The “Spirit of ’76” World Premiere at XM!

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17 September, 2009 – Today I had the pleasure of being among the first people in the Republic who viewed my movie “The Spirit of 76”. 40+ folks and 3 school aged children showed up for our premiere. We were all entertained, educated and inspired by the movie.

I want to than the folks that came out, everyone that worked on the film and our wonderful support staff at Sirius/XM Programming for making this one go off without a hitch. We are now making more edits on the film and will begin shipping the first copies next week. Listeners should also remember that “The Spirit of 76” is the third installment in our series of docudramas about the founding. The first was 2006’s “The Road to Independence” and the sequel was “The Fame of Our Fathers”.

Reserve your copy from the FIRST PRINTING of “The Spirit of 76” here now, soon to become a historic collectors piece.

SiriusXM Poobah, Dave Gorab, and Mike Church pose with the official movie poster of “The Spirit of 76”


The Hugh Panero Performance Theatre at SiriusXM Studios in DC, where “The Spirit of ’76” took flight! 


“The Spirit of ’76” World Premiere – Through the Ears of Someone Who Couldn’t Be There
by Cynthia Frawley

You have no idea how hard it is to be a part of something – and then not be able to be a part of it. Since February, I have been on the most incredible journey with one of the most incredible people I have ever known – Mike Church. As part of the Mike Church Show, I got a behind-the-scenes look at a man truly devoted to the Constitution and everything it stands for.That’s why I was so psyched to see what would unfold the day he said, “I’m gonna make a movie!” Fast forward all these months later, and by force of circumstance I listened as the world heard Mike’s vision came to life – literally.

For a layperson – like me – the Constitution is a mystical thing. It’s this thing a bunch of guys in white wigs wrote that created the country I enjoy today. And it wasn’t until I met Mike that I actually started reading the thing.  But still, there’s reading the words – and then there’s hearing what really went down as the men who created this country literally fought tooth and nail to create this perfect union.  I didn’t know that James Madison wasn’t the guy I’d read about in history books. And really, I didn’t know that Patrick Henry had more to say than “Give me liberty or give me death” until I heard it for my own ears.  There was something amazing about hearing the words that were said AS they were said. Not something packaged for me by a bunch of guys at McGraw-Hill, but the words and the actions exactly as they really happened. Probably one of the most eye-opening things I’ve ever witnessed. And the tragic part was that I couldn’t SEE it!  Sure, I’ve seen cuts of some of the scenes, but I was actually grateful for having a visual mind. Why? It was only because of the ridiculously good production that I could close my eyes and WATCH as this country, one I love so dearly was born.  This is the country my great-grandfather fought over as a Confederate soldier and this the film you must see if you really want to understand how valid that original document is as much today as it was the day it was ratified.

Knowing Mike like I do, I could hear how nervous he was before the film started – taking questions, explaining what people would see, wanting to throttle him when he referred to the cut as something like a bad Bruce Lee movie.  But after hearing the film, and listening in as he took questions after its conclusion, I could also hear the pride in Mike’s voice as his little baby finished having its first good cry.  He was clearly proud, but not so much because of what he had done, but in seeing how it was received. People “got it!”

My only regret was that I couldn’t be there in person to wrap my arms around Mike’s gorgeous wife, Candace, so we could both look on as our boy done good.

Real damn good.

And now the real fun begins – making sure that the world sees this amazing project! Join the army, folks. Just because I don’t get to sit in a studio connection to Mike anymore doesn’t mean I turned in my card – let’s make this bigger than anything the talk radio mafia has ever imagined.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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