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The Road To Independence 11 Year Anniversary, Independence Day Marathon

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Mandeville, LA – On July 4th, 2007, the then just launched, Patriot Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio was turned over to Mike Church and the nascent Founding Father Films for a grand experiment: bring back dramatic radio features. Mike undertook the task of writing, narrating producing and directing the Road To Independence the Real Story of the Founding Father’s Struggle for Independence.

Co-starring Emmy Award winning actor as the voice of John Adams alongside Mike’s then 8 year old daughters Madison and Reagan Church, the Road to Independence was an instant classic and is loved by thousands of listeners from all ages.

Audio Samples from “Mike Church’s Road To Independence”

Richard Henry Lee exhorts to his fellow “Committee of Correspondence Patriots” that “An attack on 1 colony is an attack on all colonies”

VA Patriot George Mason explains his “Declaration of Rights” which sound an awful lot like Jefferson’s, but Mason wrote first

CIC of the Continental Army George Washington writes passionately about “The Glorious Cause”

This Independence Day, to mark the 11 year anniversary of this signal event, we are recreating the excitement of that marathon, down to the last detail of having the Church twins voice their memorable, the “world premiere of Mike Church’s Road to Independence will resume in t-minus ___ minutes and counting!”

Patrick Henry delivering his “Liberty or Death” speech in The Road to Independence-The Movie
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