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Hodierna Verba Veritatis et Sapientiae

“It should be clear, once it is put in these terms, that the question Manent poses is ultimately a theological one. In order to decide whether the exclusion of the Church from the political order per se, which is institutionalized in liberalism, reaches into the heart of Christianity, we cannot avoid asking: What is the nature of the Church in relation to the Gospel and Christian faith, on the one hand, and in relation to the world and the political order, on the other? More profoundly still, what is the relation between the Church and the Trinitarian God who reveals himself in history, not by sending a message through a prophet, but in the flesh, in the incarnate Son, who is inseparably but unconfusedly both God and man at once? It is impossible to answer Manent’s question without explicitly making, or implicitly presupposing, a judgment regarding these fundamental theological matters.” – DC Schindler – What Is Liberalism

Today’s E R O  C R A S Antiphon: Clavis David

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YES VIRGINIA!! There is a Blue Check Santa Claus!

The Latest From The KingDude’s Substack

The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told: The O’ Antiphons

Trump Should Get A 2020 Redo & The Twitter Fiasco Proves It


The United States Is a Union NOT A Sovereign “Nation” – Part I

Told Ya So! BigGuyGate™ Was Well Documented Back In 2019

What Shall We Do About The Smoldering Remains Of ‘Once Free ‘Muricah?

Why I Am Calling Tomorrow “Elexorcism 2022”

ANNOUNCING: Mike Church’s New Christendom Daily Podcast

National Communist Radio-NPR-Must Be Defunded, NOW

The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

Here’s Everything Wrong With Congress’s Plan To Give Zelensky Cash For Christmas – Zelensky a foreign madman strolled into Congress like he was Douglas MacArthur and our “rulers” response was to throw billions at his feet while an actual invasion army has crossed our Southern border

What Is A Bomb Cyclone? Here’s How This Powerful Type Of Storm Forms – You could see one on Christmas eve so you might want to read up on this!

Climate Heresy: To Avoid Extinction We Need More, Not Less CO2 – This is an explanation of how carbon is naturally stored by the earth and the coplder it gets, the less Cº2 there is and that’s a disaster for life (just what the cult of death wants!)

Rock Legends And Resist Libs Both Become Neurotic Babies When Faced With Mortality – The question I have for people like my brother, Dude II, is: WHEN will you outgrow the bad music and worse morals of the 70’s!?

Canadian Lives Unworthy Of Canadian Life – A Canadian man can’t pay his bills so Trudeau’s solution is to help him kill himself

A Plea From a Heathen, Please Christians, the world needs each of you now! – As stated on yesterday’s Mike Church Show: those who aren’t “Christians” aren’t going to like living in a world where it has gone into hiding

Massive Collapse in Used Car Prices and Bankrupt Dealers Is Coming Right Up – This is just another bubble that was overblown by BidenFlation and $6 TRILLION in liquidity pumped into all economic activities since Biden’s installation

The Fed Projects Interest Rates Higher for Longer at Least Through 2023 – The fact that the rate hikes continue gives rise to my analysis that this is the FED telling Biden and Congress “STOP making deficits…we need $232 TRILLION to get back to being plain old fashioned broke! STOP!”

Nuremberg II Begins! Florida Governor DeSantis To Convene Grand Jury On DeathJab Injuries & Crimes

Inflation Isn’t Vanquished Yet, Price increases are slowing, but the Fed still has work to do – The WSJ Editorial Board weighs in on the latest Fed Rate hike

A Catholic Defense of Evolutionary Science – ACCCCKKK!! This piece is a response to Kennedy Hall’s Confessions Of A Creationist & contains a bunch of Final-Cause-removed, formulaic mumbo jumbo that proves nothing other than Dr. Darnoski can spell the names of microscopic entities few have ever heard of. Rubbish.

Conservatives’ Women Problem – Carrie Gress’s latest book covers the wretched history of feminism and how its fatal flaw was trying to make women become like men!

