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todayFebruary 12, 2015

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Final call for Jefferson REVOLT shirts before the caption is changed to ----
Final call for Jefferson REVOLT shirts before the caption is changed to —-

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, Welcome to mikechurch.com’s Pile of Prep, all the materials used to prepare the Mike Church show, 2015 Edition. Now we see the FCC rear its ugly, regulatory head, in what has to be a corporatist coup – net neutrality -to wrestle control of the internet away from any small players and place it in the hands of a monopoly that Congress can manage. Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125.“Religious authority has often, doubtless, been oppressive or unreasonable; just as every legal system (and especially our present one) has been callous and full of a cruel apathy. It is rational to attack the police; nay, it is glorious. But the modern critics of religious authority are like men who should attack the police without ever having heard of burglars. For there is a great and possible peril to the human mind: a peril as practical as burglary. Against it religious authority was reared, rightly or wrongly, as a barrier. And against it something certainly must be reared as a barrier, if our race is to avoid ruin.” – G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

It’s war, I told ya so: Obama asks Congress for authorization to send ground troops back into Iraq for 3 years despite the fact that 1. The Constitution forbids an expense for armies for longer than 2 years and 2. Why would Congress authorize an “action” and not declare a war as is their duty? The Military Industrial Complex wins another one

But don’t worry, says Obama, “this is not another ground war”

Judge Napolitano: Former CIA/NSA director claims the 4th Amendment doesn’t apply to him because he is tending to “national security”

This piece makes the point about the “war with ISIS” as clear as can be made. “There has never been any meaningful public deliberation over whether military action was either wise or necessary, and the debate over this resolution isn’t going to remedy that.”

Michael Scheuer: The pphony “war” against ISIL, now being extended into the 22nd century, is the tool the government is using to rip up the remaining civil liberties of Americans

The State of Alabama (and 32 other states) never granted the Federal Government or its judiciary branch the power to determine what its municipal code for family life including marriage should be, yet here we stand on the precipe of an unrecedented precedent being set that says that doesn’t matter, the Supremacy Clause and the 14th Amendment say otherwise. Alabama is the final battle ground in this phase


NBC News suspends anchor Brian Williams for SIX MONTHS without pay to punish him for the lie he has told for 12 years about his experience covering the Iraq invasion. It is a rara avis for “the media” to police itself beyond the ridiculous boundaries set by political correctness. To stand for “truth” is not something broadcasters are known for, mostly because Truth as classically defined: the pursuit of known certitude through reason does not comport with current media or even civilian understandings of Truth. Quoting Chesteron and replacing “Shaw” with Williams we can see this precisely. “The truth is, of course, that Mr. [Williams] is cruelly hampered by the fact that he cannot tell any lie unless he thinks it is the truth.”

The BIGGEST science scandal EVER? Yessir, the tree-hugging, whale-humpers have been physically altering the temperature recordings at many different weather monitoring sites, C º39 instead of  C º37 and the evidence has been discovered and applying the ACTUAL temps proves there has been no significant “warming” but a discernible cooling trend can be seen

DeceptiCONNED: When the SCOTUS gets around to handing down its policy preference on homosexual marriage (it is for it) all “conservatives” can do is hope that Scalia & Thomas’s dissent is “a helluva ride”? So this is what “conservatism” has come to, awaiting the ruling of the modern day example of the French Constitutional Committee and then impotently swearing our oath to uphold their decision and abide its apostasy? The Van Dee’s example to be force fed Priests who had renounced their vows to their Order and God and taken vows to the French Assembly (the State) is a more appropriate response: refuse the oath, refuse the ministers who will impose the oath and prepare for battle.

Mike, get off the”modesty” and “chastity” kick and get back to bashing Obama. I brought up the latest immodest, onstage outrage that is called “music”-Katie Perry’s “Superbowl Halftime Show”-this lecture is a good place to brush up on WHY this subject matters more than Ukraine being bombed back into the 1930’s by American weaponry

Fat Bastard Nation: The U.S. is becoming obese (we are beyond “fat”) because of the proliferation of food and the ease of which it is to procure it. Think Costco, Sams, Wal-Mart and ubiquitous restaurants on nearly every corner and on every street.

“1984” arrives with Obama’s scheme to impose this monstrosity called “net neutrality” on the internet via the FCC. If there was ever a time for Congressional Republicans to find their courage sacks this is it. We can start by asking the question: under what Constitutional power does the FCC “control” the internet?

