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Thursday Pile of Prep-No, You Can’t Have it Your Way, Edition

Redesigned for 2014 - This is our most popular t-shirt ever and is a limited release, order while supplies last
Redesigned for 2014 – This is our most popular t-shirt ever and is a limited release, order while supplies last

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, bringing you the latest from a world gone mad. Kevin Gutzman lays the ratified intent hammer down on a “constitution” professor while Bruce Frohnnen reminds us that Americans CAN’T always “have it your way”. Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. The problem with this consumerist nirvana is that it is unreal, and like all artificial pleasures, it does not really satisfy. Because it does not satisfy it becomes addictive. Should anything go wrong in our perfect world our disappointment is disproportionate. We assume everything will not only work perfectly, but we also assume that everything must be to our liking instantly. If not, spoiled children that we are, we will stamp our feet, put out a pouting lower lip and demand that the instant gratification start up again. Faithful believers who once came to church with an attitude of obedience, worship and a willingness to serve God and neighbor now come to get something: an inspiring talk, an uplifting experience, a spiritual poke or a clerical joke. If they don’t like the pastor, the company, the music or the gospel message they will complain and move to another church to have it their way.  – on Burger Kings and Dairy Queens

IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE? You betcha. Members of the United States Senate WANT the President to be the House where bills raising revenue originate? THIS is an example of what the impeachment power was meant to deal with (although a censure can do similar things)

Ebola outbreak in the U.S.!? Our almighty disease overlords begin gently warning that an Ebola outbreak may be incubating in the U.S. and even if it isn’t it IS incubating in enough places around the globe that feature travelers coming and going TO the U.S.

Trade Wars produce no winners and “sanctions” only punish, civilian populations causing economic “blowback” and rarely lead to the desired behavior. Russia is proving that to the T-Rex sized brains in Mordor on the Potomac as it escalates the “sanctions” placed against EU and USA industries

The proof of Lincoln’s deceit now comes in book form: Lincoln”s legacy of sainthood, love and piety toward “negroes” is legendary (Spielberg practically canonized him in “Lincoln”) but it is all based on false evidence and lazy/agenda driven historians. Now the REAL story is being told that the “great emancipator” was actually the great “relocator”

America, Have it YOUR way, ALWAYS. We have all been witness to a spoiled brat yuppie demeaning the hourly employees at any popular retailer or restaurant because “the customer is always right”. Now this extends to Catholic churches where remaining REVERENT in the presence of God has given way to being the attention center in God’s house. Witness any Novus Ordo Mass’s “let us show each other a sign of peace” which devolves into a kissing, waving and “brotherly love” fest the hippie pagans at Woodstock couldn’t even pull off.

Today’s guest Kevin Gutzman’s post of “Originalism” and how one law/history professor has taken the term and applied it to legitimize nearly everything, anyone wants to do in the name of “progress”. This is a Constitution take-down that there are not nearly enough of. “[Professor] Balkin offers that, “it explains why modern conceptions of civil rights and civil liberties, and the modern state’s protection of national security, health, safety and the environment are fully consistent with the basic framework created by the people who adopted and amended our Constitution.” Are you surprised? Anyone interested in testing that thesis should merely take a look at James Madison’s Bonus Bill Veto Message.”

Just 42% 0f Americans believe that Israel’s actions against Palestine/Hamas are “justified”. I wonder what the answer would be if the question were “are the actions of Israel resulting in the 700-1 disparity of civilian deaths, justified?”

Liberty The God That Failed, now has Libertarians conceding that Liberty cannot actually be their God by proposing a “libertarian case for a “Basic Income Guarantee”.

The stupidity of the sanction war against Russia by the U.S. and the equally imbecilic EU now bites poor Polish farmers in the butt as Russia bans Polish produce from importation. PROOF that what Ron Paul warned of has come to fruition: sanctions only punish the poor and are acts of economic war

Continuing my exploration of things everyone of us can d0 OUTSIDE of incessant incriminations via media and obsession over the political policy and participants of our day h/t audiosancto: “Rules of Life”

Click for a much sharper image

When you are thinking of taking that winter vacation this December, remember  that all you need to do is renounce your citizenship, sneak across the TX/Mexico border, be apprehended by CBP and then voila! Spend the winter FREE in the Virgin Islands courtesy of Uncle Sucker

Srdja Trifkovic: The U.S. has succeeded in taking over EU foreign policy (see sanctions on Russia)

Let’s just review an important statistic this morning: the top 20 WEALTHIEST countries on earth (UN-2012). Look at the attached graphic and excluding the United States, note what things most of the countries on this list have in common. 1. They are small and the scale of representation is in-line; they are NOT known as military powers and they are not known as interventionists in other country’s affairs….hmmmmm….. is there a message here for the titanic, bloated menace that is the United States today?

