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Thursday New Christendom-South Africa’s Infrastructure Collapse Is A Preview Of What’s Coming to Muricah

HEADLINE: Why South Africa’s Collapse Finally Came Down to Eskom by Helen Andrews 

  • Question #1 – Why is ONE utility company in charge of power for 40,000 people?
  • Because the government in Africa says that is how it is going to be.
  • Load Shedding = rolling blackouts 
  • De Ruyter was Eskom’s last, best hope. The board is not likely to find another CEO with the competence to handle this impossible job and the willingness to undertake it at the risk of death. The criminal forces that harried De Ruyter throughout his tenure will most likely now carry on their predations free of any remaining obstacles, enriching themselves until there is nothing left to loot. The dominos that would fall in the case of a total grid collapse start with phone lines, internet, and traffic lights, and end with looting, crime, and civil unrest.
  • Why Eskom? Because it sits at the intersection of the three themes of South Africa’s long decline: politics, incompetence, and crime.
  • Go read Ilana Mercer’s Into the Cannibals Pot 
  • Their pie in the sky solar panels etc just isn’t working for South Africa.
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