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Thursday Prep-DeceptiCONNED “Conservatives” Vow 3rd Party To Topple Trumpzilla-Hilarity Ensues

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Mandeville, LA – Today’s Pile of Prep: most of the stories and research used to put together the Mike Church Show on the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. 2016 is here and WELCOME to the All-New, Mike Church Show on the CRUSADE Channel, listen LIVE for Free (don’t cost nuthin’).

Sapientia et Veritas – “In short, the whole world being divided about whether the stream was going slower or faster, became conscious of something vague but vast that was going against the stream. Both in fact and figure there is something deeply disturbing about this, and that for an essential reason. A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it. A dead dog can be lifted on the leaping water with all the swiftness of a leaping hound; but only a live dog can swim backwards. A paper boat can ride the rising deluge with all the airy arrogance of a fairy ship, but if the fairy ship sails up stream it is really rowed by the fairies. And among the things that merely went with the tide of apparent progress and enlargement there was many a demagogue or sophist whose wild gestures were in truth as lifeless as the movement of a dead dog’s limbs wavering in the eddying water; and many a philosophy uncommonly like a paper boat, of the sort that it is not difficult to knock into a cocked hat. ” – G.K. Chesterton, The Everlasting Man

DeceptiCONNED – Now the buzz in the race for the Throne, 2016 Edition, includes the “conservative” grumbling that they are so unhappy with their choices that it is necessary to field a 3rd party…nay, “conservative party” candidate to topple Trumpzilla and take ‘Muricah back for “conservatives. I would ask the question, WHAT is a Conservative and WHERE you might capture such an animal and then con him into prostrating himself in front of the Judgement Pornosphere™, only to be savaged by Trumpzilla and spied upon and libeled by the Clinton machine. Sorry, but St Vincent of Saragossa has been dead for 1600 years.

Dude Looks Like A Lady & You Will Go To Prison For Opening A Door For Her You Christian Bigot! – Today’s guest, Stella Morabito has written extensively about the cult-war the LGBTQC…. “community” is waging against Christian, public expressions of faith. This has manifested itself in the latest diabolical phase as the insistence that any separation of the genders in public places is, according gto Slikc Hilly: “This legislation is disturbing, shocking, and outrageous. It serves no other purpose than to directly attack transgender children and could have catastrophic consequences. The Senate must stop this vile legislation dead in its tracks.”

Today’s Guest E Michael Jones and the Culture Wars – Today we feature my interview with E. Michael Jones, publisher of Culture Wars Magazine. Check out the Veritas et Sapientia from today for a sample of what you’ll find on Jones’ Culture War magazine site.

The Dead Get Eaten By Sharks, The FBI Are Sharks – The headline at The Atlantic reads: Apple Is Right: The FBI Wants to Break Into Lots of Phones. Yes sir, we called that one, now explain the 53% of nitwits who WANT Apple to serve Mamon and his Mordor on the Potomac’s wishes. Chesterton said “only the living swim upstream while the dead float with the current”; which of the two are the 53%?

Trumpzilla Passes The Come Line In Vegas CaucusNot only did Trumpzilla win the Nevada Caucus, he deflated the imbecilic balloon filled with the noxious hot-air that Tedley CruzRight or Marco Ineligibilio could provide an argument against Trump that would turn the momentum and Trump voters their way. The storyline that Truth requires us to conform our minds to says that GOP voters no longer believe the party’s standard-bearers when they make campaign promises having been chastened by what is done with those promises. The REAL takeaway though is the fact that the Leviathan has become too large and has too many tentacles to tame by the political process that created it. It is time to jettison this Establishment and start anew folks, join our conversation on this on the Crusade Channel TODAY!

The Great Apostate Nation of ‘Muricah, By The NumbersThis very lengthy essay at the AmConMag site (from the Feb print issue) provides the hard data details on the decline of Christian culture and Christian behavior in ‘Muricah since 1970. The conclusion the author reaches is that a “Christian party” is not surprising coming from a party regular: The GOP must provide more and more room for “non-Christians” and thus the party must adapt to “same-sex marriage” etc. This gentleman’s effort is precisely WHY we must make the break with Mordor, the corrupt excuse for a union and get to the organization of new republics and or federations. S E C E D E

MBD Throws In With the “Conservative Strength Through Elections” Crowd That Produced Trump – Now, MBD proceeds from the POV that the current electoral system had somehow previously produced “conservatism” and therefore can produce it and “conservative” principles in the future, but where do we find the evidence for these claims, Sir? In our “culture” which currently produces the next generation of voters who then become “conservative” lawmakers. The fact is that when the pieces of “I’ll Take My Stand” were written the “knell of the Union” had already been rung, loud for all to hear.

