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Thursday New Christendom Daily-“By Their Fruits…” Demoncrats Put In Writing Their Devotion To The Pedo Cult Of Death

todayJanuary 12, 2023 3

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HEADLINE: 210 Democrats vote against bill requiring medical care for babies born alive after abortion attempt by Peter Kasperowicz 

  • The ONE and only Democrat to vote w/ the Republicans on this was Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas.
  • He is Hispanic and he is Catholic so that makes sense.
  • This is very important that you understand what it was that happened yesterday.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Jim JordanWhat does this resolution include exactly? That congress condemns recent attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers, recognizes the sanctity of life and calls upon the Biden admin to uphold the laws to protect these facilities. That is as apple pie as it gets.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Sheila Jackson Leedefending the killing of babies in partial-birth abortions. Claiming it is a necessary procedure to save mothers lives.

  • This whole thing “to save the life of the mother” is a farce. 
  • Dr Ron Paul who delivered over 21,000+ babies said there is NEVER a reason to kill the baby to save the mother.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Jerrold NadlerThe problem w/ this bill is that it endangers some infants (born alive) by stating that infant must be immediately be brought to the hospital. 

  • He is worried the original intent to kill the baby won’t be followed through.
  • Because if you send the baby to the hospital, the doctors and nurses will provide medical care to this baby.
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