The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Searcher of Souls Needs To take A Liberty Torch To His Coal Sooted Heart

The Indian Government, sensing the lucrative bounty that could be theirs if they play the minority card right, demands Slick Hilly & The US expand efforts to protect Indians (as if they are being hunted?)

A good question for Shepard Smith: Why is the U.S. & U.S. Media hiding/ignoring the Saudi persecution of Christians? You can’t flip a channel without hearing the plight of syrian muslims. What happened to the “democracy and freedom” project as being the call of ALL men?

AmConMag’s Daniel McCarthy offers that sovereignty, shared with a stronger, larger power is actually an insurance of liberty while secession & independence is a recipe for more consolidation and tyranny

LA Teachers Union threatens to sue private schools if they accept “public money” as if “public money” didn’t come from the same people’s private hands!

Now the NFL-not satisfied with breaking Madonna free of the irrelevancy prison she was thankfully entombed in, breaks out female officials for this season

One female fans CORRECT take on the debacle that is about to be

Time for some “soul searching” on gun use says President Obama , well he can look in his own soot coated ethereal heart and heat it up with with a torch of liberty

WaPo editorialist Milbank, lays down covering fore for Harry Reid to continue his crusade across the 2012 campaign battlefield EVEN THOUGH his claim against Romney is probably just a rumor

Remember the Gibson guitar raids over Indian wood last spring? Well Gibson has forked over $350,000 to get the InJustice Dept off its back

Romneyhood? How about Obamahood – Ernst & Young report says Obama tax plan to cost 700,000 jobs

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