The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Tuesday New Christendom Daily-FTX/SFB Scandal Is Tied To The Big Tech PedoGrooming I’ve Been Warning About Part 4

Documentary – An Open Secret: Hollywood Pedophiles 

  • When I coined the phrase “they are coming for the children” I didn’t realize just how far back this had gone.
  • Could you take the secular version from Aristotle? 
  • If you are just adverse to anything Catholic and won’t take the Philosophia Perennis courses from the Saint Benedict Center.
  • What is a universal?
  • Water is a liquid.
  • I am a man, man is a universal.
  • Roblox – harbors a dark secret that it must take a serious PR team to hold at bay: The Roblox team (hereherehere) and community members (herehere) have been the subject of an astounding list of pedophilia and child sex abuse claims (a Twitter search shows a daily stream of discussion on the topic and it’s a topic that shows up on the Roblox devforum) that seem bizarrely ignored by regulators.
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