2016 “Race For The White House”, This Is As Good As It Gets Folks – Fr. Dwight Longenecker reflects on the recent zeitgeist of unethical louts in nice suits we call presidential candidates: “Faced in 2016 with a disappointing array of presidential candidates who eerily reflect the decadence, arrogance, and ignorance of our electorate, the essay made for depressing reading on Presidents’ Day during the overheated run up to the South Carolina primary.”

The Bush Family’s Comedic Circle Is Now Complete – M.E. Bradford wrote about James Madison’s “comic circle”; that Madison had so coveted what HE thought was the perfect government for all ‘Muricans to live under that he neglected to consider that they may not agree and was thus the Madison plan was largely rejected at Philadelphia. In the same way the Bush family plan to have Jeb continue the family business of looting the citizens for the CIA and Boeing’s benefit ran into a population that refused to assent, thus completing the Bush family’s, Madison-like, comic circle.

Tedly CruzRight Under Fire Fore Being an Eligible Jerk – In 4 or 8 years Theodore Rafael Cruz will still be ineligible for the Presidency but perhaps he may have found the graces of humility and justice that would prevent his candidacy and, sans an amendment, the unethical tactics he has employed.

The Culture of Death Becomes Cult of Peeping Toms – For what reason would a pervert want to have legal access to the restrooms and showers of the opposite sex? Studying demographics? Conducting survey’s on toilet paper etiquette, “over or under”? To answer the question we’d first have to revive the term “pervert” to its former infamy and then reassert that perverts are sexual deviants. While this might get us kicked off the development team for Mozilla’s Firefox, it could as likely prevent assorted perverts from committing lewd acts in public restrooms after legislative bodies succumb to the latest blackmail threats from the LGBT “communities”. That entire Christian communities have abandoned the endangered souls of homosexuals to Beazelbub is troubling, that few dare to even counseling concern, is apostasy.

Natural Born Citizen Hissy Fit – Washington Examiner writer Daniel Chait throws a written temper-tantrum that Publius Huldah – a pen name to be sure – had the unmitigated gall to present a historical account of what Natural Born Citizen meant to those who ratified the Constitution. Chait’s complaint is that only “real… litigation….attorneys” should be allowed to discuss such matters, mere citizens, concerned about the Constitution as ratified being micturated upon, need to turn to their elite ruling, legal masters to answer such questions….peasants.

The Publius Huldah YouTube Video that Trump has tweeted as a “slam dunk” is here.

Trumpzilla Vanquishes Bush – Those that thought the Trumpzilla fad was just that, a fad, have now had to eat so much sour crow they may be considering a fast from pundit-works. Kasich and Carson’s longevity makes the “conservative” rally around Tedley Cruzright or Marco Ineligibilio Rubio more difficult.

Insanity: We Must Understand Trumpzilla, So We Can Preserve ‘MuricahAllan Jacobs pleads with official conservativedumb to work harder to gain an undestanding of the phenomena that is the Trump Voter. This is now going to be the mantra we’re going to hear when we mistakenly turn on the Fox News/Talk-Radio Industrial Complex.

Trumpzilla Is “For ‘Muricah” & That’s Why ‘Muricans Love Him – Timothy P. Carney has been following the Trump campaign for a few weeks and reports that the rise of Trumpism (if indeed Trump can be bottled into an “ism”) may portend an end to the “era of ideology”. As I have told the radio show audience for years, ideology is NOT something to aspire to politically and that it is closely related to Nazi-like stoicism. Yes, I realize using the “N” word means I have lost the debate, but in this instance, an understanding of why the modern Stoics become Nazis and Communists illuminates the “danger” sign we should see flashing on our Road to Perdition.


[Editor’s note] “You can’t replace something with nothing” the saying goes. The “something” is the current ‘Murican, ideological economic and industrial model that features a corporatism unseen in human history, a judicial system that institutionalizes diabolical perversions and a citizen model that promotes the fallacy that democracy delivers political power to all. Our quest in this Distributionism dialogue is to discuss and recommend a way forward that leaves the current corrupt system behind  and is “replaced” by what Wilhelm Ropke called a “Humane Economy”.  Alan Carlson relays the following from Ropke’s “What’s Wrong With The World” as our model village/society: “He described a real village of about three thousand people with nearby farmsteads in the Bern Mittelrand, a place that combined artisans’ shops, small facto- ries, a brewery, a dairy for cheese, a “highly tasteful” bookstore, and “a great collection of obviously thriving crafts and crafts- men.” He added “that the whole place is remarkable for its cleanliness and sense of beauty; its inhabitants dwell in houses which anyone might envy; each garden is lovingly and expertly tended; [and] antiq- uity is protected…. This village is our ideal translated into a highly concrete reality.” Your sugestions and comments are welcome. [- Mike Church]

The “Third Way” In Economics, Written By Wilhelm Röpke, Is Distributist – Joseph Stromberg analyzed Wilhelm Röpke’s advice for post WWII Germany and finds a close relationship between John Taylor of Caroline County and G.K. Chesterton.