How U.S. Economic Warfare Provoked Japan’s Attack on Pearl Harbor – Roosevelt was a  commie sympathizer and was colluding with Churchill to start a shooting war with the Krauts but his deliberate acts of war against Japan & refusal to negotiate a peace treaty are what primarily caused Pearl Harbor

As Case-Shiller Home Prices Decline, The Fed Finally Admits a Housing Bubble – The housing crash is REAL and home sales are now down 32% since January of this year as young people starting families are being corralled into Blackrock rentals

Why I Love St. Nicholas – By Sir Charles Coulombe

Ignore The Fake NEws & Social Media, Be Inspired By Charlene Richard Instead

I just can’t get enough of the story of Charlene Richard from the NY Times, here’s another excerpt:

By 7, Charlene had memorized the rosary. She recited it nightly before an altar she assembled on her bedside table of a crucifix, an old Bible and a rose that she picked each morning. After a teacher lent her a picture book about St. Therese of Lisieux, “the Little Flower,” who died of tuberculosis at 24, Charlene declared that she wanted to be a saint. “If I pray like St. Therese,” she asked her grandmother, “will it happen?” In early 1959, when her grandmother recovered from gallbladder surgery, Charlene massaged ointment into the incision wounds. It was during the spring of that year that, while playing in the backyard, Charlene saw the lady in black.

The woman — or at least a figure “shaped like a woman,” as Charlene would tell her mother — stood before an oak tree. She was tall and wore a black bonnet that covered her face. Though her eyes were hidden, her stare burned.

“In the name of God,” Charlene screamed, “what do you want?”

The woman flew into the sky. Charlene sprinted back to the house and fell, shaking violently, into her grandmother’s arms.

Charlene had another vision the next evening. She was emptying laundry tubs in the backyard with John Dale. “I see her again,” she said, turning pale.

I think the “Black Lady” was Marina Abromovich-type a succubus, sent to terrify the child and scare her into apostasy.

This Christmas, More IS Less!

Watch this young woman struggle with what our broken, sex & fake “beauty” drenched age is telling her.

Shame That Denver, CO, ISn’t Nearer San Francisco…

So they can both slide violently into the Pacific Ocean….good riddance….

Semper Non

The Biden Regime’s DeathJab tyranny that drove so many good men like Mike from RTF Media OUT of the Marine Corps and subsequently ruined their lives and military vocations may now finally be coming to an end. With the passage of the NDA and its repeal of the FrankenJab™ mandate, men like Michael Berry might be able to regain what they lost by refusing Biden’s tyranny.

Berry characterized the mandate as an “ideological litmus test.” For proof, he shared with The Federalist a disturbing email that has been “circulat[ing] within the Marine Corps legal community.” In it, the deputy director for the USMC Judge Advocate Division (the second-highest-ranking lawyer in the Marine Corps) said that unvaccinated Marines, like Berry, “may have interests adverse to the United States.” How exactly Berry and other military members’ vaccination status has anything to do with their loyalty to the United States remains unclear.

When asked how the email made him feel, Berry said he was shocked his “patriotism and loyalty to the United States” are in question. Contrasting the email with his love for America, Berry stated: “When I did a combat deployment in Afghanistan, I had already made my peace with God if I ever needed to sacrifice my life in service to my nation. I viewed that as a noble thing. It’s not what I wanted to happen, but I was prepared for it. I was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary.”

“When I think about what’s happened, not just to me, but the tens of thousands across all the branches of the military, how we’ve been treated, and how we’ve been stigmatized, it’s heartbreaking,” Berry added.

Read the whole thing at The Federalist.


Cyndi Lauper is one misguided, derange human being….

Zelensky Is An Even Bigger Tyrant Thug Than We Expected

From my Twitta…

Twitter Is Improved But It Ain’t Fixed!

I will not rest until Twitter acknowledges I Yam what I Yam!

Klaus Schwab Proclaims That God Is Dead

Yuval Noah Harari is a demon with a PhD in gaslighting The Faithful

The Pedo Elites Rule The Earth

“The demons are ascendent, they’ve come for the children and they won’t take no for an answer.”- Me

I Am Cheering For ANYONE Other Than Team USA & This Guy Gets It

From my Twitta

My Solution For The Current Crisis

Yep, a Convention of Counties:

Biden’s Dark Winter Is Here & It’s Going To Be Worse Than Anyone Thought

Dave Chapelle Spills The Beans on the WHY They Hate Trump

The Attempt To Purge Trump For 2022 Has Begun

This is going to get ugly but Trumpzilla needs a muzzle til GA is decided.

The Blood Moon Occurred As It Set As Will The Demoncrats Pervert Fortunes

This morning at 4:02 am I went on my daily Rosary walk and noted that the Blood Moon was about an hour away as a crescent sliver of the moon, the lesser light, the evil, was still struggling for life. At this moment the “god of war”, Mars, was on its way to it’s 90º peak in the South Louisiana sky that would occur as the Lunar Eclipse was made whole and the moons light was eclipsed. Two years ago on this Tuesday the opposite occurred, Mars was RISING from the eastern horizon and the moon was triumphant even during the day, portending, Our Lady showed me “two years of war”.

