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Thursday New Christendom Daily-The King Dude Was On Tucker Carlson Tonight And Urged The U.S. To Secession

todayApril 6, 2023 10

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Jason Whitlock 

HEADLINE: Fox Guest Calls for Secession Because He Can’t Accept Trans People by Nikki McCann Ramirez 

  • Tucker Carlson guest Jason Whitlock attempted to use the Bible to justify his argument for splitting up the country.
  • Rolling Stone is big mad that Whitlock quoted the Bible.
  • Every fiber in every citizens being is telling them this LGBTQ stuff isn’t right and it’s not natural.
  • He came out and said we don’t have anything in common w/ people that want to kill babies on demand and use abortion as birth control.
  • We don’t have anything in common w/ people that don’t know the difference b/w a man and a woman.
  • Why don’t the transgender people want to secede from us?
  • Because they want to dominate us, they want full submission from us.
  • They don’t want to separate b/c that is like admitting defeat to them.
  • The producers absolutely told Tucker to wrap it up b/c they didn’t like what Whitlock was saying.
  • When Tucker comes back he is red in the face, his hair is disheveled and he didn’t look happy!
  • TKD knows what happened b/c we deal w/ this type of thing daily.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Jason WhitlockThese guys are so far removed from the truth and values that made this country great we can’t really have partnership w/ them and my mind went w/ secession. Finding common ground is impossible w/ people who think men can become women.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Jason WhitlockWe cannot find common ground w/ these people and wether that is through secession or through a national divorce it has to be on the table. You can’t find common ground w/ people this delusional. 

  • Something is happening out there and it is a war that is waging in the background.
  • It is a war of good vs evil.
  • Kennedy Jr came out yesterday and said he was going to run against Joe Biden for President.
  • I don’t agree w/ his political stances but he was right and on our side w/ the COVID vaccine and lockdowns. 
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Written by: TheKingDude

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