Thank heavens YAHOO is around to explore whether or not the Constitution is a compact or not and then bring their “experts” into the discussion for the hoi polloi’s education

Jack Hunter’s transformation away from the Southern Avenger to mainstream Libertarian is nearly complete and Dave Weigel of Slate has noticed

Obama: “The…’merican people don’t want me…..just standin’ around….waitin’ for Congress to do something”. The American people don’t grant you your power, the Constitution does and it REQUIRES YOU to “stand around” and wait for Congress to act so you can either A. sign & execute or B. veto

There are 3 warnings signs in financial markets that if they all flash simultaneously, virtually guarantee a massive, overdue market correction. They are all three flashing at 30,000 watts right now and this time, there is no capital to back up the rebound after the crash, only the tattered digital documents of the greatest fleece since Jason & the Argonauts

More Pulitzer prize winning work from Brandon Darby at, our man on the Southern Border reports that the entire planet seems to have gotten the memo that the United States is open for hauling in our welfare state “safety nets” whomever makes to the U.S. / Mexico border

This long and sordid history of the State of California’s 19th century actions against Chinese immigrants paints a very solid picture of the “alien friends” doctrine I have been talking about now for the last 3 months. Note that California acted as a sovereign entity and imposed her own taxes on Chinese immigrants to dissuade them

Glenn Greenwald via Edward Snowden: Obama and the U.S. government are in cahoots with Israel on most everything they do militarily including military planning and targeting

The “Imperiorum” of our war-machine inspired foreign policy is what has driven this bubble to epic, dangerous levels. I’ve been telling you that all our affairs, good and bad, start with foreign policy. Most have ignored my warnings and pleadings as “Ron Paul’s ravings” and unfortunately now we will all discover just how lethal the war-machine has become

ObamaCare has now bled into GeezerCare as FL’s snowbirds roll their old plans into “free” ObamaCare plans resulting in shocking, 18% increase in premiums in the FIRST YEAR. What can possibly go wrong from here?

Now for the “wait a minute, no one’s walking out on this fun, old-fashioned, pauperization, oh noooo, we’re all in this together!” moment of the year. The Daily Beast suggests that since American companies and the men who built them are fleeing this sinking ship of state faster than Cubans on 2 x 12 pine boards in 1964, we need “a loyalty oath” to keep them from fleeing the burning building.

Peter Beinart asks and answers a question I have been gently trying to pose to the listeners I am blessed to have via SiriusXM. The response has been one of near-universal outrage directed at me for even considering the question but as Beinart points out, that is because most Americans cannot distinguish between their own country’s manifestly immoral and unjust wars and anyone else’s on “our side”

Imaginative Conservative: Congratulations new Roman disciples of Nero, the persecution and quest to squash Christianity and Christians is alive and vibrant yet again. The same refutation the pagans suffered last time is set to repeat itself because there is but One Truth.

Why is the U.S. government importing so many disease infected humans in such a fragile environment. From ebola to H1N1, we seem determined to test, as a matter of constitutional sacrifice, our collective immune systems

Cyber-army exercises involving reservist-civis vs full-time, standing army counterparts shows that the required in today’s world, pro-standing army propaganda, is just that

Brits decide to create, then publicly fund, an “online sperm bank” for lesbians only. In what can only be described by me as the plan to rid the British Isles of pesky men we now learn that it is only the science of biology that matters in creating families,. not mothers (they are temporarily needed) and NO fathers need apply.

I have covered the outrageous existence of the FLOTUS and her office before here, now comes word that “federal policy”, pace Michelle Obama,  requires every school in the land to eliminate any goodies baked with stuff you bake with, sugar, flour, eggs, butter in favor of granola clumps held together by some vegetable based goo that Mrs Obama’s “healthy foods” initiative has approved. Will states act to intervene the way they have with Common Core? No, the states are willingly participating.

Paul Pillar dares to dig deeper into the “Hams is dedicated to the destruction of Israel” slogan to find that it is a military impossibility yet it used to continue the carnage of a civilian population.

Why is the FDA persecuting into closure the oldest cigar rolling factory in the USA? Save Cigar City campaign needs your help and the FDA needs to be abolished, again

SMOKE THIS! If the FDA cigar regulations go into effect, every handmade cigar sold in the U.S. will be “regulated” just like cigarettes, will have to undergo scientific testing, will be subject to new taxes and will not be allowed into the free-market unless approved by FDA. This will shutter the US cigar/tobacconist industries and make brans like my el Rey Dude Corona cigar a thing of the past.

