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Thursday Pile of Prep


Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. The Holidays begin in earnest this week with the season of Advent now in full swing. Of course, Mike’s Mele Keleke Make Opening theme song returns as do his slate of great Christmas songs including Grandma Got Run Over by Obama. Yesterday I introduced new, recurring topics: The Judgement Pornosphere™Church of Paganism’s Synod on The Climate; today it’s The Kids Are Ignorant Heretics, as the show continues our tradition of bringing humor, analysis and now The Truth to every issue we tackle. “The notion that religion and political authority, church and state, are different and that they can or should be separated is, in a profound sense, Christian. Its origins may be traced to the teachings of Christ, notably in the famous passage in Matthew 22:21, in which Christ is quoted as saying: ‘Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.’ This notion was confirmed by the experience of the first Christians; its later development was shaped and in a sense even imposed by the subsequent history of Christendom. The persecutions endured by the early Church made it clear that a separation between the two was possible.” –Historian Bernard Lewis


EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT HOW [r]epublican GUBBMINT SHOULD WORKKirkpatrick Sale tells us why Blobists are doomed to failure and why when it comes to statecraft, smaller is more beautiful

WANT A COMPLETE INVESTIGATIVE REPORT ON THE TAQUIYA INSPIRED LIFE OF ORTHODOX MUSLIMS FAROOK & MALIK? YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE UK & DAILY MAIL TO GET IT. If this story isn’t a proverbial alarm clock ringing throughout the west to reverse course on the heretical imbecility of religiously plural societies, then we are doomed and secession may be our only option

Senator Sasse Doubles Down on ‘Madison & Charlie Hebdo FTW over ISIS – Not content with elevating the Constitution as superior to God’s written Constitution (the Magisterium of Holy Church), Sasse demands that Obama act as a legislating tyrant “against ISIS” then holds the same Constitution up as our salvation. Which is it Senator? Does Congress declare wars, draft war policy and then fund the operation or does el Presidenté whip out his checkbook (found in the Nick Cage film National Treasure 2) “protect us” without Congressional authorization and get the dough from his “stash”!?

Trumpzilla Didn’t Vote To KILL a Million Muslims, Slick Hilly Did – Finally someone other than me is willing to publish the Truth about Mrs Clinton’s sponsoring of sick wars of profit, resulting in at least a half million civilian casualties. And just how many bellicose invasions of Libya and Iraq et cetera has Donald Trump voted for?!

Rand Paul: If Trumpzilla is not qualified to be President then how is Obama!?

DeceptiCON WARS – It’s TEDdy and The CRUZers vs Marco Rubio for the 8th annual “who has learned the least from George W Bush’s War Policy-Game!? (Bush had no foreign policy only war policy). Ben Domenench thinks that TEDdy & The CRUZers has the upper hand because he is just a tad less UNJust war lusting than the the greatest bust in Tea Party electoral history.

BO KNOWS FOOTBALL BUT REMNANTS KNOW THEIR ADVENTHere is a well written and succint primer for the season of Advent which has become a casualty of the Modernist Heresy that places shopping and partying over preparing a space in our hearts, souls and daily lives for Our Lord, to be born and among us on Christmas.

The Magnificent Seven Were Catholic Authors Before They Were Western Cowboys – Joseph Pearce informs us of the forgotten history of those writers who shaped the English literary tradition and ultimately guided it toward its  Mondernist errors (Chesterton, Tolkein and Lewis exempted!)

NOW COMES THE AMERICAN HITLER: TRUMP!?David Harsanyi correctly points out that Trump may be a outrageous “buffoon” but he most certainly not a “Hitler”

Two Days Ago I Played Audio of Farook’s Mosque Buddies Who Vouched That He Was “a good man”. – Now comes news that while the dynamic heretic duo were praying with Farook they were actually praying with him to obtain Allah’s blessings on his years long devotion to become FULLY orthodox Muslim

THANKS TO OBAMA WE GET TRUMP!? – Now the Trump candidacy is the logical result of the Obama Presidency!? Ben Domenench is a good reporter but the seeds of the error producing Trump were not sewn by Barrack Obama.

BUCHANAN – EVEN the French have heard the wake-up bell and realize that importing millions of Mohammedans was NOT a good idea, will ‘Muricah follow world history, common sense and the Christian God?

WRITER DENIES THAT CHRISTIANS DEFEATED INVADING MOHAMMEDAN HORDES AT THE BATTLE OF TOURSMichael Peck writes that the Moslems were beaten back “…in 732 CE” by some benign cat known as Charles Martel…

TURNS OUT THAT CHARLES MARTEL WAS A CATHOLIC HERO which I will assume might have ruined the secular nature of the National Interest view of the Battle of Tours and the ensuing 1300 years of Christian struggle to convert or defeat the Orthodox Moslems of Western Europe, the Holy Land and Africa

Oh and by the way, Mr Peck, you should address Charles Martel as SAINT Charles “The Hammer” Martel, preserver of Christendom

Fr. Dwight Longenecker suggests Christmas gifts for the “conservative gentleman” on your shopping list. I suggest you may also shop for that gentleman HERE and pick up a CRUSADE or REMNANT-CLASS of 2015 Pullover, embroidered fleece.

