The Void In American Politics

todayMarch 15, 2016

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The Government Is Rotten To The Core

Autographed_Cigar_Boxes_openMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“When I read about the right of the Clintons and Bushes to rule, to me it brings up that perhaps the paradigm of the Bushes and the establishment and the Clinton establishment to rule is what really is at issue, which is just another rejection of the revolutionary term “divine right of kings.”  It’s the same thing, the divine right of self-appointed politicians that think they’re kings or queens.  Just like that paradigm is no more, this paradigm is also in its twilight.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  In other words, we are at another divine right of kings moment.  By the by, Brother Andre said something fascinating to Charles Colombe, his guest, two episodes of ReConquest ago.  Brother Andre Marie said: Charles, it’s another point of history that many people have misread or misinterpret, or maybe they even know this but continue to say it anyway because it keeps the dream of Americanism alive, and that is this manufactured term called the “divine right of kings.”  Few kings ever asserted that they had a divine right the way John Locke described they had asserted a divine right.  The divine right of kings was actually put into play and into use post-Revolution, or what many people call Reformation.  Brother went on to say: The divine right of kings was a way to say that the king was divine, not that God was divine and had created the king, but the king was divine and just happened to know God.  This is a complete and utter and total reversal of the history of the matter.

When I read about the right of the Clintons and Bushes to rule, to me it brings up that perhaps the paradigm of the Bushes and the establishment and the Clinton establishment to rule is what really is at issue, which is just another rejection of the revolutionary term “divine right of kings.”  It’s the same thing, the divine right of self-appointed politicians that think they’re kings or queens.  Just like that paradigm is no more, this paradigm is also in its twilight.  I firmly believe that if you don’t get this, if you don’t understand it, then you’re not reading the history correctly.  Then they go on to write some other things about what’s going on here today, how the rise of Trump and this and that about Trump, etc., etc.


That economic populism should find a foothold in both parties after the Great Recession and eight years of lagging prosperity under Barack Obama is not entirely surprising. What is more remarkable is the weakness of the bipartisan establishment, whose conventional wisdom is no longer meekly accepted by the rank and file of either party. Every Republican except Trump has tried, to one degree or another, to present himself as a champion of conservative orthodoxy. But that orthodoxy no longer commands the loyalty of a sufficient number of voters to preclude a phenomenon like Trump. Nor does DLC-style neoliberalism appear to be the consensus among Democrats any longer.

A void is opening in American politics, and Trump and Sanders are only the first to try to fill it.

[end reading]

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

Mike:  Folks, I want you to think about what the editors of American Conservative Magazine, founded by Patrick J. Buchanan, are saying here, what they’re writing.  Listen very closely to this.  I think that they’re correct.  I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think they’re correct.  As a matter of fact, we are trying to fill the void with republicanism.  It is Western republicanism that is partly our answer, and also a turn back to the divine as the giver of all law.  If our law is not in accordance with the divine law, then it’s a rotten law and we should not have it.  We should jettison it.

The political moment that is opening up here for the Bern and for Donald Trump, who are the first two to step into the void, what they’re saying here, I believe that to be correct.  People’s intellect, or the intellect is telling many people: Hey, dimwit, your little nationalism system of government, your kingdom, your empire, it’s rotten to the core.  It’s rotten, it’s corrupt, it’s producing rottenness.  It’s going to fail.  Rotten government fails.


A void is opening in American politics, and Trump and Sanders are only the first to try to fill it. Neither of them may succeed. Yet it is hard to see any source of renewal for the crumbling establishment they are fighting to replace. Just as the end of the Cold War marked the passing of an era, and partially or wholly transformed the left and right alike, so another era is drawing to a close now, with further political mutations to come. Trump and Sanders need not be the future, but what Bush and Clinton represent is already past—no matter who wins in November.