Michael Scheuer unloads on the “Israel Firsters” who have corrupted the US political process by their willing into existence a conflict with jihadi extremists we had no attachment to

You can hear media types shaking at their keyboards as they are ordered to cover the Gaza/Israel war. The risk of angering war hungry readers and doctrinaire supporters of Israel precludes the simple, Christian reflex of “….those civilians and children are still dead or maimed, this is unacceptable. Civic infrastructure and humanitarian shelters are destroyed, mostly with people in them, this is unacceptable.” When the Christian martyrs of the early Church refused military appointments they were killed for refusing war against ARMIES… it was unacceptable and contradicted Christ’s life, actions and teachings (what American Exceptionalist will actually follow His lead?!). Unacceptable it’s not a curse word, you can write that Amy.

THE GRUESOME, GAZA STATS-UPDATED DAILY: The WaPo has an interactive graphic that is updated daily that shows the horrific civilian casualty count including the number of children killed in the war

Jamie Levine at The Forward (yes, DeceptiCON War-Hawks, I knowwwwwwwwwww all about them, ok?) writes a straight forward, choose no side piece on jus ad bellum -Just War Theory, one of the few, save my onw here and pays the price of his eternal reputation and safety. Don’t read the story, read the cooments and mourn the passing of even a vocal minority raising its voice against the lust for war. Folks I wonder when these soul-less pagans help start WWIII if they’ll be on the front lines with their “…oh wait, you mean this X360 controller doesn’t fire real mortars at civis? Ohhhhh s**tttttt!?”

Israel/Gaza war slide show at The Atlantic– shows the gravitas of the hard to conceive of force of modern weaponry and the human and terrestrial toll it collects.

George Will thinks the National Legislature has the power to compel every county in the U.S. to adopt 20 illegal alien children, educate, feed and clothe them and “make them Americans”. I would like to ask the foundational question, citing what Constitutional power does Mr Will believe Mordor has such authority? Ilana Mercer has some thoughts on “Robbing Peter to pay Pedro”

Speaking of the laughable status of “the conservative movement”, CNN’s S.E. Cupp wants to publicly duke it out with HBO’s Bill Maher over “who’s a better atheist”. But don’t worry, I am sure the God of conservatism… no, not that talk-show host, Lincoln, will guide Ms. Cupp to solving the pressing problems of our land brought on by giving our heavenly God the heave-ho.

Now there is actual videotape evidence of Ukranians brandishing then boasting about their prized, weapon possession: a Soviet BUK SAM launch system, seen publicly the day before the MH17 tragedy

Patrick J Buchanan: If anyone is looking at the future GOP commando’s, to assume power over foreign policy in the Senate, you better look at the imbecilic and dangerous recent acts of Senator Bob Corker-R-TN

Mish: Evidence mounts that MH17 was attacked by a military AIRCRAFT not a missile, where are the “investigators”?“Obama will take care of us!” And most of those children that Iowans desperately want to spend their public funds to care for have been coached on what to say when they get to the border, e.g.  “Obama will take care of us”

Remember all those “Get Putin” demands from last week, because Putin MUST have been behind the downing of MH17, he’s Putin after all? Well the evidence is mounting that it was a Ukrainin military jet that did the shooting and there are eyewitnesses to back up the story

PREP BETTER: Download the original text file of Ronald Reagan’s E.O. 12333 in this week’s Prep Better section for Founders Pass Members. Not a member? Signup today for .17¢ per day.

If you have taken my [r]epublican Challenge #1 (for Fathers) then you probably have a good handle on what to do when confronted with situations that can easily lead into violent, parental, episodes. This FL dad confronted one such episode and dealt with it heroically (yay) only to use the event to a gain a shameful advantage.

An oldie but goodie from Joe Sobran on the Right of Secession as the ultimate and final check against an oppressive Central Government, namely the one in the style of the (sic) United State of America

Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church
Read Patrick Henry American Statesman Today-Revived from an 1887 out of print classic, Edited by Mike Church

How would Patrick Henry handle our problems of ObamaCare & never-ending wars? Read a FREE chapter preview of Mike Church’s “Patrick Henry-American Statesman” for the Liberty or Death Patriot’s life-story

When the price of bacon goes parabolic, brought on by conditions the Federal Leviathan says cannot exist so long as they are on the job, it may get the attention of the apathetic hoi polloi

Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Did you know that in 1865, 7,000 Confederation citizens sailed to Brazil and set up a community there and are STILL there today? Hmmmm, maybe there IS still a place to seek refuge from Obama’s Leviathan

Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Et Libertas set pectus purim et fermium gestate; alias res obnoxiosae note in obscura latent.” Liberty is having a pure and dauntless heart; all else is slavery and hidden darkness

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