The US Military Has Become The World Police

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US Provides Military For One-Quarter Of The Universe, Ice World Of Hoth Is Next

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“I must have missed the signup sheet that they had down at the YMCA where I went and got the opportunity to sign up to go defend a quarter of humanity.  By the way, the quarter of humanity that we must defend or that we’re allegedly treaty-bound to defend does not include you.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I must have missed the signup sheet that they had down at the YMCA where I went and got the opportunity to sign up to go defend a quarter of humanity.  By the way, the quarter of humanity that we must defend or that we’re allegedly treaty-bound to defend does not include you.  It doesn’t include me.  Adam Taylor, Washington Post:


The United States is bound by a number of treaties that could, in theory, force it to get involved in a war if an ally is attacked. Consider, for example, the situation in Ukraine, a non-member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. If a NATO ally were to find itself under similar threat from Russia, the U.S. may find itself duty bound to war.

Or alternatively, cast your mind to the South China Sea and its territorial disputes. If China were to engage militarily with the Philippines at some point in the near future, the U.S. may well be expected to step in to protect its ally: Since 1951, the U.S. and the Philippines have had a bilateral agreement for mutual defense.

It goes without saying that war with either Russia or China would be a very big deal – especially if that war is on behalf of a third party. This becomes more startling when you realize that, thanks to various treaties and deals set up since 1945, the U.S. government might be legally obligated to defend countries containing 25 percent of the world’s population.

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Mike:  Let me ask you decepticons, war hawk frauds that call yourselves conservatives: What’s conservative about that?  What is conservative about citizens of the federal union known as the United States being on the hook for the defense of 25 percent of Earth?  We really are.  Remember the Trey Parker / Matt Stone movie Team America?  I’d play the song but it’s filled with nasty words and I haven’t had a chance to bleep it.  We’re not only the world’s police, we’re the world’s army.

Adam_Taylor_Washington_postFor those that say there’s no problem with this and that this is our job, our responsibility, [mocking] “If we don’t lead, who will?” well, this is as a result of being incapable, again, to think about things properly.  The proposition “if we don’t do it then who will?” might have an answer that would come in the form of: Probably no one would.  Do you know why?  This just has something to do with the divine creation of man.  One singular government is incapable of protecting 100 percent of humanity.

Let’s just proceed briefly from the point of view that Adam Taylor at the Washington Compost is correct, and that we are on the hook for 25 percent of the military operations and the defense or offense of the planet’s population.  Allegedly this makes the world a better place.  This makes the planet a better place.  This makes everyone else better.  It enhances this, enhances that, etc., etc.  But wait a minute.  By a simple calculation, if there is a world population, 100 percent, and we can only defend 25 percent of it, or allegedly defend, supposedly – and I think that’s fictitious – what about the other 75 percent?  [mocking] “Yeah, but they’re insignificant.  They’re penguin herders.”  So 25 percent against 75 percent.

Your own numbers don’t add up.  Your own numbers indicate, if you’re going to do this, you should do it right.  If it’s our job to spread American exceptionalism and to be the army that carries the torch of liberty to the rest of the suffering populations of the world, if this is a sacred duty and our duty given to us and granted to us and ordered to us by Almighty God himself, wouldn’t he tell us that we would have to do it to 100 percent of the population?

If you look at the map that Taylor created, you’ll find something very interesting.  Few of those treaties would require us to defend the human populations of this hemisphere.  That would be the one that covers from the Bay of Manitoba all the way down to the tip of Chile, or as I’m fond of saying, the home of those terrorist penguins.  There are only a few dots on it, and they’re small concerns that are allied with the French and the English.  Most of it is none of our concern, none of our business.

Question: Is there a way [And yes, I know that you’d have to cross a bridge on the Panama Canal, so don’t be silly.] for an invading army, say, to move from South America via land to North America?


Answer: Yes.  Wouldn’t you think that if you’re going to have these sorts of treaties, that you would want to have them where the threat was most imminent, in other words, closest?  Such is not the case.  I have another question: Why isn’t anyone else analyzing this like that?  Why doesn’t anybody else do the simple math and reach the conclusion that, if this is correct, Taylor’s piece here on the treaties – you have one of two choices.  Again, this is like the old adage: You’re not kind of pregnant; you either are or you’re not.  You’re either bound or you’re not bound to protect humanity.  If it’s humanity that you’re to protect, then that is the Homo sapiens population of Earth.  Of course, this is an impossibility, but that seems to matter not.

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How ironic that the American exceptionalists that say we’re the greatest, grandest, bestest, coolest, hippest, most caring, loving in the history of the world, etc., etc., but somehow we’ve found a way to not care for 75 percent of the world’s population.  Now, I don’t say that because I personally think or have reasoned that we should go ahead and throw in with the other 75 percent of the population.  It is just to illustrate the point that you can’t run the world.  You cannot control its affairs.  You cannot marshal the great forces of humanity to your advantage at all times.  You can’t even manage the great forces of humanity.  Here’s what you can do: You can manage your own affairs.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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