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Thursday Pile of Prep-Where The Jobs Aren’t Edition

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One of a Kind – Washington’s Retreat & Crossings Map

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, bringing you the latest in the ongoing saga of the Constitution’s death throes as we wonder where Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs” AREN’T for millennials!? Read along with Mike’s historical viewpoint to help make sense of it all plus other [r]epublican stories used to perform the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Patriot channel 125. “In the West particularly, it is common to assume that general enlightenment will remove obstacles to peace—this despite the fact that we need only look to the century preceding this one, the most murderous and inhumane in all of history, to recognize that the spread of supposedly sophisticated ideas and science does not reduce the intemperance, belligerence, or cruelty of human beings. It only provides them with new means of asserting their will. – Professor Claes Ryn – The American Conservative

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GIVE PEACE A CHANCE, PT 74,639 – Claes Ryn swings for the parking lot at Perpetual War Stadium and with his LindsayGrahamville Sliugger, knocks the war-party and their arrogant, culture of death, masquerading as life defending “good-guy” sycophants, out-of-the-park

Read the following story and note three things on it’s graphs: 1. The “industries” where there is little decline in income for “millennials” are government subsidized and government run and 2. The biggest decline is in the group that has the least necessity: retail and leisure and 3. WHERE is Mike Rowe and the graph number for MANUFACTURING?

Remember the Christmas War and the Christmas Truce? WWI was the end result of “Liberty-The God That Failed” and its bloody “Holy War” was just the start of the bloodiest century in mankind’s history

DeceptiCONNED I: Senator Sessions spills the beans on the GOP “war on Obama’s immigration action”- “We are on the verge of breaking campaign promises.”

DeceptiCONNED II: Boehner’s caucus plans a “symbolic” vote (one that has as much power as the fired GOP staffer’s ill-fated “attack” on Obama’s daughters) on not funding the government including the immigration scam. “Conservatives” prepare to bolt the party-line

If I told you that a pair of IED resistant boots had come home from Iraq and were stationed soemwhere in the US of A now you’d think I was referring to Fort Benning or Camp Pendleton et cetera but what I would ACTUALLY be referring to is a hamlet in Rhode Island, population 29,000 that are among the small towns reaping the never-ending wars surplus

What happens when you defy the State by hoem-schooling your OWN children then defy the State by refusing to allow “social workers” to inspect your own home? You get pepper sprayed, tasered and imprisoned, that’s what happens.

Will “click-bait” be the end of online journalism? The author of this piece refers to click-bait as the salaciously headline stories about Kardashian body parts. I call “clickbait” those obnoxious, nearly always NC 17 rated, block ads made to resemble mugshots or personal “selfies” to entice the reader to “click” for the curiosity not realizing that curiosity is THE gateway to sin of all sort. So will it be the end? Haha, wishful thinking…

I am elated to learn that Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and 2 “constitutional law professors” I’ve never heard of are “the leaders promoting a Constitutional Convention”

See Mike Church & Kevin Gutzman lead a symposium on Article V Amendment Convention of the Constitution, in 2010

The FBI is using the Judiciary Act of 1789 as an excuse to demand that Apple and Google et al surrender their encryption codes so the Feds can monitor ANYONE’S communication whenever they feel like it.

That is funny, considering that the Judiciary Act spurred the drafting of the 11th Amednment because it was a heresy to theConstitution. What’s even funnier is that in the nullification debate over Alien and Sedition, James Madison & John Taylor PROVED that there was NO police power accorded to the Federal Government to enforce the clauses of the Act that required arrest

I spend a lot of time talking about my daughters and the practice of MODESTY and CHASTITY among other virtues we all hope our children take serious and live by. The comments made online by a Republican congressional staffer about the First Daughters, Sasha and Melia Obama have the right spirit, were they directed at them with Love and a sincere desire to improve the Obama girl’s chances of passing through that Narrow Gate Christ told us of, then what would be the reason to condemn the staffer? Thus the separation of Our religious lives from our political lives claims another victim


TIC: Is history only relevant to this age if it comports with OUR understanding of things or is The Truth, as it occurred in any generation, to be valued as True in EVERY generation? Fr. Dwight Longenecker explains that it is the latter that makes True History and its study possible

No offense to Eminem (he is cited as a cause for the Court’s review) but since when does the SCOTUS get to decide what is “offensive” in Social Media? Where do we find THAT power in the Constitution?

Now that Christendom has perished it must be buried as Christ was buried but that doesn’t mean that A future Christendom is not possible and that we should live everyday as though it is indeed happening among the Church militant

Kevin Gutzman: Do we have a Caesar or a President in our “federal system” and WHY are “conservatives” always so shocked when the former appears?

FUTURAMA: Is the Future to be ruled by a mere 15% of the population, those that technology has empowered to do so? Will the middle class become a thing of the past?