DeceptiCONNED: THIS is what happens when a “conservative” tries to actually dismantle some of the Leviathan in their own state, MY state of Louisiana and that someone is Governor Jindal. Could he have told the corporatists to go pound sand, should he have? YES. Other than that, the agenda to reduce the size of the largest Leviathan in the red-state South was laudable. Rod Dreher is complaining about “services” being cut, the same services that are better discharged by the market or a revival among the decimated Catholic charities that the American government has assisted in demolishing and once administered most of Louisiana’s “safety net”

NOMOCRACY IN POLITICS: The more the historical facade is pulled back from the ACTUAL history of Christendom and the existential struggle it faced from the Mohammedans  the more we discover that the record has been rigged, nay, falsified to assist in the intentional dethroning of the Christian God from wherever he may have held power in the Western world. Witness the corrected view of Islam and the Middle Ages that shows they did NOT “save” the works of ancient Greece or anything else they are credited for

Viva le Tide! Alabama counties refuse to issue “gay marriage” licenses after the SCOTUS reigns judicial thunder from on-high and orders them too. What’s next, sending in the National Guard ala Selma? Does Obama threaten them with withholding “highway funds”? Or does AL join OK and other defiant states in Constitutional unity?

Speaking of marriage, the cauldron inside the Vatican, containing the heretical ingredients needed to “normalize” the divorced and civilly re-married Catholic to Holy Communion continues to simmer with some very influential Cardinals expressing their pledge to “resist” if this becomes reality. As I have previously stated, if Holy Mother Church won’t hold this line, then all is truly lost. However, let’s be honest, anyone who has attended enough Novus Ordo Masses in the same parish certainly knows many divorced & remarried Catholics who have never seen the inside of a Confessional, and the American clergy has done nothing to inform them of their mortally sinful error but instead, allows priests to conspire with the unrepentant in direct Sacrilege

DeceptiCONNED II: Ted Cruz cites an unnamed “treaty commitment” that requires us to “defend” Ukraine. A line repeated by the usual suspects in “conservative” radio and TV. Daniel Larison calls Cruz’s media bluff which is either a bald faced lie or represents a U.S. Senator with a vote on such things that has little clue what our actual obligations are. The treaty in question is the “Budapest Memorandum” and  if you’d like to see whether we have “obligations” to arm Ukraine and “defend” them, you will be severely disappointed. BTW, WHO told you that?

An interesting read on the secular effects of the “great recession” on the American family unit as though the family structure wasn’t already significantly perverted

SECEDE! New Lincoln books glorifying Saint Abe have become so commonplace I hardly notice them until the NY Times asks a professor of history at Harvard to review the latest “work” by Richard Brookheiser. Lincoln has become the DeceptiCON war-hawk patron saint, the representation of the total-war people we have become

Gal Queda now pruning males from the population via abortion, congratulations to the Enlightenment, the “liberty” to do what you want now includes selective birth of sexes

The moral train wreck that is the Grammy Awards does not fail to deliver and revel in the obscene featuring a partially clothed “Madonna”, Tony Bennet singing with a hip pumping “Lady” GaGa and the “academy” awarding  Beyonce best song for her work in pornography “Drunk in Love”

DeceptiCONNED: Really!? Jeb Bush leads poll among GOP hopefuls in “conservative” New Hampshire? This is just the beginning of the “inevitability” of Bush as the chosen one

WaPo columnist E.J. Dionne throws hissy fit over our reaction to Obama’s “Christian humility” over his Prayer Breakfast trashing of the Catholic Church and The Crusades as  being the equal of ISIS

And what about the President’s plea to stand for “religious liberty” an act he has fallen on the wrong side of with his administrations torment of Christians who refuse assent to the contraceptive and abortive madness of ObamaCare

Not only does the Military Industrial Complex continue to thrive it has now produced a “for-profit” war industry that features mercenary armies as its public face, think Blackwater, but the disease has spread well beyond McCain/Graham’s military corporatism because the rest of the world now wants in on “the game”. “On the darker side, many of the multinationals once on the U.S. dole as PMCs in places like Iraq have since started their own enterprises and taken their skills to clients no matter the mission. They are hard to track, and impossible to rein in.”

TIC: There was a lot more to Ronald Reagan than the caricature of him served up by both spiteful porgressives and opportunist “conservatives” as Bradley J Birzer explains

Ron Paul explains why the vaccination “debate” shows that we need markets not mandate

Prayer Breakfast or Christian Inquisition? Obama throws up the Crusades as evidence that Christians are as capable of genocidal violence as Muslims are (he threw the Inquisition in for good measure). If you want the REAL history of the Crusades, many Catholic scholars have researched and presented paper and lectures on them to counteract the Protestant inspired demagoguery. You can find over 1 days worth of lectures on the subject here

Where The Jobs Aren’tThe number of people working as a per cent of working population is the lowest it has EVER been

Scott Walker’s claim to fame could be that “he killed Latin” in the WI university system, a development I’m certain no one in a GOP primary would find the least bit objectionable and therein lies the problem: education is not about learning how to learn or how to think philosophically  or how to channel the greatest minds of the past and their works by learning the tongue they learned…nahhhh, it’s about DEGREES with fancy acronyms on them, written in that funny language that Scott Walker just allowed to be whacked at WI… et tu Scott?

