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Thursday New Christendom Daily-Will Anyone In The Biden Crime Family Pay For What Congress Has Revealed?

todayMay 11, 2023 5

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The Biden Crime Family

  • Anytime you want to find out what a politician is up to what is the first thing that happens?
  • They subpoena the bank records.
  • That is exactly what they did to Donald Trump but they found nothing.

GOP Oversight Committee Twitter Feed – We have now established a network of over 20 companies formed by the Bidens and their associates. Most of these companies were LLCs and formed when Joe Biden was Vice President. 

  • Based on the financial records we have obtained via bank subpoenas, we can now confidently trace at least $10 million in total from foreign nationals’ and their related companies going to the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies. 
  • What does the Trump companies do?
  • They are in construction and real-estate. 
  • What does the Biden’s company do?
  • The payments are clearly from China.
  • When following these payments there are direct links to Hunter Biden, James & Sara Biden, Hallie Biden and an unknown Biden. 
  • This is a money laundering circle here.
  • WireLogic – 
  • The committee hasn’t explained why this is illegal. 
  • What Burisma is doing is this….they sell oil, gas, coal etc under Ukrainian law they are supposed to pay excise taxes on the sales of the natural resources.
  • That tax is to be collected in the country where the resource is SOLD.
  • If the Ukrainians have a deal w/ a country say Latvia, where they don’t collect this tax, how do you sell it to that company and not have to collect the tax?
  • Latvia doesn’t tax Ukrainian tax on the goods so the sale of resource is collected by a bank in the UK then it sends back to Burisma.
  • In exchange for this deal that is only made possible by the US Dept contacts, they get a kick-back. 
  • Biden’s son gets put on the Board of Directors of these companies. 
  • THEN the money is funneled to the Biden family itself.
  • The Ukrainians avoid being taxed and they pay the Biden family for that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep James Comer GOP Oversight Committee BriefingThe whistleblower’s allegations are consistent w/ our independent findings. I trust this whistleblower. A subpoena is warranted. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep James Comer GOP Oversight Committee BriefingBiden has claimed since 2020 his family received no money from China. They have received millions from China, the WH refuses to correct his statements and is using the government to run interference. 

  • The scheme is this, you continue to build the system whereby the top 5% continue to gain more economic wealth from the bottom 95%.
  • Sooner or later there is either a revolt or death.
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