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Thursday Pile of Prep – Remembering D-Day, Today The ‘D’ Would Be Added To “Pride Month”

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Thursday Pile of Prep – 
Hodierna Verba Tuesday Pile of Prep Veritatis et Sapientiae

“Behind me is a memorial that symbolizes the Ranger daggers that were thrust into the top of these cliffs. And before me are the men who put them there. These are the boys
of Pointe du Hoc. These are the men who took the cliffs. These are the champions who helped free a continent. These are the heroes who helped end a war. Gentlemen, I look at you and I think of the words of Stephen Spender’s poem. You are men who in your “lives fought for life . . . and left the vivid air signed with your honor.” ….Forty summers have passed since the battle that you fought here. You were young the day you took these cliffs; some of you were hardly more than boys, with the deepest joys of life before you. Yet, you risked everything here. …Why did you do it? What impelled you to put aside the instinct for self-preservation and risk your lives to take these cliffs? What inspired all the men of the armies that met here? We look at you, and somehow we know the answer. It was faith and belief; it was loyalty and love.”
  – Ronald Reagan – 40th Anniversary of D-Day Speech at Normandy


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Today Is: Classic Movie Day and National Barbecue Day!

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The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

THE BOYS OF POINTE du HOC – REAGAN’S 40TH ANNIVERSARY D-DAY SPEECH  – I am a Gipper historian and I think this is his best speech he ever gave outside of Mordor. Watch it, here or on today’s Mike Church Show.

OUR ELITE RULERS ARE THE SYNTHESIS OF ALL TYRANNIES –  Martin Gurri at Unherd has written an essay that perfectly pairs with my monologue on yesterday’s Mike Church Show “How The Aristocrats Martyred Trump”


WHY TRUMP’S FAMILY MATTERS  – I have said since #Trump announced in 2015 that 1 measure of a man’s integrity and his mettle are the actions and stature of his children. Here is Eric Trump defending his father after court in NYC yesterday; he is a credit to his family & the man who helped raise him. 

TO THE VICTOR GOES THE VITTLES!?Watch this video of thousands of young African Males wandering down a highway in Spain. Is this invasion force going to force defeated Spaniards to feed them after what must be an impending war or will they retreat back from whence they came? Can we go back to good old-fashioned “wars over religion”, please!?

DEMONCRATS PLAN TO DUMP BIDEN Steve Roberts writes at The Federalist that he thinks thye reason Demons allowed Biden to take the June 27th debate with Trump is so they have ammo to dump him at their convention in Chicago and replace him with someone else!

Issue #1 #RealMen doing Really Manly Things-King Cobra Wranglers

Sacrilege-Biden Signs Himself While Promoting Abortion

They Can’t Keep Us Caged In Union Forever – In 1798 Thomas Jefferson, then Vice President of the United States, secretly met with James Madison, John Taylor of Caroline County and other Kentuckians to discuss “nullifying” the Alien and Sedition Acts!

ISRAEL’S PIMPS CLAIM THEY’RE BEING “ENGULFED” IN VIOLENCE – The people now advocating for Israel’s genocidal war against all things Palestinian, need to be imprisoned in Super Man II prsims and ejected into space.
AOC IS CIA AND HERE’S THE PROOF – WATCH. There is simply no way anyone is literally this stupid and can function in the real world and not get run over by a bus every day.
GOD BLESS (& REST) NORM MACDONALD!– The SNL great never let SNL audiences forget what OJ Simpson did to his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. WATCH.
THE DEMONCRAT POARTY IS FULL OF DEMONS – WATCH Mike McDonnell, a Catholic legislator from Nebraska has left the #Demoncrat Party because, well, they are filled with and run by demons.
HOW MANY “MIGRANTS” ARE COMING ACROSS THE BORDER!? – Under Biden, there are now 172,000 PER MONTH! True story, see for yourself.
MAOTITIA JAMES TELLS TRUMP HIS BOND IS NO GOOD – Now the state of NY and it’s rogue “Get Donny” legal arms are telling businesses in other states, like bond companies, that they aren’t allowed to do business in NY IF it’s with…guess who?

“I’ve been covering the Pedo-Sex-Cult for 7 years now and I think I have a pretty good handle on identifying when someone’s a member but this situation with Speaker Johnson makes me wonder: do they run pressure campaigns on influencers who are not practicing members!? Mike Johnson, who’s acting like a Ken Doll version of Nazi Pelosi, lately, has someone playing voodoo doll with him!” –Mike Church on today’s Mike Church Show.

