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Thursday New Christendom-CHEMICAGEDDON: The Dioxin Cloud From East Palestine Will Poison Crops In 4 States.

todayFebruary 16, 2023 1

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CHEMICAGEDDON: The Dioxin Cloud From East Palestine Will Poison Crops In 4 States.

Palestine Ohio

Upward NewsNew image taken above East Palestine shows the disastrous ecological impact on the atmosphere following the ‘controlled burn’ of deadly toxins in the Ohio train derailment.

UAE Exotic Falconry & Finance Distribution Map from NOAA 

  • The left is claiming that Trump did some deregulation on the brakes and that caused this. 
  • The brakes had NOTHING to do w/ what happened w/ this train.
  • It was a bearing issue not a brake issue. 
  • You don’t manufacture dioxin.
  • By definition when you burn something you are changing the FORM of it.
  • EPA why didn’t they know what happened when you heat or explode these chemicals?
  • Hydroelectric Dams – the people below the dam have a trust in the people building them right?
  • The same thing w/ bridges, you trust the people that built that bridge did it safely.
  • We trusted the Democratic process that it would appoint the right people in the right positions to ensure something like this wouldn’t happen.
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