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The Ron Paul Newsletter-An Opportunity To Show Leadership

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Mike: Im just Im exasperated by all quite frankly, I cant wait forJanuary the 11th to be past us because the lack of seriousness of this, I mean, where is the seriousness here?  We have grave, grave problems,grave issues that have to be dealt with.  We have grave, I mean,unbelievable grabs of power by our federal government taking place right underneath our very noses in broad daylight.

Mike: Phil Klein of the Washington Examiner is correct when he writes:  Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have both attacked each other for what was written in their respective books.  If either of those books had included a number of overtly racist statements, their candidacies would be over before they started.

This is undoubtedly true.  The media seems to simply accept that Ron Paul has some oddities in his past and in his inner circle.  They take his grandfatherly demeanor at face-value.  In part this is because they believe he is not a serious candidate.

Winning the Iowa caucuses would change all that instantly.  Undoubtedly the movement that Paul inspired has moved far beyond the race-baiting it engaged in two decades ago.  Young people from college campuses arent lining up to hear him speak because of what appeared in those newsletters about the 1992 L.A. riots.  Rand Paul tried his hardest to place Paul-style libertarianism into the context of the Tea Party.  And he will likely carry on the movement without this 1990s baggage.

But the questions remain.  If Ron Paul is so libertarian that he wont even police people who use his name, if his movement is filled with incompetents and opportunists, then what kind of a president would he make?  Would he even check in to see if his ideas are being implemented?  Who would he appoint to Cabinet positions?

These are all legitimate questions.  And the media is going to start asking them now.  If there isnt already a ceiling on Ron Pauls support, widespread knowledge of the newsletters could build one quickly.

Now, look.  We know, you and I know Michael Brendan Dougherty.  Hes a really conservative guy.  And hes not a DeceptiCon.  I think that what Brendan Dougherty is writing here is going to come to pass in early January.  And thats why I suggested earlier, gently, to the Paul campaign, if they were listening to the program, or if someone knows someone in the campaign, look, guys, get ahead of this.  This not only provides an opportunity to try and put this issue to rest and any questions that might arise as to Congressman Pauls undoubtedly nonracist attitudes because Ive met the man, and Ive seen him in action, I dont believe that for a moment.  However, owning up to the newsletters, owning up to the fact that he was the publisher, and they were published in his name, taking a leadership position, saying that, yeah, it was my responsibility, and it still is, to me says more about leadership qualities and skills than it does about trying to answer the question because I think the question is easily answered as to whether or not this was his opinion, or whether or not this is an opinion he holds today.  He does not, let me repeat, he does not.

And again, for someone like me, this doesnt really matter because it wont change my mind.  But Im not an undecided voter.  But as AG and I were talking about earlier, after Iowa, this is not going to go away unless you deal with it.  And I think one of the ways to deal with it is to take a leadership role, take it as an opportunity to show real leadership.  Buck stops with me; right, AG?  Buck stops here:  They were mine, yup.  Im sorry.  They should not have been published.  I should have been more scrupulous.  I could have done a better job.  I didnt.  Let me say to you, my supporters and the American people, that that did happen, and Im sorry about it, and I apologize for it.  Itll never happen again.  It hasnt happened since, and it will never happen again.  And let me assure you that those are not my views.

Now, to me and of course the libs in the media arent going to accept that, but they dont have to.  But to me, that changes the dynamic of the discussion.  Right, Andrew?

AG:  Yeah, I mean, the question is the level of scrutiny that Congressman Paul is going to face.  And that level of…

Mike:  After Iowa.

AG:  Yeah.  And that level of scrutiny wont be limited to what is often deemed as radical or not of the norm policy decisions.  This will the scrutiny will extend to anything with his name attached to it, which these newsletters do.

Mike:  And I think its, I mean, you are campaigning for the largest leadership role in the history of the Earth.  So I would say this is a time to test leadership.  And you can show it here by leading and by taking responsibility.  I mean, thats one of the things.  And I think Brendan Doughertys critique is correct.  And Brendan Dougherty may be writing that so as to go, hint, hint, campaign.  Your answers, like I said, I listened to the Ali Velshi answer, and Im all down with all of it.  Gold standard, ending the foreign policy cuts, all of it.  But Im not an undecided voter.  And we cant just sit here and mock and make fun of the sheeple because they dont get it and blame the liberal media or the Fox News for going after this issue.  Deal with the damn thing.

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