Continuing our discussion of the new civil religion most of your friends practice: consumerism which is subordinate only to worshipping the new American religion of The State

FLASHBACK: Mike Church discusses the American Civic Religion and it’s danger

The soulless, Godless looters of this continent, channeling the saga of the “injustice” done to Michael Brown,  do NOT have the evidence on their side says Time’s John McWhorter (who is African America)

Here is that physical evidence, culled from the Grand Jury records and the Medical Examiner’s report

Rod Dreher wants to know how it is/was that Mark David Stern was born 1. homosexual and 2. without Original Sin, a feat previously reserved for the daughter of St Ann, that most glorious creature we Catholics call The Blessed Virgin Mary

Mitt Romney ith gonna do it, Mitter Chur! All I can say is first NH gave the GOP McCain (he won there in’08) then Romney over Ron Paul in ’12 now the Little Ayotte Urban Achiever Perpetual War Club wants to give the GOP the Mittster again. Good grief, that Alpine Redemptorists monastery on Papa Stronsay Island, Scotland, is sure looking good these days.

TIC: Another Pulitzer Prize for authorship goes to the latest “author” to write his own version of Western History which naturally requires a spin through the archival life of the Catholic Church. The distortions and outright lies contained in this work should embarrass the committees heaping awards on it into resigning their “commissions” but nay, THIS  is their goal to begin with

Men, the only weapon we have to combat the radical, demonic forces that have sexualized our entire culture, turned women into men and made a mockery of men as “king of the castle” is to reform the Holy League that handed the Muslim hordes of Ali Pasha the most thorough and stunning defeat of Muslim history at the Battle of Lepanto. This Holy League will be comprised of Catholic men ready to go into battle against the cultural demons of our time, not worrying over what members of Gal Queda think our efforts

Surf to today’s “Prep Better” section for Founders Pass Members to view and download Senator Paul’s S.J. Resolution to declare war against ISIS

Automation is making Men dumb but this WSJ writer says there IS a solution

If y0u’re not into the whole automation career, hanging out by an office water cooler playing air guitar and updating Facebook, the Feds want you to try your hand at farming (YES< there’s a program for THAT now too)

Professor Claes Ryn deconstructs the modern development of American Idealism that is responsible for killing the intent of the Framers of the Constitution. As I have told you hundreds of times, and Ryn reaches the same conclusion, The Constitution is DEAD. The old American idea of limited, decentralized government was conceived by people who believed that placing restrictions on self and on government and encouraging strong communities was essential to human well-being.”

DeceptiCONNED: Unable to bring themselves to use the Constitutional power granted to them, Republicans in Congress, resort to lawsuits against Dear Leader to attempt to stop ObamaCare.

TN lawmakers sue Obama over his “executive order” to provide amnesty to millions of illegals, this could be the start of a trend and brings about that Constitutional crisis I’ve been warning about

The legal and moral problems Obama will confront carrying out his Executive Order and one of them is the ill-considered effect that many of the illegal aliens Obama purports to rescue actually came here to ESCAPE tinhorn dictators

The 5 myths that keep the United States firmly locked in never-ending conflicts in the Middle East

Attention my fellow Catholics: There can be no communion and thus no Sanctifying Grace for those that deny the sanctity of marriage as defined by Holy Church. “This sort of behavior would result in publicly renouncing one’s integrity and logically bring shame for a double-dealing that is not unlike perjury.”

When confronted with the latest exhaustive report on what went wrong in bin Ghazi, Senator Lindsay Graham refuses to acknowledge reality calling the report “full of crap”, a condition that certainly applies to certain members of the Senate

Slick Hilly has a problem: He is called Jim Webb and he has serious foreign policy credentials the lethal misanthrope Clinton can only dream of

What happens when your wife starts acting unlike a Kardashian and like…well…like a WIFE, bearing children, wearing veils at Mass, being beyond demure (and UN-Kardashian) in her clothes selection…home-schooling!? Well then, gentlemen, you have a version of Our Lady to live with and care for, don’t mess it up.

FLASHBACK on AMNESTY POWER GRAB: Obama’s not the first President to abuse his Executive authority, Bubba Clinton became quite famous for it, prompting many to war that his actions would create an Obama. BUT, the “conservative” Heritage foundation found that there are “benevolent” abuses of this power and so long as they kinda carry out a sorta enumerated power (the President only has 3 and making laws isn’t one of them) then it’s OK. Here’s how out of scale, dysfunctional the power has become. “One scholar has identified 24 different types of presidential directives, although even his list is incomplete.”

In 2008 Congress ordered their research service to draft a report on the extent and limitations (if any) on the President’s Executive Order power. The 19 page report is alarming in the scope of the American King’s powers, read the entire report in today’s Prep Better Report for Founders Pass Members! Not a Member? Join today for less than .17¢ per day and support this site and Mike’s ongoing work in history and matters of faith.

Looking for AUTHENTIC, Trappisy Monk Beers (all their proceeds go to charity-REAL charity), here is a list of the top ten Trappist Ales…enjoy!

