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The War Between Us and Our Wealth

 (Audio) Mandeville, LA- This may be surprising to you folks, butwe’ve found yet another waste of money and efficiency in the FederalLeviathan up in Mordor on the Potomac. Question: Why do we have Federal system where Congress stays in D.C. all year long?The State Legislatures aren’t there all year long, and if a crisisarises they can use the advancements of technology to Facetime, picture message,tweet, text, post, voicemail or whatever to those involved.

The true problem here ladies and gentleman lies in the 3.8 Trillion dollars that was’spent’, or in other words funneled to certain pockets in Washington, supporting nearly 40% of theeducation, media and think tank institutions around the Country. Do you think they’re going to give up their funds easily? Not no, but hell no. Bottomline, this is a war folks, a war between us as the wealth owner and tax payerversus the parasites that consume our wealth as it is filtered andlaundered through the Federal Government. Nothing new there…

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Democrats Think It Is Better To Owe Than Be Broke   

2010 Mike Church Show


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