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREEN: IS JOHNSON BEING BLACKMAILED!? – Watch her interview with Tucker Carlson where Green suggests that Johnson “has not been himself the last 5 months” and is acting like “Nancy Pelosi with a R in front of his name”.
BIDEN IS A THREAT TO HUMANITY – Joe Biden’s out of this world actions in office are similar to Mike Johnson’s above and I think Trump’s right: he’s the most dangerous President/Regime Leader in ‘Murican history!
TOLD YA SO: STUDY PROVES TRANNY MAMMY’S ARE REAL & KIDS AREN’T “TRANSITIONING” VOLUNTARILY – A landmark new study reveals what I have been telling you for the last 7 years: Munchaussen by Proxy Syndrome psycho-moms are responsible for 90+% of “trans” kids.
THE GAG ORDER PLACED ON TRUMP BY SCHIFF – In 2020 Melonhead sociopath liar, Rep Adam Schiff paid the law firm run by Loren Merchan over $4 MILLION. Schiff is still paying Merchan’s firm.  So what!? Merchan’s father, Juan, is presiding over Trump’s “Hush Money” trial and has just placed a “gag order” on Trump from mentioning his daughter.
WATCH TRUMP TAUNT BIDEN TO DEBATE – Trump was on a roll, campaigning in Michigan and Wisconsin yesterday and daring Creepy Joe to debate him by setting an extra podium on the stage with Biden’s name on it!
BIDEN DENIES RFK JR SECRET SERVICE! – WATCH: “Does he not know that your father was assassinated?” asked Brian Kilmeade!? Apparently none of that matter because RFK Jr. has become a viable threat to Biden’s “path to victory” in November.

RFK Jr. Shows Why He Is Biden’s Kryptonite

MINNESOTA AG IS INVESTIGATING CAR MAKERS – Because they are making cars “too easy to steal” and are responsible for tempting yewts into stealing them… TRUE STORY, see for yourself!
FRIDAY WAS 4TH ANNIVERSARY OF LOCKDOWN – It was also the 14th Anniversary of ObamaCare being passed AND the anniversary of Patrick Henry’s Liberty or Death Speech which you can hear in the Road To Independence!
∫ – Filed under: you can’t make this crap up: blacks in Boston demand a $15 Billion reparation because the city once had a slave auction. WATCH.
How Did the CCP Infiltrate The White House!?

From my Twattah…

Biden Declares War On Internal Combustion Engine!

I have been battling these bastards since 1988 and this is the closest they have come to their final goal of killing off 3/4 of humanity: The END of gas powered cars by 2032

SHE’S STILL PSYCHOTIC LIAR – WATCH (if you can stomach it) Christine Blah-de Blah-deBlah-de Blasey Ford is baaa-aaack selling lies about SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh. Mollie Hemingway deals Ford a 20 point, “you lie”, smackdown.
RON PAUL FOR THE WIN – Just as I said on yesterday’s Mike Church Show that our gubbmint & Union ended on the day Kennedy was assassinated, Ron Paul tells Tucker Carlson the same thing!.
HEY DON LEMON, WATCH THIS “RACISM”! – Watch all the slavery inspired, institutional racism these disadvantaged black yewts are forced to experience at the hands of this girl acting all white and stuff.
NO ENTITY ON EARTH CAN BAIL TRUMP OUT! – The bond for Trump’s “fraud” case judgement is so large there is no entity on earth that has ever conceived of having a client that would need to pay it! From Trump’s Truth Media.
THIS LITTLE HARLOT WENT TO CROSSROADS– Teen pop-tart Olivia Rodrigo went to The Crossroads, sold her soul to the demon on duty and then took the ensuing obscene wealth and is using it to PROMOTE abortion to her 10-15 year old “fans”.
ELON MUSK WALKS OUT OF DON LEMON INTERROGATION – Watch Musk tolerate Lemon’s condescending interrogation until he doesn’t tolerate anymore.

Another Drunk Illegal, Another Dead ‘Murican Citizen – Jorge Tzanahua wasn’t supposed to even be in the U.S. much less in Wisconsin where he is accused of taking the life of  Steven Michael Nashom in a DUI related accident.

Texas Basically Bans Pornhub!

TRUMP DID NOT PROMISES A BLOODBATH, SEEE FOR YOURSELF! – Here’s the entire “bloodbath” clip from Trump’s Saturday Rally in Ohio.