The Constitution says that Congress has the power to “coin money and regulate the value thereof”. The Federal Reserve now tells Senator Rand Paul “Constitution? We don’t need no stinking Constitution”

Read my essay on James Madison’s speech to Congress opposing the 1st National Bank of the U.S.,

PRAY: Soooo, people bailed on Christ to avoid being affiliated with the Republican Party? The libs that fantasize over this being true cannot possibly stand in front of a life-sized, sculpture of Our Lord, crucified, IN a Catholic Cathedral and really believe that is true and if it IS then not lament it being true

Jeb Bush shows that he does not understand what it means to be a member of a community by calling for more foreigners to invade current communities and in exchange for a job… “You come, you work hard, you embrace these values, and you’re as American as anyone who came on the Mayflower”. First off, those on the Mayflower weren’t Americans they were British


If you are wondering whether there is a morally valid, Pro-Life reason to oppose vaccinations in some cases there most certainly is. As then Holy Father Benedict XVI instructed a woman back in 2005 on the evil that surrounds the MMR vaccine and what to do about it.

Reason # 1,776 why I am NOT a Libertarian. Witness the futility of secular “conservatism” (Kevin Williamson) trying to comment meaningfully on this secular society’s shocking rejection of modesty and humility via the “career” of “Belle Knox”. If I were to try and provide some fraternal correction for either of the parties embroiled in this literary debacle it would be to consider that the steep slide to mortal sin [death of the soul] is greased with Pride and immodesty while the rarely traveled, grown over path to Humility is fertilized with the waters of modesty.

What exactly does the Magisterium say about vaccines and when you can and cannot or might and must use them? Pope Bendict explained this back in 2005

Followup to yesterday’s post of James Madison’s veto of a “public works” bill in 1817. President Monroe vetoed nearly identical legislation 6 years later and explained his reasons similarly

DeceptiCONNED Comrade: Has the War-Hawk Caucus considered what horrors of global proportion might occur IF Putin turns out to be the madman, megalomaniac war monger they make him out to be?

I continue to be fascinated by the emerging trend of the turn away from our automobile culture and others are catching on too as the Atlantic’s CityLab picks up on the story: The age of the automobile comes to smartphone induced close

The latest “crisis” the Leviathan State is being implored to act upon (by “conservative” Rod Dreher) is the curious rise of the “anti-vaxxers”, parents who do not immunize their kids against disease like Measles and Polio. The misunderstanding on theology at work here, like most of the falsities brought on by the continuing revolt against The Faith. A Christian is obliged to avoid vaccines that have been made with the cells of aborted babies or other unethical procedures. Does Mr. Dreher know that ALL the Measles and Rubella vaccines are made from the carcasses of aborted babies? The fact that drug companies are making millions on these vaccines adds to the sickness of the culture of death: death pays.

DeceptiCONNED: All Ukraine is saying – to U.S. war-hawks, is Give Peace a Chance. What Ukraine needs is more peace and less John McCain, and the usual DeceptiCON suspects. Buchanan “America has never had a vital interest in Crimea or the Donbass worth risking a military clash with Russia. And we do not have the military ability to intervene and drive out the Russian army, unless we are prepared for a larger war and the potential devastation of the Ukraine.”

Nationwide Insurance fields thousands of armchair AdMen via “social media” over their “Dead Kid” ad that aired during the SuperBowl. Nationwide says it wants to start a conversation about childhood accidents leading to death. I agree, so why don’t we have a conversation about how to better prevent all those “unwanted pregnancies” that lead to the death of soon to be born children?

Are you ready for 3 Parent Babies? That’s right, the mad scientists from the UK NIH have concocted a process where unwanted DNA can be removed from a woman’s egg and replaced by preferable DNA from another mother.

How bad were the Super Bowl ads that regaled a now reported 114 MILLION who consumed yet another celebration of all the rot we have become

Can conservatism be relayed to the masses by an allegory involving forest creatures? Well, read this Imaginative Conservative essay and decide for yourself

President Obama proposes $478 BILLION in road/bridges etc. “public works projects” which will be “opposed” by Republicans, not because it is just another in a 140 year continuation of unconstitutional abuse of power by Congress as was explained eloquently by President Madison in his veto of Henry Clay’s “Bonus Bill”

DeceptiCONNED: Now that Mitt Romney is out of 2016 “race” Jeb Bush emerges as the coronated “front runner” for GOP nomination

The Superbowl is in the record books and there will be another bone next year, unfortunately there will also be another State of the Union

Mike Huckabee affirms what should be obvious to all but apparently requires ad campaigns: Christians should have the “right” to oppose “gay marriage”

NEWSFLASH: There actually IS a group called “Democrats for Life” (as in pro-LIFE), who knew!?

Since when have the Measles become the equivalent of ebola?

Mike Church asks you to support children with pediatric brain cancers through the 7th annual Hogs For The Cause Pork Bar-B-Q festival his Death Chefs team will be competing in. Buy your tickets here or score great Death Chefs merchandise, signed by Mike with proceeds benefitting Hogs


READ: James Madison’s speech to the Congress of 2 February, 1791, opposing the creation of the National Bank (Hamilton’s scheme) for reasons that [r]epublicans should learn, memorize and be able to repeat

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


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Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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