The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

The Way Out Of This Is Liberty

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – Just a reminder; the last time the Republican Party was in control andit ‘fixed’ the economy it led to the greatest bubble burst in thehistory of the known universe. Yes we got the Bush tax cuts, howeverthe spending never halted. Yes we got a million and a half fake phonyjobs in the construction industry, however with the housing crisisthere is no more work. 

Mike Church’s solution: tell people the truth,I’m going to cut your taxes and at the same time going to ween peopleoff of other people’s money. Yes, tax cuts and commensurate spendingcuts at the exact same time.The way out of this mess is Liberty,spreading the issue across the map and cut 30% off the top of all theprograms without sucking that much out of the economy and hopefully onthe back end keeping it out of the hands of Tiny Tim Geithner and intothe Private Sector.

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