THE JFK ASSASSINATION FILES YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE – Judge Napolitano says he asked Trump in 2021 where the JFK files were he promised to declassify. Trump’s answer will surprise you

Georgia Judge Throws Out All Charges Against Trump Related TO Infamous Phone Call – Told Ya So! The now infamous phone call between Trump, Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensberger has been thrown out of Fani Willis’s case against Trump!

BILL TO BAN TIKTOK IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL TROJAN HORSE – Well, the 1st Amendment DOES SAY “CONGRESS shall make no law … or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” This is a Congressional Bill, so, this should be a non-starter. BTW (I ask) Rep. Thomas Massie, is this a back door to a form of “Net Neutrality”?!
WATCH TRUMP ACCEPTS GOP NOMINATION – Watch Trump promise to swab the decks with hateful Joe’s war on the American people. Trump becomes first Republican in history to receive the GOP Nomination for President 3 times!
WHAT MY STATE REPRESENTATIVE SHOULD SOUND AND ACT LIKE – Rep Adam Morgan of South Carolina tells another Rep that he doesn’t care what Dept. of Commerce bureaucrats say, he represents the people of HIS DISTRICT not bureaucracies and their epic-failer “experts”!

FOOD PRICES STILL SURGING! – Food prices are KILLING RESTAURANTS and some are now dealing with it by “dynamic pricing” which is a fancy way of saying you pay “market-price” for most dishes not menu-price!

TOLD YA SO: BUTTIGIEG IS A GROOMER – WATCH the Babadook’s “husband” lead pre-pubescent teenage boys in a “Pledge to the Pride Flag” oath to become good little homosexuals. This is what millstones were made for, folks.

A SAVAGE NATION – WARNING!!! Watch the barbaric beating of a white teenage girl by a black girl who then drives the girl’s head into the concrete while wildly screaming out “bitch….bitch!”. THIS is what the Leftard Welfare State and a complete absence of men as fathers has created, folks.

VOTING IS LIKE MOUNTAIN CLIMBING? – WATCH: Oh the HORRORS & STRUGGLE of making your way to a polling station and casting a vote. Merrick “Scarecrow” Garland makes registering to vote sound like scaling K-2. After “reparations”, Demoncrats will approve “combat pay” for blacks who vote.
DELUDED DEMONCRATS NEED RUBBER ROOMS – There’s a new book out called “White Rural Rage” that purports to show that ALL of middle-class white ‘Muricah is on a perpetual military style campaign that goes in search of then destroys all blacks and homosexuals they encounter. Kylee Griswold says these white not only aren’t the problem but that they don’t exist but DEMONCRATS DO!
NATHAN WADE WASN’T GOOD AT LAW – WATCH POTUS 45 tell his supporters at a campaign event that Wade wasn’t good at law, but he was good at something else with Fani WIllis.

Obama & Biden Were Behind The Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, JUST As I Told You!

Michael Shelleberger and Matt Taibbi have released a STUNNING REPORT on their Substack called PUBLIC, that details how, in 2016, the FBI & CIA set up 26 Trump Associates to be “bumped”. Bumping is what was done to the men accused of plotting to assassinate Michigan Governor Gretchen DIMWITmer. From the report:

One of the main motivations of the various individuals involved in the Russia collusion hoax appears to have been to create a cloud of suspicion over Trump.

For example, evidence suggests that the head of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, James Wolfe, leaked information about the existence of the FISA warrant, which claimed Page was an “agent of a foreign power,” to the Washington Post, in 2017. It was a crucial episode in creating the false perception that the Trump campaign had conspired with the Russian government.

Told about the HPSCI report, Papadopoulos told Public and Racket, “There are so many unanswered questions that the investigations kept covered up…I do believe that the operation will be declassified, should Trump get re-elected, which is why his second term represents an existential threat to the intelligence agencies.”

I have been telling you since 2019 that there was a meeting in the Oval Office, in January 2016, where this plot was hatched. In the meeting were Obama, Biden, Victoria Nuland and a Ukrainian diplomat stationed in Washington.


‘Cash in Envelopes’: How the US and UN Are Funding the Border Crisis – If you wondered how the Chinese were sending their spies, criminals and dregs of society to to sneak into the U.S., wonder no more: we PAID them to do it.