Ten Pages To Begin Our Discussion: [r]epublicanism of Jefferson & Taylor Leads To Distributism – Allan Carlson tackled the subject we are having a symposium on here on the Mike Church Show and on this site which expllores the question of replacing the rotten “something” with something beautiful and tried. Allan_Carlson_Ropke_and_Distrobutism


It’s The Distributism Stupid – This is a campaign slogan that will go nowhere in today’s ‘Muricah but will, I believe, go a great distance in clearing our minds and intellects of the “free-market capitalism” we have been bludgeoned with since birth. This writer contrasts the writing and works of two of the 20th century’s most prolific writers AND movers of Men: Chesterton and the meek and humble Doris Day. Both saw what Ropke saw: man cannot build and live in loving, Christian societies when entity driven profit is the desideratum of society over the desideratum of loving one another and the Lord Our God.

Apple Computer And The 1798 Virginia Assembly: Liberty Martyrs Separated By Time – You have to hand it to the CEO of Apple (full disclosure, I have prayed for Mr Cook’s conversion and turn away from homosexuality) Tim Cook who is making a principled, heroic stand against Leviathan’s manufactured ruse of “national security”. Cook has refused a court order to fork over the encryption codes that safeguard iPhones so the Feds can crack the San Bernardino murderers iPhone and “prevent future terror attacks”. But like the VA Assembly of 1798-99, the body that deliberated and then boldly opposed the Alien & Sedition Acts, not one single state followed the courage of their Virginian brothers in revolution; the revolution at that moment was D E D dead. Now, not one single company of Apple’s stature has followed the commerce-child of Steve Jobs’ proper action, how sad but how predictable!  It’s corpse now haunts the entire planet and has possessed most of its population into automotron like servility when the Specter howls: OBEY! Cook says: “The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand.”

The Story of Hitler’s Martyr – The story of Franz Jågerstatter, executed by the Nazis for his refusal to serve in Hitler’s army, is a recent example that doing the right thing, as expounded above, but only receiving a heavenly reward. Make no mistake, few will join our CRUSADE against the illegitimate wars the USA wages, the question you must ask: can your soul continue status quo, knowing the atrocities continue with our partial imprimatur


Glen Beck To Pope Leo XIII Defending THE Kingdom: Drop Dead – Fallen away Catholic, Glen Beck has injected the Kingship of Our Lord into campaign 2016, calling on ALL people of faith to A. KNOW that the U.S. Constitution is divinely inspired and B. That Ted Cruz was born to defend this sacred writ and C. Failing to go out and campaign then vote for Cruz amounts to paving the way for the Apocalypse. Leo XIII, witnessing the rise of the America and the European nation-states warned that those states as powers above the Kingship of Christ was the real threat to the Christian world.

If Gibson Guitars Can’t Trade With Countries Selling “Endangered Tree” Woods… – Then WHY should Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas or any other pro-life state conduct trade with New York. That state has now proudly, by super-majority vote, enacted legally protected, 3rd trimester abortions that can be performed by non-doctors! One method of execution is through the injection of heart-stopping poison into the baby’s heart. I call on the CCB and all Dioceses to formally denounce this law and counsel that Catholics should embargo trade with New Yorkers until they change this diabolical law.

The 3×5 Index Card On Capitalism vs Socialism – This essay is a typical presentation of the wholesome goodness of “capitalism” vs the evil confiscation that is “socialism”. The writer proceeds from the erroneous view that the 2016, Republican hack definition of the terms is correct and all that is needed to provide and enjoy the utopia of socialism is to free us from the shackles of “socialism”. I might suggest that the writer read and contemplate the work of Wilhelm Roepke, a Catholic capitalist and not coincidentally a realist (what was that thing about conforming the mind to reality). Roepke saw that capitalism by itself cannot provide the utopia the “conservatives” claim and in fact is as soul-less as its opposite. Roepke proposed a “Humane Economy”. Here is Roepke’s greatest living biographer, Ralph Ancil’s latest, at the Imaginative Conservative, on the Humane Economy and the Modern World’s need for it.

Congress Has The Power To reduce The SCOTUS to 8 Justices – After Lincoln was assassinated, Congress, fearing that President Johnson would appoint a justice or justices hostile their radical agenda, passed the Judicial Circuits Act of 1866 which reduce the court from 10 justices to 7, proving that the Article III Judiciary is under the regulation of the Article I Legislature.

If At First You Don’t Succeed In War, Call The Establishment And Don’t Worry About ItWilliam S Lind explains that what we call “The Establishment” acts with impugnity and recognizes no claim of failure when it comes to their actions especially their military actions. “The first is, don’t worry about serial failure. Within the Beltway, the failure of national policies is not important. Career success depends on serving interests and pleasing courtiers above you, not making things work in flyover land. As in 17th-century Spain, the court is dominated by interests that prosper by feeding off the country’s decay.”

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