Senator Ben Sasse: “We’re Charlie Hebdo Now”WATCH THIS VIDEO and then, after your done hand painting your SASSE – 2020 buttons and are ready to proclaim the second coming of George Washington, ponder the “truth” (lower case intended) Sasse says we must unite over to stand against the Mohammedan horde: The 1st Amendment and our “Freedoms”, which I take to mean Sodomists “marrying”; half of all single women becoming mothers, similar proportions of single “fathers” becoming licentious deadbeats; abortion and euthanasia on-demand while millions perish as a result; public slander a social media cause celebre etc. Like most historically ignorant people today, Sasse seems to be of the view that Islam just discovered the Jihad, Sharia Law and Dhimmitude! Oh and the best part is Sasse’s foolish equivocation that Islam is as legitimate a “religion” as Christianity is and deserves our respect and protection.

Here Is Why I Dropped Out Of R’s vs D’s, EXHIBIT A= Lt. Col. Ralph Peters -Stuart Varney attempts to ask [one of the]Fox News resident war-hawks, Lt Col Ralph Peters, what he thought about Obama’s Sunday evening address on ISIS. Peters falsely accused Obama of not making war against the Islamic State and used language suited for CMT Games Shows to do so, what a class act!


Will Senator Rubio Awake One Morning To A Boiled Rabbit? – Senator Rand Paul obsesses over stopping the not inevitable nomination of Senator Marco Rubio. Perhaps, if Paul is THAT CONCERNED about Rubio’s War Policy (Rubio has no “foreign policy”) he might want to check out what the new darling of the fake, pr0-life “Right”, TEDdy & the CRUZers is saying about his nuclear war policy….

Authoritarians Are Us, Take THAT ISIS!Dumbocrats attempt to use their ace in the hole-authoritarian threats– toward the TARGETS of Orthodox ISLAM. What is missing here is a review of the Ralph Peters brand of Authoritarian rule

“I Don’t Know If Sand Glows in the dark?….but we’re about to find out”, so says TEDdy & the CRUZers as he first threatens to “carpet bomb ISIS” and when that doesn’t bring the war hawk house down, CRUZer promises to play the nuke card. This from a man and his supporters who obsess over the non-existent Iranian nuclear bomb for fear they may “use it on civilian populations”. So it’s ok to wantonly incinerate a couple million civilian Syrians if “ISIS” is “contained for a few years but the mere THOUGHT of Persians having the same device and hypothetically threatening to use it on civi populations, now that is unacceptable! I’ll ask again: who exactly is the aggressor here?

DeceptiCONNEDTed Cruz says what many of you reading this want a Presidential candidate to say: “[I] will carpet bomb them into oblivion.” Of course, Teddy and The CRUZers are all pro-life and stuff to, right?

DeceptiCONNED II – And i f you think Cruz’s un-christian, blood lust above is just a one off, please consider that he also pledges to use nuclear weapons on “ISIS”. “I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out.”

OBAMA SKIPS THE ORTHODOXY OF ISLAMSaying we have a duty to admit Muslims into ‘Muricah to prove we’re better than the terrorists. That is just not going to cut it, Dear Leader and the situation actually places a moral obligation on our government to REFUSE to admit ANY Muslim into the U.S. with relentless fervor. Saying “we must make it harder for them to kill” is acknowledging that ISIS is already here (thanks for promoting the “country of immigrants), orthodox and will kill again.

The Usual SuspectsGOP candidates all gaseously pledge to mobilize your sons and daughters (see Friday’s news dump on women in  combat) into land wars in Asia to “destroy ISIL” with bumper sticker slogans and exceptionalism. Not ONE grasps the orthodoxy

IS ‘MURICAH PRODUCING IL TRUMPé!?That Trump and Trumpistas have fascist tendencies is obvious to those who can conform their minds to reality but it should also be clear that because Trump is not a military first hack, his followers largely populists, his fascism is not  “..organizing a paramilitary force to take to the streets to brawl with the decadent supporters of our rotten legislative government.”

NY DAILY NEWS-HERESY IN PRINT: Christians Get the Mass murders they deserve. If I tried to make this up I coudn’t for lack of diabolical imagination.

The Kids Are Ignorant Heretics VI – Although well written, the latest attempt to analyze and prescribe remedies for the logical end result of liberal arts education minus the liberal arts, gets the requisite parts wrong viz there are NO MORAL “visions” that can compete with the Truth and to suggest there are IS the illiberal problem.

HEY LIBS! GUN CONTROL LIKE FRANCE HAS DOESN’T EVEN WORK IN FRANCE: Ross Douthat, an advocate of gun control policies, explains that those who drone on endlessly about gun laws like the French have, fail to admit that those laws failed to even slow ISIS down, how’s that going to work here!?