Obama’s power grab is so brazen that even the Washington Post has been taken aback and expresses its surprise at the move in a lengthy piece that contains the ominous warning that should have been sounded back in 1789, 1861, 1915, 1933-45, 1971, 1977, 1991, 1993-today. Obama is descending into “murky, unchartered territory”

Flashback, 1787, Federal Convention delegate & [r]epublican Luther Martin spills his guts to the MD House of Delegates after they get their first glimpse of the Constitution. “But when [Mason & Gerry] viewed it charged with such powers as would destroy all state governments, their own as well as the rest, — when they saw a President so constituted as to differ from a monarch scarcely but in name, and having it in his power to become such in reality when he pleased, — they, being republicans and federalists, as far as an attachment to their own states would permit them, warmly and zealously opposed those parts of the system.”

The REAL issue with “GruberGate” is the crony capitalism, which amounts to theft, that it initiated. As previously stated on the show, we all KNOW the U.S. Government and its clients the state governments are prone to decieve. A good example of this tag-tem of lies is when a state “accepts” Medicaid “grant money” it knows it cannot raise by taxes, tthat the Feds haven’t raised it by taxes and that the people the “benefits” are applied to and their heirs will perpetually repay WITH interest. The same pols cannot charge a new care on your VISA card and send you the bill but that is precisely what they do with Medicaid/ObamaCare etcetera

The so-called “news media” in the U.S., is no more a news operation than Spike TV is, they are “infotainment” and their BIG Money BIG War  profiteers like war, so the “networks” like war as you can see in this piece

All issues aside, why in Our Lord’s name would Pope Francis invite Patty Smith to perform at a Vatican “Christmas Concert”? Why not just send the Pope Sled to Ireland and pick up Sinead O’Connor on the way?

Does Fox News deliver the “conservative” and “culture warrior” take on news they have most “conservatives” hypnotized into believing they do? Considering their obsessive coverage of the latest Kardashian semi-nude romp through green rooms and onto TV screens, the answer is NO. But then again, as I have discovered in my coverage of the lack of modesty in our demon-drenched-culture, “conservatives” aren’t modest or conservative at all, they just don’t like their “conservative” counterparts, the ones called “liberals”. St Alphonsus Ligouri counseled among hundreds of other Saints that :”custody of the eyes” was a REQUIREMENT of a humble and modest life lived pursuing Sanctifying grace. How many Fox News oglers would heed Alphonsus (and Our Lord): “To practise modesty of the eyes is the duty of a religious, not only because it is necessary for her own improvement in virtue, but also because it is necessary for the edification of others.”

One writer, Gracie Olmstead, wonders whether it is the public’s appetite for such drivel as Kardashian “clickbait” or the “journalists” who feed the urge with their own obsession of the sinful and meaningless. Olmstead misses the point that should be in consideration: The publication of items LIKELY to cause mortally sinful thoughts and actions causes damage to the reader true but to the WRITER AS WELL (see “near occasion of Sin” below). When the press corps reached the decision that a wholesale rejection of the concept of sin was necessary to their “success” the Kardahsian stories are inevitable and she makes that point well.

What Are Occasions of Sin? – Is defined as, “Any person, place or thing which allures a man to sin.” (Definition from A Catholic Dictionary, 1951). Another definition: “Occasions of Sin are external circumstances–whether of things or persons–which either because of their special nature or because of the frailty common to humanity or peculiar to some individual, incite or entice one to sin.” (Catholic Encyclopedia, 1917)

SURRENDER: The States will bend to Obama’s climate change treaty will, says the Washington Examiner. if this is the case then what is the point in continuing “democracy” IN the states when our bleak, less affordable energy future is assured regardless of who we vote for?

 Jack Hunter: War is BAD, why is that a controversial statement for “conservatives”?

Dear Comet, please take a left turn at Albequerque and destroy the earth because…

Scientist Matt Taylor doesn’t know when he is delivering news about his space probe landing on a comet he is supposed to dress all “scientisty” and stuff

But Taylor is asking for this condemnation that his world of science trumping faith and that science trumping any faith based sense of humility and modesty. We can conclude from this laughable footnote in our civilizational slide into perdition that the science Taylor thinks is omnipotent is insignificant if it offends the Church of Modernity

The revolutionaries who ran the recent Synod have attempted to change doctrine by chaanging perception, this required deception in what was transmitted to the masses via media. We now know that the Synod actually firmed up the Church’s teaching (and thus re-affirmed Christ’s teaching) on marriage and divorcees as this headline shows: No communion for remarried divorcess who live as though they are married. PERIOD

If at First You Don’t Secede, Try, try Again – Catalan has mock referendum on Independence and votes 80.7% FOR Independence despite an official campaign from Spain to suppress the vote. Will there now be an OFFICIAL referendum like there was in Scotland?

Proving that intellectual acumen is not required to advance in politics, Harry Reid elevates Senator Elizabeth Warren to lead his minority party opposition. Somewhere, Lavergne and Shirley are lamenting taking that brewery gig. Pray tell exactly why “liberal groups” have a say so in the construct of the Senate’s minority party?

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Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  Deus in adjutorium meum intende, Domine ad adjuvandum me festina“. Incline unto my aid O God, O Lord make haste to help me.

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