The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Role of the New Media Cannot be Taken for Granted

NEW ORLEANS, La. – The ever-increasing role of the New-Media provides We the People an opportunity not seen since the days of the American rEVOLution. The last century saw the advent of both radio and television, but both were quickly co-opted by the corporatists and then given special protections via the FCC. Thus, these mass forms of communication were placed out of the hands of the people, of course under the guise of “publicly owned airwaves” which resulted in a conglomeration of “licenses” unto a few select corporations, wholly insulated from competition.

However in their total dismissal of the internet, the dinosaur old-media companies left an opening for citizen journalists, editorialists, videographers, et al the opportunity to peek behind the curtain so to speak and reveal the unconstitutional cancer emanating from the federal and state capitals en mass. Let us not squander this opportunity, as the New-Media is as important to our cause as the Gutenberg Press was to the Founding Generation.

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