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The Tea Party

The Tea Partys Debt Ceiling Victory, A Victory For Big Brother

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

In the great debate over the debt ceiling a winner has certainly emerged and that winner is the Tea Party, but the Tea Party is victorious not for what the New Deck Chair Party – The NDCP – accomplished but for what has been learned ABOUT the NDCP.

The NDCP presented itself as trustworthy guardians of the Constitution and the limited government it requires. In fact, the NDCP was SOOOO confident of its own line of BS that it issued its Pledge for America. One of the planks of the Pledge was a 72 hr delay between the time a bill is posted online and the earliest time it could be voted on.

The Faustian Deal the NDCP made with Dear Leader Chairman MaObama to raise the United Statess debt ceiling was posted at 1:45 a.m. on Monday morning and unhampered by their pledge, Republicans voted on the measure at 6:21 p.m. less than 14 hours after it was posted. But wait, the deception doesnt end there.

In the original Pledge the words emergency and non-emergency appear nowhere in the text yet the House Republican Conference site now has added the caveat that all NON-EMERGENCY legislation will be posted according to the pledge. Wow, Speaker Boehner is sounding more like Bill that depends on what your definition of the word Is, is Clinton everyday, hows THAT for loyalty!?

The learning curve doesnt stop there. The Tea Party should also have learned that a spending cut actually is a reduction in the amount of an already scheduled, spending increase. Try balancing your checkbook using that accounting.

And finally, Tea Partiers should have learned that the much ballyhooed will of the American people doesnt amount for much with Republicans in Congress either as opinion polls put the popularity of the debt ceiling vote at less than the popularity of Congress at 22%. Maybe Tea Party members will now start to learn to use the word republican in a sentence without using a capital R.


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