Noah’s Red Flood will arrive as scheduled today and The Regime Leader’s “Trumanilaminprezzure” and its war on children and teenagers and life itself has reached its zenith.

I am projecting 252 Republican seats in the House and a 53-47 majority in the Senate!

NPR Must Be Defunded, NOW!

You can’t make this stuff up. WARNING: NSFW or anywhere else for that matter.

Let me explain what’s on the tape if you chose to not fill your ears with the horror of a human being being murdered for the jollies of Killary’s killers: this is what is known as a snuff film but made for sadistic radio perverts and this is what the Demoncrat Party & it’s Pedo Sex Cult of Death promoters offer up as reasons why you should keep them in power this coming Tuesday.

They should be rounded up on Wednesday and thrown into barbed wire guarded camps where they await charges and prosecutions for their crimes against humanity and the American people.

Read the rest on my Substack New Christendom Daily

The Wheels Have Come Off-Biden Vomits Demonic Talking Points In Prime Time

From The Daily Mail’s account of last night’s BidenBile.

Biden began his remarks by recounting last week’s attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and tied it into the violence that swarmed the Capitol building on January 6th during the insurrection.

He blasted the rising rate of violence in the country, citing dark forces at work.

‘This institution, this intimidation, this violence against Democrats, Republicans, and nonpartisan officials just doing their jobs, are the consequence of lies told for power and profit, lies of conspiracy and malice, lies repeated over and over to generate a cycle of anger, hate, vitriol, and even violence,’ he said.

‘We the people must decide whether the rule of law will prevail or whether we will allow the dark forces and thirst for power put ahead of the principles that have long guided us,’ he said.

Folks this is straight up, central demonic casting projection, from Marina Abromovic’s lair, as we watch in real-time the Pedo-Sex-Cult-of-Death project their entire political operation to the world. The Demoncrats are now laying these cards on the table and pushing all their chips in.

“Next Tuesday’s election is a referendum on THE BIG LIE that Trump and the MAGA ‘dark forces’ won the 2020 election, let’s put it to a vote!”

OK, Deal, see you on Wednesday next when the Regime gets sprayed from the skies with Holy Water.

The Biden Regime Is Now Using Federal Agencies To Directly Fund Their Candidates

Pearson sharp reports on this outrage which should trigger an investigation, then a charge then an arrest…but it won’t.

The War Is On For Who Can Claim To Be The “New Right”

There was a meeting of of self-described “Catholic Integralists” in South Florida on Saturday last. This group includes Sohrab Ahmari, Adrian Vermeule and Patrick Deneen. Now comes Crisis Magazine’s Erin McLaughlin with a review of the event titled Picking Up the Pieces: How the New Right Is Transforming Conservative Politics. McLaughlin’s review is overwhelmingly positive and that’s good as far as it goes: that there are now Catholics with academic pedigrees pushing back against the woke zeitgeist and the supposed end of Liberalism (per Deneen’s “Why Liberalism Failed”-see my interview with Deneen in February 2018, here). What McLaughlin fails to observe is what Franciscan University’s Michael Hanby observes and in a very detailed essay, debunks this “new integralism” as anything other than a theoretical echo chamber that has no reality based, real-world component. Hanby wrote in part:

After two years of trolling the twitterverse in the name of integralism, Sohrab Ahmari announced on Twitter that he and his postliberal friends were men of action and unilaterally declared an end to the debate over integralism on grounds that it all had become tedious and seemed so very 2017.[44] Now this could simply reflect the strategic calculation that integralism, while a great way to attract the attention of the market, is not really a winning political brand in 2024. It is impossible to say. Nevertheless, Ahmari’s unspoken assumption that integralism raises no philosophical and theological questions of lasting importance or difficulty indicates that his integralism was always a political stance and that he never took more than a journalistic interest in the substantive theological and ecclesiological questions at issue. This would suggest either that postliberal practice has little to do with integralist theory or that contemporary American integralism is really only the new Catholic “brand” of conservative power politics. In either event, the Church has essentially disappeared as a factor in the thought of American Catholic postliberals.

