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Hodierna Verba Thursday Pile of Prep Veritatis et Sapientiae

“The Protestant revolutionaries were not enthusiastic about saints, but the celebrations around St. Nicholas’ Day were so popular that they had trouble stamping them out completely. Northern Europeans—especially the Dutch— continued to celebrate with a man on horseback dressed as an Eastern bishop in red vestments and flowing white beard processing through the streets. Remembering Nicholas’ gifts of gold to redeem children about to be sold into slavery, the celebrations included parties with childish hijinks, and gifts of nuts, apples, and sweets placed in shoes and stockings left beside beds before the hearth.”Sean Fitzpatrick, We Could Use A Saint Like Andrew Today

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Today Is: Classic Movie Day and National Barbecue Day!

The Latest From The KingDude’s Substack

Life Seen Through The Lens of An Actual Camera Is So Beautiful Not Even “Leftards” Can Screw It Up

Archer Confirms That The Big Guy Was “The Brand” Hunter Biden Was Selling Foreigners

We Went To The Moon Because It Was Hard To Do

Up In Smote

We ‘Muricans Have A Great Origin Story That We Stopped Telling

How Catholic Community Is Supposed To Work With

Backwater Foie Gras’ Ross McKnight

Told Ya So: PizzaGate Is Real & The Wall Street Journal Is Confirming It

Are New UFO Reveals A Reverse Deception Or The Real Deal?

The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

WE’RE ALL ZIONISTS NOW – I have been writing and talking on air about the tsunami of pro-zionist rhetoric coming out of the mouths of the Stupid Party and now they have finally said the evil part out loud and are pushing a bill to make “anti-zionism” the same as “anti-semitism” and make both illegal!

VIVEK RAMASWAMY SAYS THE QUIET PART OUT LOUD – At last night’s Fox Nation debate, Ramaswamey dropped the bombshell that 9-11 and the January 6th were inside jobs pulled off by the people who are now backing Nikki Hayley.

SAY NO TO TAYLOR SWIFT FOR TIME’S PERSON OF THE YEAREvita Duffy Alonso writes what I have been thinking about Taylor Swift: she is an insufferable “Chick Boss” whose only “genius” is the manipulation of men as source material for her average “music”.

TODAY IS THE FEAST OF THE REAL ST NICHOLAS BUT WHO WAS HE – Well, St Nicholas was the Bishop of Smyrna who actually DID leave gifts in children’s stockings! Here’s the real story….

THE STUPID PARTY STRIKES OUT AGAIN – I don’t know who is giving Speaker Mike Johnson advice but your average MAGA ‘Murican gives 0.0 effs about cleansing universities of “anti-semitism, yet that’s what they are spending their majority doing!

TRUMP AT TOWNHALL: “I WISH BIDEN WOULD HAVE TAKEN ME BEHIND THE BARN… Because if he had, I would have done this to him” (click to watch!).

WATCH: THE CASE AGAINST BIDEN – Rep. James Comer lays out the case for impeaching Regime Leader Biden in 3 minutes and 40 seconds!

HAVE BIDEN’S GOONS SPIED ON YOU? – If you RE-Tweeted anything from President Trump AFTER election day 2020 and before he was banned from Twitter, you were investigated by Biden’s special prosecutor Jack Smith.

THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK REVISTED UNDER BIDEN – Imagine the power the CIA wields today compared to what it wielded in 1963 when it carried out the assassination of JFK. Edward Curtains report on the 60th anniversary is a MUST-READ deep dive.

META & PEDO PORN CONFIRMED – The WSJ has yet another, stunning report on what Meta’s “algorithms” are -placing on user’s Instagram and WhatsApp feeds: porn in proximity to children’s activities!

BIDEN CAN’T LIE HIS WAY OUT OF YOUR GROCERY BILL -Yesterday the Regime Leader made an absolute fool of himself by holding a press conference and proclaiming that this past Thanksgiving was the ‘4th cheapest in the history” of earth as Bidenomics impact is known to all but our ruling elites.

PARENT CITIZEN! YOU WILL OBEY YOUR PEDO OVERLORDS! -Biden’s HHS is now writing rules that say that any parent who denies their child’s alleged choice of homosexuality or desire to “transition” will be labeled as a child abuser and the state will act to remove the children from the home. TRUE! Story is here.

WATCH PAT BUCHANAN DESTROY HIS “YOU’RE AN ANTI-SEMITE” CRITICS – This clip from 1994 has Buchanan at his best, beating back the charge of “anti-semitism” using the facts as they actually were and reason..

BIDENFLATION GETS THE BEST OF TOM TURKEY -Reality Bites! This Thanksgiving will be the most expensive in ‘Murican history, thanks to Creepy Joe and the CoronaDoomsters, here’s the details.

