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The Sun Will Still Rise the Day After ObamaCare…

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Video – Check out today’s Post Show Show Podcast preview where Mike lets everyone know that despite ObamaCare being passed, the sun will still rise tomorrow.  Yes, your Liberties are being infringed upon and you should continue to fight it, but even if it had been struck down it wasn’t going to stop the expansion of the Federal Government.  And remember, it’s not the end of the world.  Get a Founder’s Pass where you can watch and listen to the entire Post Show Show where we go into more depth on current topic.


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elton mccraw

Mike thank you for bringing out how Boehner is the problem to the R. Party. We are not able to stop obama now but we can fix our party. We Must have Conservatives and little r epublicans in office to change our contry. We need to purge our Party of the Lyndsey grahams, john mccains, john boehners, jim demints.. Basically anyone that is office now needs to go..including obama. Boehner discusts me and should be impeached for impersonating a Speaker.

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