PLEASE take the time to Read Hanby’s very lengthy essay and for extra credit you can listen to my take on this most important issue of our epoch. Hanby concludes…

However if, as seems likely, it should turn out that our de-Christianized civilization has already destroyed itself and is simply waiting for the deed to become apparent, that it cannot be “restored” but must be rebuilt from the ruins by our children’s children, then “solving” this disaster will mean undergoing the inevitable consequences of this fateful renunciation in freedom and in faith, and with a patient hope that only a deep trust in the living God can justify. It will mean keeping alive the memory of what it has meant to be human and coming to terms with the real depths of what we no longer believe, that its ubiquitous presence might be rediscovered in the longing engendered by its apparent absence. There is no hope for such a solution in a “clever” world that has renounced understanding or in a Church pervaded with pious atheisms that do not know themselves and are intent on misreading the signs of the times. There is no hope for it, that is, unless we are able to “comprehend on our own time on thought” in the light of a truth, a Logos, that transcends all times. There will be no “restoration,” “rebuilding”—indeed, no salvation—without a renewal of the Catholic mind. “The truth will set you free” is not a platitude but an ontological and theological principle. The Catholic and human future—and it will be both, or it will be neither—depends finally not on political action but on rediscovering the truth of this principle.

Mic drop. Seriously, this actually matters and the lives of hundreds of millions in this hemisphere alone, I will argue, are actually at stake.

How Much Porn Do Libraries And Schools Have To Sponsor To Get Defunded?

This is the appropriate question for a CHRISTIAN civilization to ask and answer 0.0! BUT, what Joy Pullman reveals is that the library porn craze is being driven by PARENTS who say the school libraries don’t have ENOUGH porn!!

There are few opportunities for compromise here. The two groups want exactly opposite things: more books about gay sex for kids versus no books about gay sex for kids. Even a compromise such as requiring parental approval for kids to view books about gay sex is offensive to both sides.

LGBT people told the board they view that as “erasing” their identity. They say denying support for homosexual and transsexual behavior emotionally and physically endangers children with sexual proclivities like theirs.

Traditional religious people are repulsed by being forced to subsidize the promotion of sexual behaviors their religions teach are evil and disordered and therefore will lead to human unhappiness and self-destruction. For them, being forced to subsidize sexually explicit materials for kids is in the same repellant category as being forced to subsidize abortion.

Got that? Denying pornography, nay homosexual based pornography to children is now child abuse. I don’t want to say “I told ya so” but “I told ya so”.

Nuclear Waste Doesn’t Glow Green And It Isn’t Hard To Store

Madi Hilli is a young woman on a mission for a Green Nuclear Deal that runs 180º counter to the pink-commie “Green New Deal” and she has the Truth and facts on her side. Wanna know/see just how easy nuclear waste disposal is? rread Madi’s thread on the process complete with lots of pictures “cause people like ’em pitchers!”

Why I LOVE Marjorie Taylor Green

If only there were Republican men that were as assured of standing by The Truth damn the consequences.

Where Are The Men!? Women Are Rising Up Against Pervert Women Who Want To Diddle Their Kids

Watch this Encinito, CA mom TORCH her local school board over a “family friendly” drag fest to be held at her teenage son’s shcool.

Now, when will a Real Man arise who will not only give speeches but will physically act against these demonic perverts and their howling strumpet pimps?

WEF: Cajuns Will Starve!

The “you vill eat ze bugs!” crowd has sentenced all of Acadiana to a death sentence: they have discovered that eating white rice is like eating ….wait for it… CANDY! NOOOOO, not that!

How To Start WWIII

It’s obvious who tried to destroy the Nordstream pipelines: The Biden Regime. But what ISN’T so obvious is that they were dumb enough to leave a digital trail that they were going to commit this international crime and violation of every U.N. we’ve ever signed.

As I Signal chatted to  Polish friend this morning on this.

It’s incredible that our stooges could actually outwit Germany’s stooges!

What’s Wrong With The Catholic Church’s Heirarchy?

THIS is what’s wrong with them:

Pluralism is poison to the pursuit of holiness thus salvation through the One, True, Catholic and Apostolic Church which is why said Church has condemned Pluralism and indifferentism as heresies and its promoters as heretics.

The 5th Estate ‘Murican Media Begins It’s Assault On MIGA Giorgia Meloni

Just watch, they are on orders from Abramovic’s Lair to discredit Meloni like they did Trump before she can even get started…

The Vice Is Wright

From Frank Wright’s latest

John Gray says we are not built for truth but for survival. This means that we will select our beliefs on the basis of what good they do us. This good is immediate. What is good is what works for me, now. The future be damned, we need some release from the anxiety immediately. Our culture, being predicated on the satisfaction of desire without moral or personal restraint is calibrated to immediate gratification. The manifold addictions which compose it are all forms of reward gained in exchange for cash. Goods, services, holidays, wellness, therapy, sex, drugs legal and not – all available in virtual or tangible form at a moment’s notice, and on credit if necessary. We are in a permanent state of indenture to our desires, a palisade of urgent wants pressing in on every angle of our formerly private space. This is another kind of invasion with its own pressures. Retail therapy is universal now, so the term has vanished. When things become total they become invisible.

