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todayOctober 23, 2018 4

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Mandeville, La

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines


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It appears the Homosexuals and TrannyMammys have found my Twitter page.

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Rally in Houston yesterday with Ted Cruz –

  • If Ted Cruz is the source of Conservatism back in 2016 GOP Primary debates etc
  • A Maverick Wave – the creation off the coast at Half Moon Bay
  • Here is the thing, Americans don’t hate Trump!
  • So the Democrats thought they had a Maverick wave but, they are sorely mistaken.
  • Why does any of this matter?
  • For the most part, President Trump has been the most pro-life President. If the Republicans maintain the House and the Senate, I fully expect that to continue.

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HEADLINE: What’s it like being the only female cleric at the synod on young people? by Luke Hansen, S.J.

  • You want LGBTQ crammed into Dogma, we got you covered.
  • You want rainbow crucifixes, we got you covered.
  • Name the outrage and it happened at the Synod2018.
  • We have to show the world we are hip and cool and accepting.

Mike Church CHATROOM: “Female cleric is like Extraordinary Minister… you can keep saying it…it don’t make it right or legitimate.”

  • Humanism – they act as if all religions are on the same level as Catholicism. They are not.
  • This is where the problem comes in, they are not trying to convert these souls any longer.
  • If Jesus wanted to ordain Mary Magdalene as a Priestess, He would have set the precedent….but He didn’t.
  • Did any cleric at the Synod let her know she is not a Priest and that she is not in line with the Apostolic ordination?


HEADLINE: Doctors told her to abort her sick baby. She refused. She now may become a saint by K.V. Turley

  • Chesterton said: “It is the paradox of history that each generation is converted by the saint who contradicts it most.” 

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3 years ago this Friday….

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Special Guest Gregory Carpenter host of Reverse Deception –

  • The pledge the scheme for the flags.
  • The pledge was a hook to sell the flags.
  • The Union Flag by 1891 20,000 flags were sold to schools in the New England region.
  • 100,000 flags were then purchased by schools. The schools compelled them to say the pledge before school started.
  • At the end of the day it is a Loyalty Oath.
  • Hitler got the raising of the arm and “Heil Hitler” from Bellamy. (Nazi Salute)

HEADLINE: Google Wants to Be Your Media Mommy by Peter Van Buren

  • You’re for the Constitution except for Article 4 Section 8. You are either for FREE speech or none at all. You cannot pick and choose which speech you like.
  • Dr. Kevin Gutzman had a post on FaceBook that was taken down because it was taken as “hate speech”, then reinstated because they apologized. It is all based on an algorithm.
  • FANG – Google would be accountable to no one.

Hondourus to El Paso

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Special Guest Michael Voris founder of Church Militant

Follow Michael Voris here: @Michael_Voris

  • That is about as much of the Italian language I know.
  • 2014 & 2105 I was here and it just feels different. Things have definitely gotten worse in the city and the Church.
  • The panhandling is out of control. The Churches are empty.They aren’t places of worship anymore, they are museums.
  • Pushing homosexuality and they are pretending the “youth” are demanding it.
  • The youth here isn’t demanding this. The Bishops and Cardinals are.
  • The final document is almost done. How can this be if the Synod isn’t done yet?
  • Alternate families is the main talk here.
  • Extra security for the Bishops to protect them from us…the public…faithful Catholics.
  • 2,000 Catholics praying for YOU and you have hired security to protect yourself from them?

Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

  • The revolutionaries of the Church are doubling down as they are grasping at straws.
  • 99 yard drive 1st and goal at the 1
  • They are just going to plow it ahead. They don’t care what they laity want. They are doing what THEY want. (Cardinals and the Archbishops)
  • It is hard for an average Catholic to wrap their brain around the fact that our Cardinals and Bishops don’t truly believe the faith.
  • There are a billion examples of this. Them allowing Father Martin to go around preaching homosexuality as a norm, them allowing Catholics to think that abortion is okay….the list goes on and on.
  • Father Cunningham –
  • You have a largely dumbed down apostate laity, a vast majority of leadership that are walking heretics and/or very weak men, and now they have the capability to reach millions via social media! They are spreading their heresy at an alarming rate.

HEADLINE:  Why They Stay. Why They Can’t: New York Catholics Wrestle With Their Faith Over Abuse Allegations by Luis Ferre-Sadurni and Mariana Alfaro 

  • “One out of every three residents identifies as a Catholic. And there are more than four million Catholics in the city and seven surrounding counties.”
  • This statement cannot possibly correct. Maybe they “identify” as Catholic in name only.
  • Bishop McElroy was fully aware of Aaron Biancos life-style. How is he supposed to help those with same-sex attraction if he himself is in a same-sex relationship?

HEADLINE: Pro-gay US bishop defends diocesan employee in same-sex ‘marriage’ by Michael Hichborn

  • These Priest are living homosexual lives and then saying Mass, receiving communion etc. now you have an entire nation saturated in Sacrilege perpetrated by the clergy itself!
  • It isn’t hard to identify these people. We must call them out and purge them from the Church.
  • The “female” cleric or Priest – this story is something else.
  • They can’t vote so why are they there? They are there to “influence” those that actually have a vote. To promote the sodomy they love and want in the Catholic Church.

HEADLINE: Thoughts on “Wrongcalli” by Father John Hollowell



  1. First of all, up front, it should be noted that the Church’s teaching on same-sex marriage is nuanced.  Many “Catholics against Catholicism” in this instance are saying “The counselor is being punished for being gay”
  2. There has been an utter failure on the part of the Catholic Church in America to teach what it believes about marriage.
  3. There is a rumor that I turned this guidance counselor in.  I can say clearly I did not. 
  4. Jesus said “let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no.”  I did not turn her in, or her certificate, and, as I’ve shared elsewhere, if you’d told me this person’s name Sunday morning and asked where she worked, I would have had no answer.  he Catholic Church, as G.K. Chesterton notes, puts itself forward as a truth-teaching machine.  Either what the Church teaches is the Truth or it isn’t.  You can’t cherry-pick which truths you like and which you don’t.  That’s called cafeteria Catholicism.  If a person decides that the Catholic Church is wrong about its teaching on same-sex marriage, that person should have the moral courage to run as far away from Catholicism as possible because if it isn’t teaching the Truth, then the Catholic Church is an abomination set up by the Devil.  
  5. This reminder about the larger American Church’s failures to teach what we believe as Catholics is also I think partly explained by the fact that I can introduce you to a priest on the South side of Indianapolis (and any other side of town) who would teach just about anything, particularly with regard to human sexuality and marriage.  
  • They always underplay any issues of homosexuality and they always double down on their love of homosexuality.
  • We can sit here and discuss it but until the ones DRIVING this, we are stuck in the road.
  • Do you see much purity and chastity around?
  • You can’t even drive around without seeing a billboard of somebodies butt.
  • When peoples hearts are fixated on sexuality and sexuality, it comes out in the way they dress.
  • “We nudity in the culture because we have nudity in the heart.” Michael Hichborn
  • Nudeness the immodesty are all associated with the demonic.


HEADLINE: Cardinal Burke calls Vatican deal with China ‘unconscionable’

by Lisa Bourne

  • You can read what the Vatican is trying to do here but they have been told over and over again that these Communist are going to bite you every single time.

HEADLINE: What the Popes Have to Say About Socialism by Gustavo Solimeo

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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