[end reading]

Mike:  This is profound stuff here.  I agree with the editors here nearly entirely, that Trump and Sanders need not be the future, and that an era is drawing to a close.  Ladies and gentlemen, add about 10 million daily listeners to the Veritas Radio Network’s Crusade Channel and bammo, there you go.  That’s an option.  It’s not the Benedict option.  It’s not the distributist option.  It is the traditional Rethinking_American_Union_GadsdenChristendom option.  That’s the model we should return to.  If we have a constitution that comes out of it, fine.  That’s great, that’s dandy.  If we have a set of judges that comes out of it, a panel of judges, that’s fine, that’s dandy.  We’re not going to have a democracy, though.  That’s not fine and dandy.

If we have a republican form of government that treasures and really actually tries to practice republicanism, which I take to mean very small, nearly, militarily speaking, impotent states, then yeah, that’s then the turn.  That existed.  All one has to do is look at all the cantons in Switzerland.  Look at all the little republics that existed that currently make up Italy.  They were force fed into now the State of Italy.  Look at all the regions in France.  On the Twitter feed someone is going, [mocking] “Yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about.  You mean a civilization like – I thought you meant civilization.”  We are in a civilization, civil being the operative word.  If we’re fraternizing with other people, I take that to mean civil.  That’s civil discourse.  It may be civil discourse that’s religious.  It may be civil discourse that is secular, whatever the case may be, that’s civil.

You can look all across Europe, all across the continent today.  Look at the regions of France at the time of the French Revolution, for example.  There were very clearly demarcated regions.  You go to a grocery store and buy a bottle of Bordeaux wine.  People think that Bordeaux wine is some kind of a grape.  It may be a grape but it comes from the Bordeaux region.  There is actually a border.  You can see it on an old map.  You can see the squiggly lines that delineated what the Bordeaux was.  Anyone that’s ever traveled to Italy, you know this already.  You’ve been to Venice.  Venice was a republic.  Anyone that’s ever been to the San Marino Republic in Italy, the only one that still remains, you know this.  There are less than 50,000 people in San Marino.  It has its own government, has its own currency.  Anyone that’s ever been to the little European republics of Lichtenstein, for example, Monaco, that’s the future.  You know what?  When they go and survey those people in Monaco and Lichtenstein, they are exorbitantly happy.  They’re far more happy than anyone that exists in any super-Western state.  [mocking] “Mike, you’re just making that up.”  No, I’m not making it up.

As a matter of fact, if you want proof of this, read Donald Livingston’s book that he edited, Rethinking the American Union for the 21st Century.  Skip the first parts and go right to the chapter written by Kirkpatrick Sales.  All you need to do is read that one.  As a matter of fact, I’ll read it to you one day next week.  We’ll go through it.  Kirk went through this line by line, through the populations, through the trends of the smallest countries.  His discovery was – and this is an empirical study – that the people in smaller countries are happier than the people that are miserable in super-states who incessantly complain about the status of their government and about the status and all the horrors of democracy.  We have a grand opportunity then, my friends.  We have to have the courage to take it.  Telling the rest of us that we have to go and vote in November, we have to choose a lesser of two evils, we have to sign off on this, have to be for this, must wave a flag and that’s the way it’s always going to be, you’re on the losing end of a horrid argument that’s going to end in horrid tears.

The conclusion from the editors of American Conservative Magazine is also worth consideration in this matter:



Conservatives of Burkean temperament view all of this warily. There is an opportunity here to replace stale ideologies with a prudence [Mike: Class, name the four cardinal virtues. Prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude.] that is ultimately more principled than any mere formula can be. But there is also the risk that the devil we know is only making way for another we don’t. At times like these, it is important to know what to conserve, which is not a label or ideology, but a healthy and humane republic.

[end reading]

Mike:  When we talked about distributism this week, I drew heavily this week and last from the work of Wilhelm Roepke, the Austrian economist whose book was what?  Toward a Humane Economy.  This was one of the errors that Roepke saw that Hayek and Von Mises did not.  They thought pure market, pure capitalism, pure free markets would solve all the problem.  I believe that that paradigm, that example, that system, if you will, has been proven to be incorrect.  It doesn’t solve and it’s not going to solve.  At the end of the day, folks, have great cheer and hope for the future.  There’s always hope.  As Professor Gutzman likes to say: Well, Mike, hope springs eternal.  Indeed it does.

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End Mike Church Show Transcript

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