Planned ExecutionHood Sings From Central Demonic Casting’s Songbook To Kill More Babies

Apparently not enough women are choosing to not chemically abort their 5-6 week old babies and offer their souls up for Moloch to consume… Planned ExecutionHood to the rescue:

Congratulations, Green Commies: The Future of Former Christendom Europe Is Dire

Peter Thiel is, I’m afraid, correct but he forgot the old EU religion of “Pagan, human sacrifice & cannibalism”

Nazi Pelosi’s Congress Just Voted To UnCongress Itself

UPDATE: I talked about this in Hopur 1 of Thursday, 22 September’s Mike Church Show, LISTEN TO IT HERE!

The “Electoral Count Act” is the final nail in the Electoral College’s and ‘Muricah under the Constitution’s coffin, let’s bury this suckah.

Queen Elizabeth’s Holy Example

Joseph Shaw is President of the UK Latin Mass Society.

The British Royal Family does not have a very positive record when it comes to the institution of marriage. Nevertheless, The Queen’s devotion to her office offers us an example: in sickness and in health, till death do us part.

Read the whole essay, The Unlikely Survival of Sacred Office

WATCH: Senator Rand Paul Plays CSPAN Clip I Discovered TO Fauci

Lots of people played 20 seconds of this clip that was posted on YouBoob in April but I spent an entire Saturday morning in April tracking down (published on my Substack here)

What Happens When L.A. Libs Move To Texas?

The Babylon Bee at its best, watch:

Gentlemen! Let Us Be Inspired By The Pole’s Victory Over Muhammed On This Day1

On this day in 1683, Don Jon Sobieski and his Winged Hussars stormed the valley surrounding Vienna where 120,000 Turkish Mohammedans had gathered to siege the city, kill King leopold, rape his wife and daughter then continue their march to Rome to do the same to Pope Innocent XI, but Our Lady had other plans. As Brother André Marie recalls, channeling Gary Potter:

Fortuitously, the pope of the day, Innocent XI, had just brokered an alliance between the Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Poland, which was also menaced by the Mohammedans. When it became known that no fewer than 300,000 Turks were advancing on the imperial capital, Pope Innocent ordered that rosaries be recited in the religious houses and churches of Rome. The same prayers of supplication were offered throughout the Empire. Still, the situation was so dangerous that the imperial court left Vienna for Passau and took refuge there. Meantime, there were special devotions at the Capuchin Church in Vienna to Our Lady Help of Christians, whose famous picture hangs there. It would become the symbol of the victory over the Turks by Poland’s King John Sobieski when he arrived on the scene after a series of forced marches from Czestochowa.

Remember, then, CRUSADER Knight that NUMBERS do NOT matter to the Mother of God, your an my devotion and trust in Her and Her Divine Son’s Grace, in the face of evil, does!

Holy name of Mary, Pray for us!

They’re Baaa-aaaaack! The IRS is coming for EVERYONE Who Has An Online Sales Account

Boom. And so it begins, corporate ‘Muricah is selling the middle class scrappers out. This will only get worse if people try and hide their sales. Watch out.

Told Ya: Merrick Garland Is A Stooge Who Did Biden’s Bidding 

The shoes are now dropping from The Biden Regime’s Bolshevik inspired raid on President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago: Biden ordered the DOJ to ignore Trump’s Executive  Privilege and search his Mar-a-Lago home!

Fauci Lied, Millions Died

The rats are fleeing the bad ship Covid, from Celia Farber’s Substack:

I asked Mr. Kennedy, by text, if he would give me a quote, (and to please not hold back.)

”Why do you think Fauci resigned now?” I asked.

He replied:

“All the lies are starting to unravel.

“Even Dr. Fauci’s propaganda commissars at CNN are asking why our country, under Dr. Fauci’s helmsmanship, had the world’s highest Covid body counts.

“His hand picked investigator on the Lancet Commission, Jeffrey Sachs, is now functionally accusing Dr. Fauci, and his minion, Peter Daszak, of helping to create Covid in the Wuhan lab, and of lying incessantly to cover their tracks.

“In recent days, his key and most loyal subordinates: Robert Redfield, Robert Kadlec, Christian Hassel, and Lawrence Tabec, have all distanced themselves, trying to get clear of the splatter zone.

Even Birx and Wallensky are doing Mea Culpas. The rats are leaving the ship. The Omertà is collapsing.”

—Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,



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