WILL YOU ABANDON OUR LORD FOR POLITICAL VICTORIES? – The trope of “our post Christian civilization” has been around for years but now, “christian conservatives” seem to be acting as though they believe it and are now acting accordingly. This is a mistake that we need to confront head on!

WATCH CANDACE OWENS ON TUCKER – I learned a lot about Mrs. Owens during this wonderful interview. You will also learn that the DeceptiCONS (neocons for the uninitiated) are Christ-denying, Israel-Firsters who are not “conservatives” or friends of MAGA ‘Muricans. 
TO THE VICTOR GO THE SPOILS – ‘Murican conservatives have been lied to and underserved for 60 years including on the actual history of the Jewish State and its promoters who are the same crowd who gave us COVID, “Climate Change” and “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. For example. What happened on 27 December, 2008 in Gaza? This is what happened.

SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANIES SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE PHILLIP MORRIS– A followup to @BillboardChris’s report on the young lass who is de-transitioning and blames (at least partly correct) social media for her transition. If Phillip Morris can be sued for $500 billion & ongoing shame campaigns why can’t Pridebook et al for kids suffering screen addiction?

YouBoob Rapper Prince EA has made an updated, and very well done, version of Paul Harvey’s “If I Were The Devil”, focusing our attention on why the Regime’s demonic acts actually are demonic and were predicted!”

THE GADSDEN FLAG, “RAID” FOR PINKO COMMIE TEACHERS – A Colorado school boy showed up for the first day of school with a backpack gloriously festooned with a Gadsden Flag patch and was told by a tranny coddling “teacher” to go home because “that flag is a symbol of slavery”, when his mom arrives, hilarity ensues.

Yellow Truck Headed for Bankruptcy, 22,000 Union Jobs Go Poof, What It Means – Will Yellow Truck be forced into bankruptcy by the Teamsters Union it helped to make powerful? This is the REAL, ugly underside of our “retirement” based, fake eceonomy.Louisiana Bans Transgender Procedures for Children After Lawmakers Overturn Governor’s Veto – The Old South of the Confederacy is united yet again, this time in it’s opposition to the demonic, child sacrificing rituals of the pagan North with Louisiana now completing the map of the old ConfederacyFeds borrowing over $5 billion per day as programs face insolvency – But DON’T WORRY, the Congress and the Biden Regime have this under control because they’re not borrowing $6 Billion a day and that’s a win!Jim Caviezel, CRUSADER Knight and Pedo-Hunter. Watch:

Jim Caviezel in an Interview with General Flynn Responds to CIA “Suicidal” Tweet – I DO NOT FEAR YOU! And Reveals the CIA Already Tried

His (Jim Caviezel) Days are numbered 💀 They will make it look like an accident.

He is likely correct, the ClA does this and it used… pic.twitter.com/Z5ojgT7eci

— UltraMJTruth (@MJTruthUltra) July 14, 2023

Do GOP Presidential Candidates Live On The Same Planet We Do? Watch Tim Scott, for example, insist that it’s ‘Muricah’s most important duty to “degrade the Russian military”!

Wow. What ‘Murican imperative requires “degrading the Russian military”!? Note the applause at Scott’s first answer before he went #deceptiCON “NO ‘Murican boots on the ground in Ukraine.” Whither @RonPaul!? @VeritasRadioNet https://t.co/9soMQnJdyh

— Mike-The KingDude-Church, Creator CRUSADE MAX (@TheKingDude) July 14, 2023

I’m a cop-turned-‘demon hunter’ — schools must protect kids from devil – Following the steps of The Deliver Us From Evil Tapes’ Ralph SarchieAmerica Is Running Out of Ammo – But don’t worry because Biden & Ol Cornpop have a plan to restock the 10’s of millions of shells the Ukrainians have lobbed at a non-enemy of the U.S.: Russia“Joe Biden is needlessly and dangerously leading us into World War III, which would be a nightmare beyond imagination—obliteration! We must stop this insanity, immediately end the bloodshed in Ukraine, and return to a focus on America’s vital interests.”Donald Trump Coming Up on today’s Mike Church ShowWhat Is A Cluster Bomb? – If ‘Muricans knew what a cluster bomb actually was and what it does, some may remove their stupid Ukrainian Flags from their social media or do we not care about “humanatarian” issues any longer?America Is Running Out of Ammo! -Did you know that our once great military said that it needed 1,200 long range missiles for mere “defense” and thanks to Ukraine we now have but “a few hundred left!?”THE “SOUND OF FREEDOM’S” SUCCESS IS THE SOUND OF PEDOS IN RETREATThe film has now made $40 million and is still selling out theaters as ‘Muricans learn the ugly truth Mike Church has been shouting about for 6 years now about the global pedo-sex cult.WATCH: WHY IS THER COCAINE INSIDE THE BIDEN WHITE HOUSE? – Well, the easy answer is because the family’s crackhead son, Hunter, visits there often BUT the Crime Family Boss will probably soon reveal that the coke was brought in for a screening of “Cocaine Bear”.10 of the Best Cities in America to Raise a Catholic Family – It’s not shocking that the once great Catholic enclave that was New Orleans, LA, is not on the list, matter of fact, there is no great city in the old Confederacy (save for Knoxville) that makes the list so either the list is a tragedy for The South or it’s incompleteNumber of Brown University Students Identifying as LGBTQ Doubles to Nearly 40 Percent – What can possibly explain this civilizational suicide trend other than the enemy has conquered the institutions and is now using them to remake civilization in his own image?VERY URGENT: The fertility crisis in mRNA countries is deepening – Reading this report on fertility’s continued plummet begs the question in my mind: if its that bad in “All men are created equal” is NOT in the Declaration, Joe!