RED SOX VS YANKEES, RED vs BLUE IN TV= BIG BUCKS – Throwing back the curtain of how broadcast media works, Scott McConnell helps illustrate the how and why of Fox News as “middle-American” which I take to mean, candidly, that “middle America” is grossly misinformed and likes it that way.

“UNIVERSITY” of Emory officially outlaws philosophical and critical thinking because clack students demanded a “safe space” to practice rejecting Truth and tradition. The worst part of this dreadful, chronicled descent to perdition is that those academicians who must suffer the new race-patsy policies must also pursue their careers under them.

BACEVICH – “Beating ISIS” will require decades of occupation, trillions of dollars and tens of millions of soldiers. Is ‘Muricah ready for such a commitment that nearly requires religious fervor yet will be instigated and waged with but loose attachment to McMansions, digital streaming media and American “Dreams”. HMMMM, where have I heard this argument before!? Here, for starters…

THOUGHTS & PRAYERS FOR CA DEAD ARE FOR LOSERS IV – The National Review wades into the “Lefts War” against “Christianity” with a report on the “attack on thoughts and prayers” by David French. What French and other “conservatives” don’t get is that this “war” was declared long before anyone ever conceived that “liberals and conservatives” would be the forces allegedly duking it out. The war began when

Nothing To See Here Christian Citizens of San Bernardino, Just Another Disgruntled Worker, Move Along! – The CAIR declares that the theology that drove Syed Farook to become orthodox was workplace dis-satisfaction.

Nothing To See Here Christian Citizens of San Bernardino, Just Another Disgruntled Worker, Move Along II! – Dear Leader Chairman MaObama assures us that the cache of weapons and bombs stockpiled by Syed Farook and his Muslim femme fatale wife were executing co-workers for “workplace related” issues.

FLASHBACK – Oh but recall that our Dear Leader was convinced that the Cambridge MASS cop that arrested Prof Henry Louis Gates back in 2009, “acted stupidly”. Recall that this arrest was for probable cause and the career of the officer involved was nearly ruined. The end result of this “certainty” was the now infamous “Beer Summit”.

DeceptiCONNED – How many “conservative” candidates will pledge to repeal the Pentagon’s decision to stack my daughters and yours into the combat roles of our grossly unJust wars? The fact that tens of thousands of men have been maimed is not enough, now let’s offer equal opportunity maiming.

San Bernardino and the Red vs Blue Rabbit Hole – The all too predictable and lamentable Red Sox vs Yankees, Red vs Blue, Left vs Right paradigm only took 12 hours after the San Bernardino killings to kick into high gear. One of the loudest partisans are the Mass Shootings Tracker outfit that purports to show that there are mass murders every DAY in ‘Muiricah. Are the numbers of tens of thousands killed every year accurate though? Hardly and Ian Suttle has the actual facts.

California Killings & Judgement PornBloomberg News Tweets that the San Bernardino killing site was a minuscule, “1.2 miles from a Planned Parenthood Clinic”. A subtle “guilt by association claim and warning for all our heroes decked in “in-utero killing assisted by doctor” attire: Pro-life Christians aren’t “pro-life” and they are on ISIS rampage over baby body parts.

THOUGHTS & PRAYERS TO CA DEAD ARE FOR LOSERS – That’s not MY Headline that is the sentiment shared by “liberal pundits” all over the Judgement Pornosphere™. I have talked about this on the show, the disingenuous “sending you my thoughts and prayers…” memes and social media placebos that pass for actual prayers. The libs writing in the Pornosphere discount that actual prayers actually work, where I plead for the actual prayers and not faux alms that make my “friends” list think I’m a good guy or gal. What the libs have written is pure apostasy folks and to be expected to increase, this after all is the result of the serpent tightening his grip on ‘Muricah.

THOUGHTS & PRAYERS FOR CA DEAD ARE FOR LOSERS IIThe Atlantic’s Emma Green coins the term “Prayer Shaming” for what I cite above, I’ll combine that with Judgement Pornosphere™ and reiterate that it is God that is under assault here by the diabolic forces that have given us this soulless wasteland called ‘Murican Culture.

THOUGHTS & PRAYERS FOR CA DEAD ARE FOR LOSERS III – Rod Dreher explores the subject of Prayer Shaming even more intensely. The idea that assigning a slogan to this will draw attention to it and help vanquish it is not going to be productive (not his idea-in general).

FLASHBACKMBD “The CONSERVATIVE CASE” for Reforming ‘Muircah’s Sick Gun Culture. I think MBD was largely correct here: “An armed citizenry is not the same thing as an armed consumer public – In America we have background checks to prevent certain criminals from owning guns. It’s a system that presumes good citizenship on the part of everyone who has not been convicted of a crime. But not having a criminal record is a very different thing from being a responsible citizen. The only test most people have to pass to gain access to weapons of exceptional lethal power is this: Do you have enough cash or credit?


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