THE $60 BILLION GREAT PAIN ROBBERY – Watch Senator Rand Paul decry this most audacious and atrocius giveaway of $60 BILLION to Ukraine amidst champagne corks pooping in Mordor on The Potomac..
WATCH TUCKER CARLSON & SENATOR JD VANCE – Explain that the bill just voted out of the Senate contains provisions that forbid Trump from cutting the 2025 & 2026 funding for the Ukraine Was which is patently unconstitutional.
THE SECOND AMENDMENT SAVED LIVES IN OSTEEN’S CHURCH – The deranged tranny, Houston, TX shooter was taken out before she could kill by HPD officers working a private detail at the church. She/He was carrying enough firepower to murder dozens of people but the heroics of 2 men saved lives!
“NOW GO, AND GAY NO MORE” – The “He Gets Us” ad campaigns that supposedly are “pro-Jesus” are abominations and the Super Bowl ad that showed a homosexual and an abortion seeker having their feet washed is the worst yet..
MAYORKAS SAYS THE BORDER CAN’T BE GUARDED – Fresh from escaping impeachment, DHS Secretray Alejandro Mayorkas tells Meet The Handcheck Press that the Biden Regime “…does not bear responsibility” for fixing Trump’s border.
“CITIZEN!!” YOU WILL ADOPT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN FAMILY “CITIZEN!!” – So the libs create a humanitarian crisis for the the ACTUAL citizens of Boston then guilt trip the same citizens into “adopting” criminal trespassers. Can’t wait for the followup reports of citizens being moved to homeless shelters & pawn shops making record profits.

“Schumer’s public temper tantrums yesterday show just how desperate the Libtard, demonic Left has become after failing to do away with Trump & his MAGA army!” –Mike Church on today’s Mike Church Show

WATCH: THE COMING OZEMPIC EPIDEMIC – I’ve been talking about this for months now comes Calley Means with Tucker Carlson to spill the beans on Big Pharma & Big Media’s collusion.

WATCH SCHUMER BLACKMAIL YOU FOR YOUR SONS – I have never liked Senator Chuck Schumer and his evil doesn’t disappoint but THIS VIEDO is his most vicious yet as he basically demands every ‘Murican adopt an illegal alien criminal or he’ll draft your sons & send them to die in a war with Russia.

CAN WE DRAFT EL SALVADOR’S PRESIDENT? – Nayib Bukele has done to EL Salvador what President Trump is promising to do to ‘Muricah. Watch this video of him addressing El Salvador’s military as he rallies them to save their country for God and Family!

MIKE LEE SAYS NOT “NO, BUT HELL NO”! – Schmuckles Schumer and Mitchard McConnell have been brewing up a “border repair” bill in the bowels of the Senate’s basement that pledges over $200 BILLION to fix: Ukraines & Israel’s borders and fund their wars while throwing table scraps at the USMC and OUR southern border, Senator Mike Lee says “Hell no!

TO BOMB OR NOT TO BOMB!? – This morning the media members of the War Party are practically giddy as they watch “B roll” of missiles blasting off from ‘Murican battleships and ground bases that were flung at 100 targets in Iraq & Syria as we “retaliated” for the bombing of a U.S. base in Jordan but as Col Douglas Macgregor points out, our bombing raids almost always produce blowback that necessitates more bombing.

HER BROWNSHIP WRITES HER OWN FAN MAIL!? -Nikki Hayley is so desperate for endorsements and public approval that someone in her campaign wrote and then sent “fan mail” to her Twitter account. Here’s my response

“The War Party has everything in place to start a shooting war with Iran, we should pray that God intervenes and stops this lethal insanity & instead returns our troops home!” -Mike Church on today’s Mike Church Show

BIDEN CLAIMED TRUMP WOULD START WAR HE IS STARTING IN IRANWatch the Wannabe Regime Leader, in 2020, claim that Trump was going to get us into a Mid-East war with…wait for it…The Iranians!

YOU’LL FREEZE TO DEATH BUT “SAVE THE WORLD”! – Biden’s new war on Nattural Gas won’t save the planet, won’t fight “climate change”, won’t lower the global thermostat by a nano degree but it will sure as hell price you out of natural gas appliances!

IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SECEDE… – The crisis on the Southern border with Mexico, and it is a crisis, shows what I have been telling you for 2 decades, folks: it’s time to Rethink The ‘Murican Union for the 21st Century; here’s one suggestion on how to start that process.

“The campaign of Donald John Trump (Don John of Mar-a-Lago) left no doubt in the minds of the pinko-commie Left: They will have to face him at the polls and beyond and he’s planning to erase their blight from history!” –Mike Church on today’s Mike Church Show

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