Biden confuses the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence while accusing the Supreme Court of not “embracing” the Constitution.

He then says “we fought a war…in 1960.” pic.twitter.com/1rXKLdpfjC

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 29, 2023

Hunter Biden’s Former Business Partner Was Willing to Testify Before Grand Jury; Delaware U.S. Attorney Didn’t Answer His Calls – Tony Bobulinski was willing and able to testify against Hunter Biden but the DA’s involved never bothered to callPlanned Parenthood reports abortions up 54% in Illinois as bordering states enact laws protecting the preborn – As I said at the time of Dobbs, Roe only exacerbated the evil, ending Roe wouldn’t end the evil it would just change its geographical locationThe Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblower Testimony – Reading this statement from the House Ways and Means Committee’s investigation into the Biden’s criminal activities should result in an avalanche of arrests, bookings, prosecutions and building enough jails to house them all.REVEALED: On Sunday, hours after it’s ill-fated launch, the U.S. Navy detected and recorded the implosion of the Titan submersible yet the Biden Regime allowed the world to pray for it’s rescue. WHAT KIND OF EVIL IS THIS!?- Mike Church on today’s Mike Church ShowHouse GOP votes to censure Schiff over role in Trump investigations – Schiffty Schiff gets what he dserves…finallyPilgrims Saddened by Bishop’s Traditional Latin Mass Restrictions at Walsingham Shrine – Our Lady of Walsingham is the patroness of The CRUSADE Channel and The Mike Church Show asHunter Biden’s Plea Deal Is A Coverup Disguised As Justice – Trump called this one correctlyThe “Climate Crisis” Can Be Explained By “Science!”

Yes! Please share my 2013 report on this and the work of William F. McClenney, P.G. R.E.A. in “The Nine Times Rule”: https://t.co/jD9DQF1izv

— Mike-The KingDude-Church, Creator CRUSADE MAX (@TheKingDude) June 20, 2023

Trump Says ‘Secret’ Document He Described on Tape Referred to News Clippings – Trump tells Brett Baier what ACTUALLY happened during the now infamous “Top Secret” reveal, that the docs that were in his and were actually newspapers and printed news stories.SCARED HEART OF JESUS 1 – BROTHERS OF PERPETUAL ABOMINATION 0.0Watch….

DODGER STADIUM-The “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” are recognized for Pride night to a mostly empty audience.

Two Dodgers fan nearby begin loudly booing after they’re announced: pic.twitter.com/OO6NT5RIc8

— Savanah Hernandez (@sav_says_) June 17, 2023

God Bless Bishop Strickland! – Strickland will lead a procession and prayer vigil outside Dodger Stadium today!Time For The 6th CRUSADE To Liberate Christians In California From Sultan Newsommobad

Legalize grooming for pedo perverts. Do you “affirm” your child’s anorexia? bulimia? manic depression? IF there were to be a new CRUSADE, it would be to liberate the remaining Christians in California from these demonic strumpets. https://t.co/Qx7DF3JXRT

— Mike-The KingDude-Church, Creator CRUSADE MAX (@TheKingDude) June 15, 2023

Julie Kelly nails the Trump Indictment“What the party-goers won’t realize—or maybe they will?—is that they are cheering America’s decline. A country once considered a beacon of hope and freedom, an escape from Marxist hellholes, will take one giant leap closer to banana republic territory. Charging and potentially jailing Trump isn’t the only accelerant; one could safely argue a retaliatory campaign of terror unleashed by Garland’s Justice Department involving armed FBI raids against mostly peaceful Americans who protested Biden’s rigged election ultimately resulting in outlandish criminal charges, circus trials before partisan juries, a political gulag in the shadow of the Capitol, and excessive prison sentences hastened the slide.”Indict Walt Nauta? Why Not the Biggest Liars First? – VDH lists the 6 Demoncrats including Killary who should have been indicted on the same charges Trump has been indicted on.

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