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The Unemployed Are Unemployed By Choice

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Exclusive Audio & Transcript – Mandeville, LA Mike: Im going to say something to you very revolutionary. And Im going to say something to you that some are going to take the wrong way and are going to get angry about. So be it.

No one is unemployed in this country that wants to work. No one. Zero point zero. Not a soul. Not a solitary individual is unemployed that wants to work. Because we still have a little smidgeon of a marketplace and a free market left out there, there is always something that you can find to do. It may not be that management position with that white starched shirt and that tie you were holding out for. It may not be that nice little drive to the office so you can hang out with the boys that are going to be on the eTrade commercial or in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial. But theres work for you to do out there. Oh, yeah.

You see it where I live. Its manifested here in the South. You see men that probably used to wear a shirt and tie and produce little if anything, and ultimately when the bubble burst had to go out and work. You see them. Theyve started lawn care businesses. Theyve started land Mike, Im not going to lawn care, Im not going to landscape. Well, you dont really want to work, then.

Maybe theyve taken up work doing home repairs. Maybe theyve taken up work as house painters. Maybe theyve taken up work as shelf stockers at a grocery store, at a Walmart Service Center, whatever the case may be. Maybe theyve just decided that, you know what, I cant really find anything that I really want to do, so Im going to start my own gig here. Im going to like I told the story last week of the people that started a business here making deals with restaurants and agreeing to deliver restaurant food so people dont have to leave their houses but can enjoy restaurant food at home. They take a cut.

I do not accept, and neither should you, this idea, Well, theres a lot of unemployed. There are a lot of lazy-ass people out there that refuse to take their own destiny into their own hands and do something about it. Dont give me that crap. You know, just because you cannot find what society and what liberalism and what the socialists of the 20th Century have defined as a full-time job, meaning 40 hours, five days a week, oh, a full boat of benefits, just because you cannot find that does not mean you cannot find work. People that choose not to work are unemployed. As long as we still have some semblance of freedom and access to what we call a free market, you can create your own destiny. Or as Obi-Wan Kenobi might say, You can work, Luke. It is your destiny.

Oh, thats so mean. You are just so mean. Dont give me that crap. A personal example would be that, maybe, when someone wanted to work full-time in the radio business back in the 1990s and could not find a radio full-time gig, did that individual lay at home for the rest of the day and take the part-time work and then sponge off the government or his hard-working wife at the time? No. That individual went out and had three jobs. One of them was delivering fricking newspapers.

So this People that want to work when theyre responsible, if youre responsible, then you will survive, and you will always find some opportunity. It may not be the best opportunity you want. But you know what, you take an opportunity, and as the old saying goes, you open one door, and who knows where the next door may lead? Who knows where the next door may come from? People that are out of work choose to be out of work. They choose to collect unemployment. You choose that destiny. You choose it. You should stop complaining about it.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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