugs.  Now, I can say that they’re a gang of black thugs because what is truth?  Truth is conformity of the mind to reality.  We have the reality of the videotape.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I want to take you back, though, folks.  Let’s go back to yesterday’s program.  I want to play this video for you of this kid, this white kid being kicked and beaten and tarried about by a gang of black thugs.  Now, I can say that they’re a gang of black thugs because what is truth?  Truth is conformity of the mind to reality.  We have the reality of the videotape.  We have video footage.  We can actually see this event taking place.  Not only can you see it taking place, but you can watch it and listen to it.  As you’re listening to it, you can hear the sounds of the young man begging for mercy, begging: Please stop beating me.  Please don’t hit me.  Please don’t do this.  Please don’t do that.  This actually occurred.

Now, that’s reality.  That’s the reality.  There are those that say that even when you’re confronted with a reality like this that this isn’t reality.  Even if it is, we shouldn’t admit it.  If we admit it, then somebody might get the wrong idea.  They might say something about a certain particular race.  They may feel something about a certain particular race.  Remember, folks, we are under no compulsion – the fake Christians say that we have to immigrate Muslims into our midst.  No, we don’t.  Similarly, we don’t have to immigrate or place ourselves into the midst of robbers, rapists, thieves, murderers, vagrants, tyrants, etc., etc., those committing mortal sin.  Because there are a bunch of people having a sex orgy on the street and let’s say they all happen to be persons of color, I am under no obligation to damage my soul or my physical body with disease by participating in it just because I happen upon it.  I don’t have to condone it, I don’t have to endorse it, and I’m allowed to admonish it if I wish.  It doesn’t matter what the race, gender, sex of the individuals involved is.

This is how far out of control the denial – the denial of the propensity, statistically speaking, that young, fatherless black males, that they perpetrate more violent crime is not deniable.  That’s the truth.  You can see it, if you wish, statistically.  That’s not to admonish the soul inside the young black man.  It’s to reach out and say: Acknowledge it and let’s acknowledge what – what does a philosopher do?  Always look for ultimate causes.  What is most likely to be the ultimate cause of that propensity?  Those boys are growing up without virtuous male role models that we used to call fathers.  That’s the problem, the key problem.  Of course, they’re growing up without God, too.

Let’s visit this for just a moment here.  I’m going to play the video for you.  You heard it yesterday.  Before we get started, you need to hear from the actual scene.

[start video]

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

[Yelling, screaming]

[Group of black men attacking a white man in a parking garage, dragging him across the ground, tearing off his pants, kicking him, then running away.]

[end video]

Mike:  One even goes back to give the white kid a swift kick in the head to make sure that the damage is done and that he felt the pain.  There’s talk out there that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump need to propose national solutions to the problem of policing.  What are we going to do about the problem of tens of millions of young black and white boys running about the American countryside fatherless?  What do you propose to do about that?

How many of you remember – I was telling Mark Kreslins about this – John Derbyshire?  Derb used to be a regular guest on this show back in 2008, ’09, ’10, ’11, and then he was cut off in 2012?  I was told, after what I’m about to read you was published, that I was admonished by former producer AG: You can’t have Derbyshire on the show.  He’s a vagabond, vicious, sinister, whatever.  I don’t remember the exact qualification, but he’s now a racist.  He’s been drummed out of polite society.  We don’t want him on our air, blah, blah, blah.  Why was I told that?  Derb’s been a guest five, six times.  He’s always very funny.  He’s always very engaging.  He’s one of these guys that has a compelling manner about him.  I was always told by my old boss and mentor Bill: I tell you what I want you to do.  Go make me some compelling radio.  I don’t even care what the content is.  You can be conservative, liberal, as long as it’s compelling.  I don’t care.  He actually told me that, Bill D.  Derb was compelling.

John DerbyshireJohn Derbyshire has been drummed out of polite society, was fired, taken off the board of The National Review for the following, “The Talk: Nonblack Version” by John Derbyshire.  This was published back in 2012.


There is much talk about “the talk.”

“Sean O’Reilly was 16 when his mother gave him the talk that most black parents give their teenage sons,” Denisa R. Superville of the Hackensack (NJ) Record tells us. Meanwhile, down in Atlanta: “Her sons were 12 and 8 when Marlyn Tillman realized it was time for her to have the talk,” Gracie Bonds Staples writes in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Leonard Greene talks about the talk in the New York Post. Someone bylined as KJ Dell’Antonia talks about the talk in The New York Times. Darryl Owens talks about the talk in the Orlando Sentinel.

Yes, talk about the talk is all over.

There is a talk that nonblack Americans have with their kids, too. My own kids, now 19 and 16, have had it in bits and pieces as subtopics have arisen. If I were to assemble it into a single talk, it would look something like the following.

[end reading]

Mike:  Remember, as you hear this, Derbyshire’s kids are biracial.  He married an Asian woman.  It might have even been a black woman.  I met him, but I never met her.  I don’t recall any photographs.  I know he wrote about it.  We’ll just say that the children are biracial.  John Derbyshire no longer writes for The National Review.  I believe he still writes for TakiMag.  I believe he still lives out there with my buddy Arthur and Petris out there on Long Island.  Here’s the talk.  This is what got him drummed out of polite society.


I want you to pay attention to the video I just played you.  Most of you have seen it.  It’s been viewed over 10 million times now.  You’ve seen the scenes of violence in Charlotte.  You’ve seen the riots in Charlotte and in Dallas and the Black Lives Matter rallies.  You’ve seen all this.  Again, this is not about black children, per se, but statistically speaking, if we’re going to segregate the violent from the nonviolent, it is true that young black males are more likely to commit violent crimes than young males who are not of color.  That’s a statistical fact.  I want to focus here, though, and we can do this on the Crusade Channel because we don’t answer to anyone other than you, the listener, the subscriber.  This is a listener-owned radio enterprise.  Finally I can do this show and I can speak my mind as it needs to be spoken.  I’m not going to concentrate here on the blackness.  Instead, let’s concentrate on what the ultimate cause is.  Let’s be philosophers.  The ultimate cause is fatherlessness.  It is the slack-jawed, pathetic status of men emasculated, no longer standing honorable, tall, and virtuous among their sons.  Instead, they’re gelling their hair up, skinny-jeaning it up.  By the way, for you metrosexuals out there, you millennial metrosexuals, or if you have one in your household, you do know that skinny-jeaning it up is linked to impotency.  Just thought I’d pass that on.

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We have a crisis, ladies and gentlemen, specifically you, gentlemen.  It’s why I talk to men on this show often and exhort them to be manly.  When I say manly, that doesn’t mean running around barking orders out just because you can, subjugating women, etc.  I mean being manly as in leading by virtue and by your Franciscan, Dominican, Benedictine example.  Where are those men in those inner cities where these depraved black kids come from?  This is sad, folks, it really is.  Those kids that were kicking that white kid have souls.  Their souls are going to be judged.  We have to love them.  We have to figure out a way to stop this.  The only way we’re going to figure out how to stop it is to address it for what it is.

Here we go.  This is what got Derbyshire drummed out of society.  I bring this up as a point of discussion.  This is true.  It’s a shame that it’s true.  What are we going to do about it?  That is the question.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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